time out with erin: floor it.
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When I get bored, I usually partake in some sort of decor-related activity, such as rearranging furniture, switching artwork and/or organizing. But lately, I’ve been dreaming of painted floors and have a feeling this pretty pattern may appear beneath my soles before I know it…


Can you imagine having a floor of lace? How beautiful and lovely the space would seem, and how the mysterious pattern would make every piece in your room magnificently unified?! And it’s so easy to do, this little gal even participated. I’m off to find a pattern, purchase some paint and get to work. Goodbye, old wooden floors! Hello, my lovely lace newbie!

[ Time Out is brought to you each Wednesday with contagious enthusiasm from Erin Loechner, Editor @ Design for Mankind. Be good. ]

[ all images courtesy of my marrakesh. ]

9 responses to “time out with erin: floor it.”

  1. i do the same thing when i’m bored. thats why my room is rearranged at least a few times a year.
    that is the most beautiful flooring ever! you have to post pictures when you’re done!!

  2. Inspired for sure! It almost looks like this floor has a grey wood stain underneath the lace pattern.

  3. It looks amazing, relly like the pattern. That floor must make anyone happy! It does look like alot of job to me. Good luck, and please share photos from the result if you go ahead with it :)

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