retro fabulous.
by victoria comment


i’m pretty excited about all the great photo submissions to the sfgirlbybay flickr pool thus far, and this week, i thought i’d bring you some retro fabulous images from the very kind contributors! little bits of mid-century modern, vintage-inspired images to perhaps spur on your creativity and ignite some new ideas. thanks very much to all for your wonderful submissions – i’ve been look forward to checking the group daily to see what’s been added, and i think it’s a fine collection we’ve got going! take a look, if you haven’t had a chance yet, and i will keep finding new themes to share here on the blog. mercĂ­ everyone!


[ Leah | salome_st_john ]


[ skinnylaminx ]


[ emma lamb ]


[ makingchickensalad ]


[ paper pony ]


[ ethanollie ]


[ paper pie ]


[ one blue wren ]


[ Leah | salome_st_john ]


[ angies ]


[ thewifeofanartist ]


[ rosegrace ]

15 responses to “retro fabulous.”

  1. thanks for posting my photo, victoria! there are so many great contributions to the group. we are crossing our fingers on a house that we love, and i have already been looking to the sfgirlbybay group for decorating inspiration!

  2. Imagine having a house that looked like all these photos (including a ferris wheel in the back yard) – amazing!
    My mother-in-law is going to be so pleased everyone loves the yellow flowery curtains :)

  3. Oops! My first comment lists my email as my name, please post my name as Liz. Sorry about that!

    This is such a wonderful collection. Thank you so much for including my table (and cat)

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