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this inspiring guest post is brought to you by tif fussell of dottie angel.

my name is Tif and i am a ‘GC’ ADDICT (“oooh, what’s that Tif?” i hear you exclaim).

well let me enlighten you, dearest readers of Victoria’s lovely blog, ‘GC’ stands for Granny Chic, and i fear, i am completely hooked on its addictive charms — it started off with a doily several years ago, harmless enough some might say, but that little doily led to another doily and in no time at all, my home had taken on a completely ‘dolified’ personality.


[ unravelling [susannah] ]

next came the potholders, once again one may be forgiven for believing such an item to be most harmless, but let me tell you from firsthand experience, they get under your skin, infiltrate your ‘cravings’ and before you know it, a pile of the ‘crocheted wonders’ are sitting by your side looking to you for a ‘home’ to keep them loved and safe. i can still remember my first encounter with a potholder — an ordinary day in the life of moi, whilst out ‘a thrifting’, i came upon a lonely potholder, i noted its greenness, i then noted its circular loveliness, i hesitated for a mo, then i picked it up. that was my fatal mistake — in that instance i was under its spell and so began the need to ‘collect’ potholders.


[ candi mandi ]


[ vintage pleasure ]

somewhere between the doilies and the potholders i started another ‘want’ of granniness, the ‘afghan’ blanket. often trailing up and down the aisles of any thrift store i happened to pass by, ‘hoping and a praying’ that the most loveliest of lovely granny blankets was waiting for me. no ‘neon acrylic’ scratchy number, no ‘seen better days’ crusty number — just the most perfect colored, soft number for me, please. on occasion i have found such a blanket, very rare but when it happens my little heart beats a little faster and i ‘pounce’ to claim my granny treasure before another intrepid ‘thrifter’ spies it.


[ ethanollie ]


[ deardaisycottage ]

until now i had no name for my ‘granny’ condition. but recently i discovered to my excitement, my addiction has a name, and that name is ‘Granny Chic’ and better still i’m not alone with my addiction. and better than that (“what could possibly be better than that Tif?” i hear you cry). why dear readers of this lovely blog, better than that, there is a flickr group where ‘granny chic’ addicts can post their pictures in a safe ‘granny loving’ environment and find support for their ‘grannifying’ ways, openly encouraging us to pursue our love of all things ‘crocheted and vintage’ and just downright grannified. but most importantly of all, letting us know it’s okay to be a GC ADDICT.


[ candy pop ]

and so before i leave you to rush over to the nearest and dearest old lady and rummage around in her attic (asking first, of course) or perhaps fishing out the old ‘hook and yarn’ to create your very own afghan blanket, may i suggest you pour a glass of your favorite tipple, locate that chocolate bar you hid for such an occasion and take a few minutes to peruse emma lamb’s wonderful flickr group and i am quite sure without a doubt, you will be inspired to follow me down the path of ‘granny chic’ love. she is thanking Victoria most kindly for allowing her a platform to share her ‘granny chic’ ways. ~ Tif


[ makingchickensalad ]

*please note, all images shown here belong to the original ‘granny’ loving owners linked above.

17 responses to “guest post: dottie angel.”

  1. I’m afraid I’m an addict too! I once had a friend (who I’m pretty sure does not read design blogs) call my kitchen “granny chic.” Off to go check out the flickr group!

  2. When my Grandma died my family thought I was strange for taking her patterned saucepans and old pie plates. They’re now some of my favourite things. Love the crochet and doilies!

  3. Lovely, lovely. I look forward to perusing that group. I’ll bet you are googling “Granny chic” or ebaying/etsying it now just to see what may come up. :) I know I might….

  4. What a great Flickr group! I just joined and am looking forward to endless inspiration in my quest to fill my home with ‘granny chic’ style. (A new term to me, I hadn’t realized there was a name for all this!)

    ~ Jennifer

  5. Can anyone tell me who did the colourful landscape on the dresser in the 2nd picture? It looks like a Jenn Renninger painting, but not…I’ve been trying to find it forever. Thanks!

  6. i’m not sure about the painting but perhaps you could contact candi mandi and ask her if she can shed any light upon the artist…
    i hope this helps in some way to finding out your answer :)

  7. I went to write her directly but was reluctant to sign up for another account in order to conact her. It’s just one more thing to keep track of :) C’est la vie

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