good reads: homemade goodness.
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okay, so i know i’m a little late to the game, and i’ve had this book on my shelf for a while now, but i am simply loving molly wizenberg’s a homemade life! i’ve been reading all this rather deep and mysterious fiction lately, so to dive into molly’s book is like finding the dark clouds have lifted! i adore the personal, and candid way molly writes, her very forthcoming honesty and well, her contagious enthusiasm for food!


as you may already know molly writes the wonderful food blog, orangette, but it’s so much more than recipes. molly is an engaging story teller, the kind that make you want to become her best friend, and spend a day lingering at the farmer’s market, or just hanging out drinking gobs of coffee and baking her yummy recipe for banana bread (any chance you’re listening, molly?!). molly and her husband brandon (whom she met through the blog!) have just opened a new restaurant in seattle, too – delancy, which is already packed with diners clamouring to try out their wood-fired pizzas and vegetables from local farmers, seasonal salads, charcuterie, and rustic desserts — the kind molly writes about and they like to make at home. i highly recommend a homemade life, and checking in on orangette on a regular basis.


[ pizza dough & restaurant pic courtesy of orangette. top photo sfgirlbybay. ]

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  1. i can’t wait to try some of these recipes, and can’t get the simple radiches with butter & salt out of my head!

    kim – i know – she’s very multi-talented!

  2. i just finished this book as well and i love how Molly weaves her stories of family, love, travel and recipes seamlessly together. i was so sad when i knew i was nearing the end of the book, but knew all was okay b/c this book would still be kicking around on my kitchen table.

  3. I just devoured that book myself (pun intended). I read the whole thing in three days then promptly made two cakes. It’s so beautifully written and yet approachable. I adored it!

  4. Our Friday dinner at Delancey was a simple, slice of heaven. Honore Bakery is their next door neighbor, making NW 70th @ 14th the go to block in Ballard!

  5. i love molly’s book. i keep it by the bed, and am not reading it in order. i like to flip through, read a story, then drift off to sweet dreams of pickled carrots and french toast.

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