hot! and spicy!
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i just stumbled upon this great etsy shop and can’t believe how genius this is! purpose design puts together these attractive, and really practical spice kits in sweet little magnetic tins, and ships them out to you in tubes! they will customize the spice kits based on your very own flavor palette, too. from yummy indian to moroccan, to savory salts, you can pick and choose how purpose design will put together your individual spice kit – each in its own kraft tube holding these stylish magnetic glass top containers, each measuring 2 inches (53 mm) in diameter. choose from spices like cumin seeds, coriander seeds, dill weed, fennel seeds, lemon pepper, minced garlic, oregano, hungarian paprika, to rosemary and basil.  i just think this is such a great idea, and so well put together! bravo purpose design! it’s a brilliant housewarming gift, too!




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  1. I have just moved and had to fully stock my kitchen, I have been avoiding buying spices in such large bottles as I live alone and do not need much. I have to admit I have been looking online for little tins, planning to go to the co-op and fill them.

    You have solved my problem, thank you.
    These are brilliant.

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