[talking pictures: caleb chancey].
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This week’s [talking pictures] was submitted to me by Birmingham, Alabama-based photographer Caleb Chancey, and I just instantly fell in love with both the wondrous photograph, and the beautiful story that accompanies it. You can see more of Caleb’ Chancey’s beautiful work on his website, as well as Caleb’s blog.


Here’s Caleb’s [talking pictures]: The Boy and His Horse – “In the spring of 2006, I traveled to eastern Romania to visit my friend Nicholas. Nicholas was an teacher in a english speaking school comprised of 8 students. During one of Nicholas’ off days, we took a trip to a small Gypsy camp outside of a major city. The people there live in absolute poverty. The sewage system of the nearby city runs right next to makeshift homes built of cardboard and salvaged tin. It was a sad sit to behold. However, as we were leaving, I looked out at an open field were there was a small boy riding a horse. When he saw me looking, he immediately gave me a show by standing up on the horses back. I was so stunned, Nicholas had to shout, ‘Caleb! Take the picture!’

This photograph of a child’s pure playful spirit, reminds me of hope. It speaks the truth that in any dark situation, there can be a gleam of light. Peace.” – Caleb

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