Up With Uppercase!
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Big news! The summer issue of Uppercase magazine is due out July 2nd – woohoo! 100 pages of glorious print on paper, and all perfect-bound and just waiting to get your hands all over it. It will be mailed out in early July, so it’s time or order, or subscribe now. I am extra excited to receive my copy, because I was invited to write an article and shoot photographs for this issue on the lovely Curiosity Shoppe DIY duo, Lauren Smith and Derek Fagertrom! It’s the first magazine article I’ve ever written (if you don’t count zines) and I am very proud and happy I was able to do it. The article features a wonderful interview with Lauren and Derek, and loads of great pictures of their inspiring apartment and their shop. I can’t tell you how much I love Uppercase magazine – and not just because I am contributing this issue. I just find it full of wonderful creativity and inspiration, and with so many magazines going under these days, it’s great to have a brand new design magazine to soak in and savor. Smashing job, Uppercase! Click here for more information on upcoming issues and ordering and subscribing.



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  1. Congratulations on writing this article!!

    I come by way of Leslie Prussia. She and I grew up together in San Francisco & are still buddies.
    Your site is inspirational and filled with good~stuff!

    Also, Di of Designer’s block is a friend.

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