color my world.
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[ from kristenaderrick ]

the lovely and inspiring tif fussell, aka dottie angel, invited me to join a new flickr pool i wasn’t previously aware of — entitled all colours in, and oh what colors abound there! here’s a peek at some colorful and stylish photos i found visiting there. what a fabulous celebration of color – from pretty pastel rooms to the simply sublime and smallest details! thanks for the fabulous introduction, dear dottie angel, and thanks to you and emma lamb for starting such a flickr pool!


[ another great one from kristenaderrick ]


[ from *leanda ]


[ from dottieangel ]


[ from carriestrine ]


[ from lydiafairy ]


[ from unravelling [susannah] ]


[ from rettgrayson ]


[ another glorious one from dottieangel ]


[ from jasna.janekovic ]

15 responses to “color my world.”

  1. I love the two button pictures – they really capture the gloss, the texture and color of great buttons. Gotta love the little things and this is evidence of that kind of beauty in the ordinary.

  2. hi victoria… :)

    thank you so much for this lovely feature of my wee flickr group, it has seen a flurry of activity since you posted this and now i know who to thank for it ~ thank you!


  3. Gorgeous photos! I love the ones with the buttons, they look so colourful and cute. I just remembered that I once heard about a woman who is horribly scared of buttons. Poor girl, I love buttons, all kinds of!

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