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I am going to be completely straight with you…this week’s blissful inspiration post was created for purely selfish reasons. I grew up swimming, I loved it…our family vacations often times revolved around staying places with a pool. Sadly, my love of swimming did not continue and now I have a little one of my own. The vacation season is looming over our household and our b now realizes that there may be something pretty fun about this whole swimming thing. I, of course, turn to photos in situations like these…and I am so glad I did…

tap the stars please…













well friends, I do believe its time to dust off the old swimsuit and slip on the water wings. Who knows? I may find that swimming giddiness I have lost or at the very least enjoy seeing it on the face of my b…xo mrs. french

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  1. swimming was my childhod as well. i had so many bathing suits hanging from my bathroom door that i could not close it properly. swam all day till i heard my mum call us in for dinner. now scared of thh bathing suit i rarely swim except on holiday at the beach or by the lake. these pictures make me want to change that.

  2. thanks for the compilation. beautiful. love the one with yellow chairs in the background. as a pisces i don’t nearly swim as much is desired.

  3. ooh….sweet Mrs. French…come out here(there is a comfy room for the three of you), swim with me and I will remind you why it is so fun! Okay? Get on it….And, these photographs are absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Very cool photo’s. I just found a vintage polaroid camera for $.99 at a thrift store and I’m excited to try it out! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Wonderful set of photos. I love them. I just want to head out to the coast and dive into the sea now. Water is freedom to me. I hope you fall in love with water again.

  6. I adore these images….
    summer and swimming…aaah. These are taking me to a good place since in NY we’ve had nothing but rain for days on end with brief teasers of sun here and there.

  7. T-
    I don’t know if my photo deserves to be included alongside all these beauties. They take my breath away! I can certainly relate… we had a lovely pool from when I was 8-12 years old. I miss that feeling so much.

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