staycation made simple.
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[ emma bradshaw ]

since i’m off on holiday this week (stay tuned for some great guest bloggers!), i thought i’d take you all along, in the form of some summery inspiration via the sfgirlbybay flickr pool. even if you can’t get away, some great staycation ideas abound.


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find wonder in life’s simple pleasures. visit the farmer’s market and do some preserving or do some baking.  plan a backyard picnic, take a splash in a nearby pool, ride a bike around your neighborhood and hit some yard sales. oh heck, lay around in the coolest room in the house and read a good book! i hope you all are enjoying your summer, and if you’ve got a great staycation idea for us, please, by all means share with us in the comments! here’s a leisurely look at some summery staycation inspiration.


[ Board Shanty { jaquiza } ]


[ Board Shanty { jaquiza } ]


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[ k.manghi ]


[ rcakewalk ]


[ k.Manghi ]


[ Massilianana ]


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[ Lecia/A Day That is Dessert ]

11 responses to “staycation made simple.”

  1. Have a great break. I’d love a staycation. I’d love a week to just spring clean and get my house sorted. That would be bliss.

    I love the pictures. I particularly love the U NEED A REST one. It’s so true. x

  2. Have a beautiful break! My staycation is looking at beautiful blogs on my laptop resting on my lounger… yours included! Highly restful!

  3. Staycation is something that I did for the past two months. Instead of leaving my home province, I stayed within 4-hour drive from home. Here are some of the things that I did:
    – visit friends who live in another town; visit that town while you’re there
    – go to nearby caves and beaches for an escape from the heat
    – take up biking once again
    – photograph MCM-looking signs or architecture in town

  4. I have been doing staycation before it become a word! I always take a week off in July to recharge my batteries (even when going away in October on a full vacation). I have one project day (this year, it was washing and ironing my curtins – all 24 panels of sheers) and the rest is play! I had a reflexology massage (marvelous), visited Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods) thank God it’s not near ‘cuz I loved it and it’s really expensive (but has the BEST cheese), went to the antique faire, the antique mall, read and watched DVDs one whole day (and never got out of my jammies!), took my friend’s 10-year-old son (I love him!) bowling, to lunch and then out for desert. I bet everyone has things in their communities they don’t even know about and could participate in when doing staycation. It’s also a great way to get to know your area better.

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