sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


this sunday some solid rays of sunshine finally came out to stay for hours on end, instead of just a wee peek amidst days upon days of nothing but thick fog. yippee! so i guess my shots might reflect some of that glorious feeling i got from soaking in some san francisco sun. i meet my friend shady for some yummy lunch and caught up on girl time. it was a real good sunday. can’t ya just tell?


tangerine dreams.


sun tea.


storage in the sky.




george jetson.



33 responses to “sunday in the city.”

  1. love them all. we are going to be painting my daughters room and I am trying to talk her into the colors in the first picture because she wants a stripe and orange is her favorite color and I am loving blue/greens these days.

  2. I have to agree – these are gorgeous this week and was so beautiful in the city! Storage in the Sky is a great shot.

  3. Eye-Popping!!! Just what I needed to start off my week! What a real talent you have for photos! That Orange!!! Love, love, love it!

  4. v-dub is too cute….love this post, very creative….made me smile…glad it was a nice’s finally been a nice day here in traverse city, mi,too…the polar bears were out sunning themselves… thanks for sharing a great post…maureenlynne

  5. lovely colors, amazing how a bit of sunshine lifts the old spirits…
    i’m very envious of the tangerine dream house!!! and of course those cups and saucers got my wee pulse ‘a racing’ :)

  6. Love your blog!
    And I really loved the photo of the “George Jetson” melmac dishes. My mom had a set exactly like those in the late 50’s/early 60’s when I was growing up in North Alabama. I have fond memories of eating off of those speckled dishes. Aren’t those cups to die for? The set is called “Fiesta” if I’m not mistaken and I think was made by a company called Holiday.

  7. Ah-mazing, Victoria! Love the tangerine dreams, and of course the V Dub. :-) Love, love how your happy mind works! the combos and the colors are especially outstanding this week.

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