Amy Butler Bedding – Giveaway!
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Amy Butler has a brand new, beautiful line of bedding out, and you can win a set of Amy’s new bedding just for entering our contest in the comments section below! amy’s bedding is bright, fresh, modern, and 100% Organic! win a gorgeous queen size set in the Valencia (Caracas) pattern that includes a comforter, two lovely  shams and a bedskirt — all you have to do is briefly share with us your favorite bedtime ritual. do you take a nice bath before bed, sip some chamomile, or crawl into bed with a juicy novel? let me know below before Friday, September 4th at midnight and I’ll announce a happy winner next week. for more views of amy’s bedding – check out the full line here, or visit bed, bath & beyond to purchase online.




404 responses to “Amy Butler Bedding – Giveaway!”

  1. my favorite ritual just before bedtime is reading to my 3 year old daughter, giulietta. we have a stack of books for both of us next to the bed, mostly from the library. once i’ve read to her i dive into a novel for me.

  2. I like to tuck the kitties in for the night. They sleep with us a lot in the winter, but where ever they settle for the night, I like to give them a nice pet before going off to bed myself.

    Then, I usually try to tackle the huge stack of books on my desk…most nights I only am able to get in a page or two though before passing out!

  3. Every night, no matter how late or early, school night, work night or other, our little famberly huddles up to read and say good night prayers and have some good snuggles. Most recently, this includes Bubby hugging Jenni’s very pregnant tummy to snuggle his soon-to-be little sis and tell her that her big brother loves her. That’s a fave ritual that will be a fave memory for a long, long time…

  4. As crazy as it may sound, my bedtime ritual is laying in bed and watching an episode of Criminal Minds before I go to sleep. Nothing like some good profiling to lull you to sleep. haha

    I LOVE Amy Coe’s bedding line. Gorgeous!

  5. This would look so great in my guest room. My ritual- a warm cup of Yogi herbal Chai tea with almond milk and a touch of honey.

  6. My favorite bedtime ritual is to crawl into my most comfy PJs (organic bamboo Dreamsacks of course!), give a goodnight scratch to both of my dogs, journal for a few minutes to clear my mind, and then snuggle up to my husband and chat about an upcoming adventure or travel idea (touring New Mexico? kayaking in Alaska?). Then I listen for the familiar sound of the owl that lives in one of our side-yard trees, and once he’s “hoo-hooed” a couple of times, I can drift off to sleep content and relaxed.

  7. i am loving her new line, but ESPECIALLY the grey+white bucharest and constanta collection! as for my bedtime ritual… my boyfriend is usually reading while i blog or answer emails, but before we go to sleep we put always away books and laptops and spend a little time catching up on the day before we drift off to sleep…

  8. Oh, how lovely and calming is this AB bedding line?! I would expect nothing less from Amy Butler. Currently, my husband and my bedtime ritual involves watching an episode of Lost (we just started watching the series six weeks ago and we are now on season three!) and then crawling into bed to discuss what in the world might really be happening on that island.

  9. my favorite bedtime ritual is to listen to audio books! it’s a guilty little pleasure of mine. audio books are the best because i always want to keep reading when my eyes are drooping and this way the soothing voice of the narrator lulls me to sleep, instead of a heavy book bonking down on my sleepy head. haha!

  10. what happens in my daydreams: I start by bathing with lavender essential oils; then curl up with a mug of extra dark hot cocoa and a good book. (what normally happens: floss, brush, pass out on the first page of the book.)

  11. love the bedding, stunning! Well, before I go to bed I set the alarm on my phone, check my email, and listen to music, usually cello, or any acoustic song.

  12. My night time ritual is watching Will & Grace. I love the chemistry, the humor, the wit, and it helps me relax and get ready for bed.

  13. My favorite bedtime ritual is to snuggle up with my husband and my kitties in our cozy bed and let the day’s stresses just melt away. Nothing feels as good!

  14. Beautiful colors & designs! I simply loved tucking in my 6 nieces and nephews just before bedtime every night, when they and their mother lived with me recently, for four years. I would read and act out bedtime stories and scare them into delight at climactic moments, or make their tummies hurt with laughter. Sometimes I told “their” stories – made up of words they would give me, things they wanted to hear about, e.g. horses, puppies, anything happy. Their parents were going through an ugly separation and I was able to help them go to an imaginary, happy world. Treasured moments!

  15. Loooove these sheets! My bedtime ritual consists of me playing with Tucker, my 2 month old boston terrier, and getting him all “tuckered” out for bed! Then I myself head up to bed to either read one of my book choices from the local library or work on my current knitting project (trying to finish some mittens right now)!

  16. Since I am decor obsessed, my favorite ritual is to go over in my mind one of the home decor shows I have watched for the day(kind of like counting sheep, but with accessories). I love the bedding and hate mine so please random generator pick me!!!

  17. After my boyfriend and I take our dog Miles on a final potty break, we all pass out on the couch while watching tivo’d episodes of What Not To Wear. One of these days we hope to make it to bed at a reasonable time. Maybe this fabulous bedding will help lure us to the bedroom. ;)

  18. That bedding is gorgeous! Would be beautiful with the new gray walls I will be painting :)

    I usually put on a movie or show to get tired to, and I stay up until I can’t possibly keep my eyes open!

  19. Love the bedding – and these are just the colors I was planning on decorating my guest room in!!

    My favorite bedtime ritual has become playing a game of cards with my boyfriend. We let all of our day’s stress out on the friendly competition, have a good laugh, and start winding down for bed. Our game of choice has become Rummy (yeah, we’re getting old…) and we usually bet chores for the next day. Sometimes we get so wound up in trying to beat each other that we end up staying up wayyy later than we planned!

  20. Gorgeous set! Well, much to our regret we can’t have children but we both had a wonderful childhood as a ritual at night we each tell the other one childhood story. We come from 2 different countries, 2 different cultures and with quite a bit of an age difference so these moments gave us great understanding of each other.

  21. I like to snuggle down into my blankets and read until The Boy comes with tea and convinces me to snuggle with him and put down the book. This is when we have our chats where we’re able to catch up, really, on our days (working 15 hour days means sometimes I haven’t even seen him til this point!). Our bed is our haven!

  22. My dog Oscar perpetually terrorizes my poor cat, but at night, when we are all snuggled into bed–everyone is at peace– especially the sweet kitty, Henry.

  23. Amy Butler bedding is so fun and fresh!
    My favorite ritual is to curl up in bed with a fashion magazine. It’s great inspiration when getting ready in the morning too!

  24. My nighttime ritual involves sleepytime tea and dermatone chapstick. If the chapstick is not on my nightside table a massive hunt ensues! Once the tea is consumed and the chapstick is applied, the light goes out and the woman, man and dog go to sleep.

  25. what i do before i turn down at night – put the TV on sleep mode (45 minutes), dab some Origins essential oils on my temples, usually lavender or mint arrange my pillows; one under the head, one between the knees, and on against my back. my boyfriend acts as my pillow to hug as we spoon. then kiss the mole on the back of neck and tell him i love him.

  26. I love this bedding. I have insomnia, so my bed is JUST for sleep and nothing else. Every night, no matter what time I go to bed (10 pm or 2 am) my sweet old cat I have had for 15 years gets out of bed, climbs into my bed and lies on my chest purring until I fall asleep. Then he goes off back to his bed. The best ritual an insomniac could have- calming company and love!

  27. I love to take that first lie down after a full day of work, kids and home- that moment when the cool sheets permeate my nightgown and my body is being molded by the spongey cushioning. Then I streeeeeeeetch my back and get all comfy under the covers. I listen to the nighttime garden sounds from the window behind my bed, breathe deep and relax (probably for the first time that day)… and then play footsie with my husband…

  28. Oh … my bedroom is up for redo this winter … what a way to start my mood board.

    Sleep is one elusive bugger for me (all the better reason to have a room I love as I spend more time awake in than I should!) … but my efforts to sleep include: NO TV in the room; COLD, COLD, COLD (so AC in summer, radiators off in the winter) and a good book. Lavender incense burned prior to bed time helps, too!

  29. My bedtime ritual is to lay in bed, talking to people on my laptop, until my cat decides to show me that he’s more important than the laptop. Then I put away my computer and snuggle with the cat until we fall asleep.

  30. One hour before I’m ready for bed I put my cat out on the screened in porch, make myself a cup of sleepytime tea and watch the tube with no interruptions. Hopefully a true-life murder/mystery (they’re all guilty). Then I stretch, let the cat back in and fall asleep!

  31. Shameful to admit that I take a laptop to bed and sometimes watch Hulu or fancast. Otherwise it’s a good book. Not too sexy, but I’d feel incredibly sexy in the luxury of this bedding!

  32. My favorite bedtime ritual is to daydream before falling asleep. The most recent daydream was about designing bedrooms that help insomniacs finally get some sleep.

  33. What a beautiful set; the colors are so lovely!

    My favorite bedtime ritual is to get ready with some Pandora (my Yanni station, don’t judge!), spray some lavender sheet spray on the pillows, drink Lipton’s Green Tea with Honey & Lemon, slip on some cozy socks (the kinds with aloe infusion on the inside) and finally get tucked in and fall asleep.

  34. What beautiful bedding! My favorite ritual before bed is to fluff all of my pillows and comforters and make sure that they are ready to give me a good nights rest. Make sure there is always some water to drink and turn on the fan to drown out some of the street noise. After that, its cuddle time with the dog and boyfriend. :)

  35. I love to tuck my little children into bed after a high energy jam packed day!
    Then I slip between clean sheets, write a few lines in my journal. Right before shutting my eyes I read a bit from
    my favorite cookbooks and magazines to help me inspire my healthy, clean meal planning!

  36. I like to peruse cookbooks before I drift off, making mental notes (to be forgotten usually…I should write stuff down), of things that I want to make soon. I love reading novels until my eyelids are droopy too. My kitty, Miles, usually comes over and burrows himself next to my head. Cute!

  37. Oh how lovely! I want this! My routine is pretty mundane. I make sure the kitty’s water and food bowl is filled up at night (so I don’t get loud food meowing at 4am), I toss my work clothes on the floor, crawl into bed put in the earplugs and try to read a page or two before I fall fast asleep!

  38. Oh, the bedding is gorgeous! Before bed, I make a cup of chamomile tea for my roommate and myself. She only drinks half of the cup and I drink the full cup and I love it just like that.

  39. I usually get into bed before falling asleep and read a little while the kitties rumble around and then start the snooze. But the most important part of the before bed ritual is my husband (who stays up later to work) always comes in to give me a kiss goodnight and a little cuddle too. It’s my very favourite ritual.

  40. I take a long hot shower while the kettle is boiling, then make myself a hot chocolate and sink into bed with a good book. If my current read is particularly good, I might go to bed a bit early!

  41. When my boyfriend was still in town, We would cuddle up in bed, and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I always remember my dreams from the night before. we usually share our dreams from the night before, followed by wiggling our toes and stretching our legs before settling in to sleep.

    Since he is now living in Ireland for three months, We can no longer cuddle. sometimes before I fall asleep, I can see his face while video chatting (although its morning there). My bed is my sanctuary and has helped me through the entire long distance melancholia.

    like trinie dalton says “quilts are the best weapon against loneliness.”

  42. My bedtime ritual is to turn my pillow over to the cool side. It is so refreshing! I am so excited about this give away! I love Amy and I SO need this for my guest room!

  43. Every night I say goodnight to my big brother who shares a manhattan apartment with me and then crawl up into my loft and read a chapter in whatever my current read is and then set my two alarms and find out how many hours I have until I have to wake up… Since I open almost every day of the week at Starbucks it usually isn’t that many hours until 4:25am… but waking up with this bedding would make my mornings ever so much cheerier…even at that dark hour!

  44. My bedtime ritual would be cuddling with my little boy Cole and watching one of his noggin shows on TV and then singing Jesus Loves Me to him as I lay him down and then off to bed I go.

  45. my current bedtime routine is to creep into my son’s room to kiss him and whisper that i love him and just watch him sleep for a few minutes. it really calms me down at the end of the day. then i go lie as still as possible so my husband can try to catch our daughter doing her nightly kicking!

  46. my bedtime ritual is a movie. i always fall asleep watching a movie. i just don’t really like absolute silence….. strange? maybe. MAYBE i’d be able to fall asleep in silence if i won this bedding… hmmmm, haha.

  47. Sometimes I like to read a book, be that craft, photography or other. But other times I like to use that quiet sleepy time just to let my mind and heart wander, and just dream.

  48. Sometimes I stay up later than my boyfriend so I end up stumbling through the bedroom in the dark trying not to wake him up, but a good night is both of us reading and chatting about stupid things until we fall asleep :)

  49. I’m cooing over that bedding.

    My favorite bedtime routine is to curl up in my love’s arm nook, look for pictures in the ceiling and make up stories together until we get so tired, nothing we say makes any sense.

    Oh, and I mustn’t have to work the next day. :)

  50. My current bedtime ritual is not sleeping til really late, something that will become hard to do if i win this bedding. Which is a good thing, i need my sleep!

  51. My brown tabby kitty, Tiny, and I always have the same bedtime routine: Tiny enters the bedroom and bounds up onto the bed. She usually finds her “spot” on the softest place on the comforter or on the vintage chenille bedspread folded at the foot of the bed. I place my cold bottle of water on my retro blue mirrored nightstand, slip into a tee shirt and warm slipper socks and she and I watch two episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, followed by two episodes of I Love Lucy. We have a very vintage bedtime most nights.

  52. My favorite bedtime ritual? I don’t have one to be honest, but I wanted to share what really goes on when it’s time to hit the hay in my household. Getting ready for bedtime would consist of loading my face up with vaseline to prevent wrinkles, finding whatever nightgown would fit around my ever growing pregnant belly and trying to hop into bed before one of my two dogs tried to curl up in my spot forcing me to be sandwiched between my husband & them.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous set! I’m in dire need of a makeover in more ways than one! : )

  53. my one consistent bedtime ritual is giving myself a quick foot rub using lavender body lotion. for me, this scent is now synonymous with my cozy bed and sleep and relaxes me instantly.

  54. My bedtime ritual consists of putting on a comfy pair of pajamas, cuddling up with my dog, a cup of hot tea, and a novel of the week! This week it’s actually a poetry book!
    And sleeping usually occurs ;]

  55. I sneak into my daughters’ rooms and marvel at how two little tempests can look so serene in their sleep, and then I head off to bed with a book of some sort. Before drifting off, I scan my memory for people who may be in need of prayers and/or are otherwise going through a tough time.

  56. I turn on some delightful music to lull me to sleep. After a few minutes, if I’m still wide awake, I read a few pages of whatever novel I’m reading. Then it’s off to slumber land I go!

  57. My ritual is to take a relaxing shower and then get in bed with a good book. I read until my lids start to feel heavy then do a little stretch, turn the lights off and hopefully fall asleep right away.
    The Amy Butler bedding looks gorgeous *crosses fingers* =)

  58. After getting my older children to bed I lay down next to my youngest and she nurses to sleep. I have routines I’ve loved in the past, but I remind myself this is such a short and sweet time. Thanks for the chance at something pretty on the bed :-)

  59. I love to get into bed a little early whenever I can and sit with a pencil and a cookbook to see what recipes we should try. Right now though as the seasons are getting ready to change, I am getting into bed with a notebook, a pencil and my sunset gardening book to plan the winter garden and I think that is even better than planning our menu.

  60. I love Amy’s bedding! My favorite thing is to snuggle with my dog, read a book, and hopefully get a foot massage from my husband all at the same time :)

  61. I check on the munchkins one last time (another kiss, too), make sure the lullaby cd is on repeat, and thank my lucky stars…..

  62. My husband often works late into the evening so my 11 year old daughter and I climb into bed together and talk about our day and share a giggle. I look really forward to this time with her.

  63. I love to bring a cookie with me to bed and cuddle with my husband while sipping milk and eating the cookies I brought from the kitchen. If it’s not a cookie, it’s some kind of snack or dessert. Eating junk food before sleeping is such a bad habit =)

  64. My favorite bedtime ritual…? bedtime is my favorite time for thinking. when everybody are sleeping this is me who crawls with a puffy pillow into the bed and start thinking about me and other things!

    and this set is beyond beauty!

  65. My latest favorite bedtime routine is racing the kitten around the house before bed. She always gets super amped up and crazy, I chase her around the living room, through the kitchen, through the hall way and into the bedroom. My husband is usually doing his nightly routine of hogging the bathroom and rolling his eyes at us being crazy. We go through the house again, turning out the lights. I am so glad that kitten doesn’t know I cannot see in the dark, if she did I would be done for! Lights out and time to get in bed. Husband and I snuggle a little until the KitKat weasels her way in between us and we all fall asleep under the covers.

  66. My favorite bedtime ritual is lighting my lilac candle and doodling in my notebook while listening to some music.. or sometimes i do the crossword :)

  67. I gotta say, the bedtime ritual we’ve got going on right now is pretty much my favourite. My two-year-old daughter Lily comes into our room to give me a kiss and a hug before her Dad reads her stories and tucks her into her Big Girl Bed, then I lie down on ours with our three-month-old James and nurse him to sleep. I often doze off for a few minutes with him before moving him gingerly to his basinett for the rest of the night. Even as I write this I know this routine probably won’t last much longer, but we’re enjoying it for now.

  68. i read goodnight moon to my 2 year old girl (her fav)
    i read to my 5 year old, pray and play “guess that letter” on each others back.
    then i climb into bed sometimes with tea and read…

  69. This giveaway is a dream. I either read for a while, or I listen to my favorite podcasts, it is such a treat to give the body a rest and feed the mind just before drifting into Morpheus’ arms.

  70. armed with a book each, the hubby & i read while playing footsie and see who can get through more pages. Then when one of us is nodding off, we put down our books, snuggle, listen to the sounds of the night and fall asleep holding hands.

  71. Each night before bed my boyfriend and I take it in turns to give each other a head massage. It’s his turn tonight, but i don’t mind!

  72. I always take a shower, slather lotion on my feet and then put on thick socks. That way my feet soaks up the lotion throughout the night, leaving them soft in the morning.

    Gorgeous bedding, BTW!

  73. Wow that bedding is BEAUTIFUL!
    I like to lay in my bed and watch terrible reality television. Hate to say it, but that’s my bedtime ritual.

  74. Love it…beautiful bedding, so inspiring! My favorite bedtime ritual is reading and snuggling with my daughter as she drifts off to sleep (I usually do too for a little bit, before sneaking off to our room).

  75. I just made myself a pair of pajamas out of Amy’s fabric. With the bedding, I’d be a complete “Amy Butler” Sleeping Beauty. Oh, the creative dreams I would have!

  76. To round out my day, I crawl into bed where my dog has been patiently waiting for my arrival for at least a half-hour, grab a book from the stack beside my bed, and slowly unwind my brain using literature and a cup of herbal tea. I leave the windows open and listen as all the nighttime sounds of nature finally filter into a quiet, peaceful household.

  77. Oh, how pretty! What a fabulous giveaway! My husband and I put our son to bed and then usually cuddle up on the couch to watch a bit of a movie or favorite TV show. I’m usually off to bed first after a steamy shower, a cup of tea and a few pages of whatever book is by my bedside.

  78. Oooh – I love her bedding. I didn’t know she had a line of bedding, but always love her fabrics!

    My favorite bedtime ritual is to put on my cozy comfy jammies and cuddle up with my husband for a few minutes before dozing off to sleep. He is such a great cuddler and he runs his fingers thru my hair. That usually puts me right to sleep. :)

  79. Amy is a genius!!! My bedtime ritual begins with a warm bath, glass of wine, and a good book. I don’t have television so this makes my night enjoyable and relaxing so that I’m able to fade off to sleep easily.

  80. Ah! We are just redoing our guest bedroom! This would be awesome.

    My husband and I snuggle in to bed with our dog and cat and he reads and I put on HGTV! Can we say house hunters international!! Its either that or an old horror movie!

  81. Favorite bedtime ritual? They are not favorites, they are fanatical. Drives my husband crazy…in bed, out of bed, go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom again, open the window, shut the window, open the window again…you get my dirft.

  82. My boyfriend and I usually lay around doing sudoku together. Most of the time its playful but sometimes we try to race eachother. After that we get comfortable and discuss what we want to dream about and where we should meet up in our dreams. It’s silly but concentrating on good thoughts before bed usually means a better nights sleep.

  83. My favorite bedtime ritual is when my husband tucks me in (his work schedule is very different from mine so he almost always goes to bed later than I do). He rubs my head and talks to me until I fall asleep, and its the best :)

  84. I know I shouldnt but I cant help bringing my laptop to bed! In fact im in bed right now reading your blog :) To wind down once ive turned the laptop off I usually read, even if its just for 5minsm so I feel relaxed and ready to sleep when i turn out the light.

  85. mmmmm…My ritual is getting cozy with some comfy PJs, drinking some oolong tea, and falling asleep with an interesting read.

  86. not sure if this is open to us brits but I thought I’d tell you my ritual anyway.
    I listen to the shipping forcast on the bbc I have no idea what it means but it gives me a feeling of well being before bed.

  87. Wow, how wonderful to sleep in organic bedding.. My ritual – to play scrabble and drink peppermint tea with my husband and then crawl into bed. (after I’ve won of course :)

  88. It’s a little bit embarrassing, but my bedtime ritual really revolves around my cat, Dorian. After doing the wash-up and brush-teeth thing, I kiss my boyfriend goodnight and then Dorian and I spend some quality time together. I refresh the water in her little mug by the bed (she drinks from it more than she drinks from her bowl in the kitchen), give her a vigorous full-body rubdown, and let her settle in next to my pillow. Occasionally, I’ll feel some whiskers on my face as she smells my nose as I fall asleep.

    I sort of feel like a big dork doing all of this, but I adopted her on an impulse and she’s been my best friend for six years, and even moved from the U.S. to Europe with me. I’ve had a few hectic years, and it’s nice to have a constant. Even if she licks her own butt. :)

  89. My night-time ritual is turning the lights down low, cuddling in the rocking chair with my 2yr old baby boy and signing songs to lullabye him to sleep. It relaxes us both then gives me quiet time to knit and read and get ready for my bed time.

  90. My favourite bedtime ritual involves drinking some Sleeptime Tea, washing away the day’s hazards from my face and then flopping into bed. My husband and I turn off all the lights and we talk about things: dreams of sailing around the world, various ideas, plans for the following day. Sometimes, we end up talking for hours (thus eliminating any good work the Sleepytime tea was doing), but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  91. cuddling childrens, reading books, putting sleeping babies away and opening a bottle of wine, cuddling husband before he disappears into the studio.

  92. I love your blog and I love Amy Butler fabrics. Sure hope i win and please keep up the good work. I read your blog everyday. Shhhh–don’t tell my boss.

  93. A long warm bath, lathering up in my Ilha organic balm, sipping a glass of wine, and then snuggling with my hubby and falling sound asleep upon my favorite spot in the world, his shoulder!

  94. After five long years of trying to get my twins here the night time ritual is all about us as a family. We have a giant tickle fest, followed by a diaper change and into their jammies. From there we head into their bedroom where we may read a book, but we definitely fold our arms for a family prayer. We share kisses all around (my girl just learned to smack her lips for a kiss). Then it’s into their cribs to be tucked in with a bear from their great grandparents each and their personalized quilts. We turn on their IPOD music and blow kisses telling them to sleep well on the way out the door. I love bedtime for those reasons, and a chance to get some uninterrupted work done.

  95. In the summer, I love going through the house and opening all the windows and turning off the a.c., then getting into comfy PJs and reading a few chapters on my Kindle. It’s even better if my cat decides to come curl up by my knees to enjoy the nighttime breeze with me. :)

  96. When I get the time, I like to watch a little TV on the laptop, snuggled up in bed with my husband. A few licorice allsorts don’t go amiss late at night either ;-). I like to read myself to sleep, but these days prefer magazines – that way I avoid reading the first 3 pages 20 times!

  97. Our normal ritual is to curl up with the blanket that followed us through college, his pirate pillow, and each other. Eventually, the cats commandeer the foot of the bed.
    My fiancé and I are getting married next year and are buying a house very soon. So lately, we have been staying up late under that warm blanket discussing our future plans and being too excited to sleep.

  98. every night right before i sleep, i’ll spend some time on the phone with the BF saying our good nights and looking forward to what tomorrow holds. this lets me have sweet dreams.

  99. Every night, I shut my computer off half an hour before I go to bed, do the dishes, set out my clothes for the next day, write in my journal, read a chapter in the book next to my bed…it’s wonderful :)

  100. ok, I could scream these are so gorgeous. bedtime ritual- give the kids a tub after dinner, read a few pages out loud of Little House in the Big Woods. Comb their hair, put on their little socks and kiss them goodnight. THEN I might take a tub or try to read a page in one of my neglected magazines before I fall right to sleep the Mr.

  101. My latest favorite bedtime ritual is listening to my 6 year old emerging reader make her way through a few more pages of The Little Red Hen and the Grain of Wheat before she drifts off to dreamland :)

  102. I have a slight love affair with sleeping bags. I sleep in them, watch movies in them, do most stationary-around-the-house activities in my green pea-pod of a sleeping bag.
    So my favorite ritual is to crawl into my sleeping bag with a cup of apple cider and my heat pad on high and read a few chapters of a good book before nodding off. Bliss.

  103. Well, I love to read to my daughters more than anything, but truth be told, sometimes my bedtime ritual is a Benedryl to help me sleep through the night! (Too many years of getting up with babies!)

    I need new bedding for my 5 year old daughter and this is just the ticket!

  104. My bedtime routine is usually me getting poked and told to get off the couch and go bed by my boyfriend because I usually always fall alseep on the couch. When I go to bed on my own I like to fall alseep with a book in my hands and the lights on. Thank God I have a night owl for a boyfriend otherwise I would probably very rarely get to sleep in my cozy bed and would have a much higher electric bill..haha

  105. What beautiful bedding!
    Night rituals…I always brush my teeth and then crawl into bed and read for half an hour or so….

  106. If I get into bed with a good book, I’ll never fall asleep (at least not until I finish the book!). Although it’s not the best ritual, I have a habit of browsing Facebook on my Blackberry before I fall asleep.

  107. …I open the windows, get all cozy, turn off the light and scroll through all the Facebook status updates on my iPhone. So sad, I’m well aware :)

  108. My bedtime ritual is to put on my really comfy Qantas business class pjs (the best thing about my recent upgrade) and then read for an hour before I fall alseep with my glasses on. My husband usually comes in from watching TV and wakes me up when he’s trying to take them off (my glasses that is!) and then we have a little chat before we drift off to sleep.

  109. Quietly say a thank-you for the day to myself.

    Then I make sure my two border collies are resting comfortably by my side.

  110. My bed time rituals…

    – Fill up a glass of water by the bed, not for me, but for my kitten. Who refuses to drink out of anything except pretty vintage glassware.
    – Try to convince above mentioned kitten that it is bed time, not play time. Stop kitten from biting toes, as required.
    – Cosy up in bed with laptop. Catch up on blogs.
    – Turn on beach sounds to drift off to sleep with. The sound of the waves makes me feel 10 years old again, sleeping in a lovely old caravan in the garden of my grandparents beach front house.

  111. Turn off all the electrics, double check the gas cooker head up to the old attic room.

    Choose tomorrows clothes ready for the 15minue get up and out manoeuvre.

    Puss cat hidden under the bed soothingly purring, fooling you into a false sense of security, as soon as you drop off she’ll attack those delirious bed mice feet.

    Boyfriend jumps into bed, “story time?” I’m 24 but full of delight as he turns of the main light switches on the torch and begins to read until I can’t make out the words any more just the cadence of his voice zzzzzzzzzz

  112. My normal bedtime ritual is to enjoy an hour of reading with my husband. On nights when I can’t sleep though because I’m worried about this or that, I try to figure out what’s been my favorite moment in my whole, entire life. I always remember a cherished something or two that I hadn’t thought about in years. Then I fall asleep feeling great.

  113. Brush my teeth, wash my face, climb into bed. Marvel at how nice it feels to slide into the sheets. Put on eye cream, then face lotion. Marvel at how much I enjoy the moisture. Rub excess lotion on my arms. Snap in my mouth guard and look at my husband who inevitably cracks a joke.

  114. before bed every night, the s.o. lifts our 75 lb dog onto the bed (pup has a bad hip), the kitten joins us, and we read a while before drifting off. a happy little family.

  115. What would be perfect: To open the window, feel the first fall breeze, climb into fresh sheets, have a cup of hot water with lemon, a new library book, and a cat for company whose drowsy eyes will show when it’s time to sleep.

  116. I snuggle in bed with my two favorite people in the world, my daughter and my hubby, then once my daughter goes to bed, I like to curl up with my hubby’s arm, a great book and a cup of tea.

    Is it bedtime yet???

  117. This is the best giveaway I have ever seen! Before bed I always snuggle up and my dachshund always curls up next to me under the covers before I go to sleep. :)

  118. My favourite bed time ritual doesn’t take place at night, but in the morning. For five months I was an Au Pair in Bath, England and shortly after my boyfriend (now fiance) moved in with me in my tiny flat inside the family’s home after a year of study in another city. He wasn’t intending to stay but couldn’t find a job or afford other housing. Luckily enough for us, the family let him stay. Bed times were never easy as my bed was far too small for one person to sleep comfortably let-alone two, which forced Matt to sleep on a horrible cot for months. Here’s where the ritual comes in.

    I’d wake up early most mornings before work and go over to Matt’s cot, gently wake him up, help him out of bed, link arms with his sleepy body and guide him to my much more comfortable bed to get a few hours of decent sleep. That was definitely my favourite bed time ritual. Finally, after a year of horrible nights sleeping apart on cots/couchs/tiny residents beds we finally get to share a bed starting tomorrow and it would be amazing if we could win this phenomenal bed set!

    Long-winded, but there you have it! Thanks for opportunity!

  119. Every evening, before bed, I make a gratitude list. It can be everything from the big ones: health, having a job, to the smaller things for which I am grateful: the delicious latte I had that day, the person who held the door for me, etc. I find that this sets my mind right before bed and brings about a peaceful sleep.

  120. I love Amy Butler’s bedding… I’ve been waiting for it to be released! Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway.

    As a former skin-care sales rep, I have to say that my favorite bedtime ritual is the whole skin-care routine. I’ve got about 5 steps to my process including a make-up remover, face wash, serum, night cream, and eye cream. If I have extra time, maybe even a deep cleansing masque! I also love the occasional back or foot massage from hubby for an extra special treat :)

  121. Since I was a little kid and my dad would read with me, I can’t put in my Zzzs without reading at least a page of whatever book I’m currently into.

  122. Lovely bright patterns. My fave bedtime ritual includes a prayer on my knees and a hot cup of tea w/honey and good book in bed.

  123. Let’s face it, sometimes the bed does not get made till it is time to get back in it. If that is the case I always make the bed before getting in for the night, just to have the pleasure of mussing it up again.

  124. Me: Honey, do I have a bedtime ritual?
    Honey: why is that?
    Me: well Im writing a comment on sfgirlbybay blog and I might win some Amy Butler bedding, I have to comment on my bedtime ritual.
    Honey: who is Amy Butler?
    Me: well she designs really vibrant, beautiful fabrics and stuff, my green bag has a piece of her fabric on it
    Honey: what was the question again?
    Me: ….Bedtime ritual
    Honey: Is that before or after you fall asleep with the light on still holding your book and wearing your glasses.
    Honey: You turn on the light, put your glasses on and read. Then you fall asleep.


  125. I’m in linen heaven over this bedding!

    My fave bedtime ritual – snuggling up with my family. My hubby and our 2 dogs (a yellow lab & a cavalier king charles spaniel). Somehow we all fit!

  126. My ritual: parallel flossing, teeth brushing and face washing with my boyfriend. Then we both hop into bed and read a chapter of our respective books about dragons before a quick cuddle, lamenting over setting the alarm, then rolling over to sleep and hoping we don’t hear the neighbour snore upstairs.

  127. Before I go to sleep, I always snuggle in bed with a good book and my fat cat named Wrigley. And after I’m done reading, I drift into dream land while watching HGTV. Which is probably why I wake up wanting to redecorate!

  128. So pretty! I usually end the day curled up with a book and a snoring dog. If I had these sheets, I might sip some tea, do a little yoga, and say a gratitude prayer. :)

  129. My husband and I watch an episode of a comedy series before we go to bed – Futurama, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Flight of the Choncords, The Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box, the list goes on! It is a great way to unwind and end the day no matter what has happened.

  130. With bedding like that I can “forget” about my nightly ritual- using a “nettie pot” for my sinuses. You know…used for pouring saline solution into your nostrils to clear the passages! More than you wanted to hear huh? But winning that put me in dreamland in no time!!!

  131. Every night I write a page in my notebook of ideas & dreams. I use The Artist Way (by Julia Cameron) as a guide.

    After that I wash my face, brush my teeth, and then apply my anti-aging miracle potions (gotta at least try, eh?)

    I then get under the covers and rub my feet together so that my kitty-cat, “Moo Shu” will jump and frolic in the sheets. It makes her so happy and she purrs with delight.

  132. My favorite bedtime ritual is snuggling into bed and stealing all the covers from my husband, who tries to fight for them back. Then I open up my book and attempt to read while one cat curls up on my feet, another one starts attacking him, while the 3rd budges her way between my husband & I and insists on being petted (or she bites). All on a full size bed!

    I’m not really a crazy cat lady, people just keep giving me cats. No more!

  133. My favorite bedtime ritual is reading a new magazine that came in the mail. It is fun to read the home decor ones so I can fall asleep dreaming of lovely rooms and being inspired to try new things in my home!

  134. Oh, what lovely bedding!
    My favorite bed-time ritual was how my mom used to tuck me in when I was a kid. She’d come in once I was under the covers and give me a “one, two, three,” which was when she would fluff the blanket three times and we’d both count them together. I think she probably started it when I was really young to help me learn numbers, but to this day it is one of my favorite memories of my childhood. When I have kids, they are getting one-two-threes for sure.

  135. I love Amy Butler! Her new bedding is absolutely amazing. I always take a nice warm bath before bed and take a good book or the latest magazine to bed, and never watch tv.

  136. OMG!!! I am a huge fan of Amy Butler and am so excited about her bedding line! My favorite bedtime ritual is putting my daughter to bed with a story and a song. Her favorite story right now is The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle, and her favorite song is My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music. It’s the best!

  137. My favorite bedtime ritual goes like this: floss, brush teeth, and wash my face while my son is taking his bath. After I help him brush and change into pjs, I change into mine and we read 3 books together, tuck him in, turn off the lights, and go to bed! :)

  138. 3 Cheers for Bedtime Rituals! I either knit or play solitaire to clear my mind before snuggling into my duvet, feet out.

    When I was a nanny, we had the flush n brush routine which is too great to not share: brush the teeth, and go potty before bedtime stories :)

  139. Stroke the kitties, and thank them for the joy.

    Slather on the hand lotion, macadamia and mandarin.

    Stretch some; and the light, it is out.

    Say ‘good night’ to the stars (Orion is upside down here).

    Snuggle. Right down.

    Sweet sleep, it cometh easy.

  140. I like to catch up on my design magazine reading while curled up next to my husband, who’ll be reading one of his many favorite crime novels. I snuggle with my cats and give the dog a belly scratch and fall asleep dreaming of a new sofa I just saw, a color palette or perhaps just rearranging the furniture. (Do you think he dreams about courtrooms?)

  141. After stories and brushin’ the buckies, our 6 year old has to do his “roll offs”. This entails a piggy back ride into the bedroom from the bathroom and two “rolls” off daddy’s back onto the bed. The trick is to do them unexpectedly … Maybe I can roll off onto some new Amy Butler sheets???

  142. My husband gets up super early, so he goes to bed hours before I eventually creep in.. Every night it is a challenge not to wake him, you could say it is my ritual to sneak in beside him and snuggle up as close as I can without waking him!

  143. every night i throw my pajamas on, brush my teeth and swish around some listerine. i walk into my bedroom, turn down my sheet and comforter and walk over to my dogs’ bed. i have 3 dogs; 2 dachshunds and one pit mix. they sleep on a futon in my office, so i tuck them in and then turn on my favorite sleep cd “dragging a dead deer up a hill” by grouper. perfect dreamy music. i’m usually out cold by the third song.

  144. Before bed I eat some ice cream (full disclosure: with sprinkles…). I put on some bedtime tunes (Iron & Wine, Feist, Norah Jones, etc.), read and fall asleep after 5 minutes. Then my boyfriend puts my book away and takes my glasses off. I mumble things incoherently and fall asleep again, all snuggled up this times. It happens every night. I love it!

  145. Sometimes right before bedtime my boyfriend and I will start a daily “contest.” He claims he’s keeping points but I don’t believe him. They’re silly contests like, “Who knows the most words in German?” or “Who can sing more of the song Hakuna Matata?” We are really silly and giggle a lot because our responses are always pretty outrageous. In the end we both win because the contest ends in hilarity. It’s also nice because the contest is different every day and we can have contests over the phone when we’re far apart.

  146. My husband has gotten me hooked on a new bedtime ritual. We eat a bowl of cereal (always one of the sugary kinds, like Captain Crunch or Coco Crispies) in bed. We re-cap the day and chat until we finish. Then we both set our empty bowls on the floor and turn out the lights. It’s a very tasty way to end the day.

    I absolutely love Amy Butler and we are in desperate need of new bedding. :)

  147. My bedroom ritual consists of chasing our little puppy around trying to get her tired for bed. Our older dog tries to get out of harms way by attempting to get up on our bed. My boyfriend and I fall asleep for about two hours than we do it all over again. Can’t wait for her to grow out of the puppy stage:)

  148. Before bed, I routinely change into a cotton nightgown or an old boyfriend’s t-shirt, wash my face, crawl into one very girly bed with an overabundance of pillows, and scribble down all my daily nuggets. I prefer to spill it all onto paper, so it’s out of my head, clearing space for the most vivid dreams.

  149. I DON’T DO ANY OF THAT!!Honestly every night I’m useless, I sit too long infront of the TV until I realise I’m watching ad’s then I stumble down the corridor, drag everything off the bed and crawl under the covers, ignoring the piles of dishes and forgetting to brush my teeth. But I know if I had this awesome sheet set I know my bed etiquette would improve. Can I win please :-(

  150. My bedtime ritual starts just about the minute I walk in the door after a long day of work. The first thing I do is have a warm shower and jump into a pair of clean pjs. Once I’ve done this I feel like I can chill out, wind down in front of the telly or a book and be set for a good night’s rest.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this comp! The bed linen is beautiful.

  151. My favorite bedtime ritual is to snuggle into bed with my hubs and a good book. Whenever this happens, it’s like a call goes out for my two cats and dog to come running into the room and immediately settle into their own “spots.” My kitten usually ends up trying to dissuade me from reading by sitting between me and my book.

  152. oh my that is divine, not necessarily favourite ritual but I wipe over the sheets with my hands to get all the crud off the sheets so it’s nice and smooth then I make the bed only the pull the covers back and it is nice and soft when I jump in with a great book

  153. My favorite thing to do is curl up with a small glass of scotch and write it my journal. It gets all the days worries out of my head and the drink helps me fall into a deep sleep!

  154. love love love………………i usually put my son to sleep and then my husband and i have a little time together in bed, usually reading ad talking about our day.


  155. Fisrt I look around the room and check the walls for spiders, then I get into bed, then I settle my cat Rosie next to me, then I think about the art projects I am currently working on, then I drift off to sleep…

  156. My 14 year old daughter still hops in my bed before going into hers and we talk about our days together (sometimes our Boston Terrier feels free to curl up with us too!) sometimes we don’t talk at all, she writes in her journal and I just read! Then we hug and she still tells me she loves me (how lucky a mom am I?) and I still say sweet dreams…

  157. glass of water, grab the cat, climb in bed (literally, it’s on raisers), foot lotion, read, get back up to get crying cat so she doesn’t wake the baby, climb back in bed, lights out, spoon cat and man, wait for it…wait for it…spend rest of night dealing with either wakeful cat or baby. sometimes both. nice bedding makes it so much nicer to climb back in and out of bed, i must say…

  158. I am an awful sleeper, so my bedtime ritual is an important foundation to insure a restful night. I have a lavender filled neck wrap that I heat up before putting it on my neck than I curl up with my english bulldog lulu and a magazine or book and hopefully drift off into dreamland…

  159. work on art until i am shocked by the time. pick my way through my tiny apartment, and hope there are enough blankets on the bed or layers of clothes on me to keep warm enough to sleep through the night.

  160. I have to check on each child and the dog, get a glass of water,make sure the windows are open, then I can scooch into my delicious bed and chat with my hubby before we both slip into dreamland.

  161. my partner brings me a cup of fennel tea. in India fennel is known as saunf. it helps with sleeps, something i struggle to achieve and it also helps with supporting women’s well being through hormonaal balnace. i just end up feeling loved

  162. my bedtime ritual is tall glass of water, laptop, glasses, fan goes on, four pillows behind me… alas reading blog time. Also catch up on email and the networks. read read read.

  163. i enjoy taking a nice warm bath or shower before and then getting cozy in my bed, with a ton of pillows, while watching the food network channel and hgtv! eventually the tv turns off from the sleep timer and i doze off into dreamland =]

  164. Oh, to lay a tired head upon those lovely flowers at the end of a long day. Dreams would become transport mechanisms to lands, tropical and warm; lands where colors soothed and excited and the same time. Lands where sun popped through the clouds at just the right time to make the day perfect. I would love to make these thoughts my bed time ritual as i lay my head upon an Amy Butler covered pillow and bed!

  165. my bedtime ritual as of late is cuddling with my adorable puppy Hazel while lying out the couch watching TV. usually HGTV or House Hunters! haha.

    but I love that bedding, it is so gorgeous! maybe it would get me to go to bed earlier instead of watching TV into the wee hours :) though, it probably won’t help me get out of bed in the morning!

  166. all the usual stuff :: lock the chicken coop up for the night,let the dogs out for “final potty” wash face, brush teeth, check blogs, twitter and such then fall into bed.

  167. Each night is different for me because I have recently moved and don’t have the internet in my apartment yet so these days before bed I usually set my alarm then look through my planner and try and organize myself for the next day.

  168. beautiful bedsheets!

    my every night routine – i’ll switch the computer off, turn down the air cond, switch off the lights and snuggle under the covers with my mobile phone; to text my dearest boyfriend a good night and to send a text-kiss. :)) once i get his reply, i shut my eyes and make myself comfy and slowly drift into dreamland after saying a little prayer for everything that comes through my mind that’s almost half asleep already. xx

  169. Oh – They are stunning. I love them – as do approx 300 other people when I logged on. How wonderful.

    Well it’s coming to the end of summer and my sheets (very old now – could do with some new ones!! te he !) blowing in the wind on the line.

    There can be nothing better then fresh clean sheets straight off the line, how much better do you sleep with them. I have what I call Sunday Night Itus. I sleep quite well most nights but on Sunday’s I’m tossing and turning all agitated as the weekend is over, but if I wash the sheets that day and leave them on the line till as late as possible then you can snuggle down and breathed in the freshness of the sheets and be reminded of summer days. I can’t wait until next spring when I can start to put the washing on the line again.

  170. Love yours and amy butler work so i couldn’t skip this!
    My favorite ritual is to read till i fall asleep…not very original! xo

  171. Most evenings I grab a hot chocolate, sometimes with marshmallows, get into bed with my million cushions & put my favourite season on TV. Right now I’m watching One Tree Hill. Sometimes I’ll have my netbook too to catch up with Flirkr, Twitter etc. I normally have 4 cats on the bed with me too. That’s mine & my husband’s nightly ritual.

  172. My favorite bedtime ritual is pretty simple. I put some music on low and then crawl into bed to read to my two children, ages 4 and 5. We tackle a large stack of books (current favorites are Jungle Drums, Max’s Words and Where the Wild Things Are) and then I settle down between them (it always takes place in my bed). We cuddle and say the most amazing blessing “Four corners to my bed, four angels round my head, one to watch and two to pray and one to keep bad dreams away” and then usually I fall asleep. Daddy moves them as he comes to bed ;)

  173. Lately, it involves feeding our new baby before hotfooting it to bed a.s.a.p. But there used to be a time when I would read in bed blogs like this one on my PSP. LOL

  174. Love it!! My ritual is to check in on the two kiddos first, make sure they are covered and give them kisses. Then I grab the latest book and snuggle in. The book doesn’t last long, but I can’t just go in and lay there without it.

  175. My ritual. Starts after dinner sometime..try to get my little daughter into a bath…then try to get her out of the bath. I read her a few book with my eyes crossing, keep hearing mommy dont fall a sleep yet. We always talk about what the day has given us before I turn off her light. Then finally I have a bath, snuggle up with my man and a book, read half a page and ask him to turn off our light.

  176. Okay, I admit it… I click through the tv channels in bed for a half hour or so before I turn off the lights and call it a day.

  177. Lovely bedding. My bedtime ritual is fairly simple. I used to read to my daughter now she reads to me. Then I get to have that last few minutes before sleep talking over the day with my wonderful husband. I am a lucky girl.

  178. My bedtime ritual consists of: making sure the doors and windows are locked, at least 3 times each (like they weren’t locked the first time?), wash my face and brush my teeth, call the kitties to snuggle, turn on the TV, say my prayers, pull my covers up to my chin and close my eyes.

  179. Wow, I’d have sweet dreams in that bedding for sure!

    My favorite bedtime ritual is to get the house settled for the night, everything ready to go for the morning, then crawl into bed with a book. I could read for hours in my bed. I even do this in the morning when I am going to sleep after a night of work. So soothing.

  180. honestly i usually stumble to bed & hope i took out my contacts… BUT i love getting in bed early & reading a good book & then awake to talk to my husband when we turn off the lights.. maybe i should try this more…

  181. the more pregnant i get these days, the more often my bedtime routine includes a long hot bath. there is nothing quite so relaxing as washing away the pains of the day before sleep.

  182. In march of this past year we learned that my husband had a brain tumor. He was rushed into emergency surgery and spent three weeks in the hospital recovering. Due to the surgery he was left with a large scar. Each night when we crawl into bed I put lotion on his scar and we talk about our day and how thankful we are to still be together and back in our own bed.

  183. Amy’s bedding is so beautiful! I think sleeping on it will transport me to a wonderful place where the sun is always shining and the flowers are always blooming.

  184. Best bedtime ritual: shutting down the computer, curling up with a book and the mutt dog (who, incidentally, is an exceptional snuggler), and crawling under the covers before I just fade off. It’s simply heaven.

  185. Everynight my husband and I get the kids to bed, then we crawl into bed, and he is asleep in around 3 seconds, but I always have to read. I can’t go to sleep unless my eyes are heavy from reading for at least an hour.
    It would be oh so nice to crawl into adorable (organic no less)new bedding.

  186. My bedtime is a little different than most as my bedtime is about 9AM. I work midnights as a Police/Fire/EMS/911 dispatcher. I take a hot shower to relax after work and then crawl into bed with the intention of reading but usually fall asleep right away.

  187. After I get in bed, the cats and little dog all come in and find their spots too – unless I go to bed late, in which case they are already in bed. I like to imagine we’re all on a special night voyage to our respective dream worlds.
    It always seems like I have more and better dreams when I’ve got new sheets on the bed, and I can hardly imagine what wondrous dreams would come my way with Amy’s gorgeous sheets cocooning me and the ol’ menagerie as we sleep!

  188. Our daughter (almost 14) still loves to snuggle awhile before getting into her own bed. She snuggles in between us and then one of us tucks her in her own bed. We always tell her sweet dreams and God has a plan for you. Sometimes it is a game to see who says it first. I love that she still does this. I will be sad when she doesn’t want to anymore.

  189. I’m a night owl so honestly, when my eyes start getting heavy I get in my wonderful bed, put hand lotion on, pray, close my eyes and let go of the day… {nothing exciting LOL}

  190. Since my divorce and my relocation to my own home, my bed has become a center of recreation for my sons and me. Every night after dinner, we get into pajamas, brush our teeth and pile on my bed- to play cards! It is the learning place (numbers, taking turns, rules) and a place for plenty of giggles. Then I go off, put them to bed…. only hours later to find one or the other one asleep next to me in my bed.

  191. i have two bedtimes, first i snuggle up with my children, read to them & tuck them in…then it’s off to work for a few hours before i fall into bed and fall asleep in about 1 second.

  192. Before I go to sleep at night I go in the nursery to check on my 11 month old twin girls. I rub each of their backs and tell them I love them. It’s so wonderful to see them sleeping so peacefully in their cribs. Beautiful bedding, thank for the chance to win!

  193. I am about the worst mom ever… my bedtime ritual – watching foodnetwork on tv on a good night, or real housewives on a bad night…
    Love the bedding

  194. A ritual I have before bed is pulling out my laptop and doing a crossword puzzle. I have gotten my boyfriend into paeticipating with me, so it has become more fun. I like to call this time “stimulating my mind.” This is something I picked up doing in college and I love it. It is just a nice way to get cozy and wind down after a long day.

  195. I crawl in bed with my son around 8:30 where we read books from the library for about a half hour and talk about our day. Then I hop into my bed and read my book (100 Years of Solitude I am reading now)or peruse design mags before slipping into dreamland.

  196. I ALWAYS read a book before I go to bed. Sometimes with a snack, sometimes without. I can’t go to sleep without a little reading first!

  197. I love to cuddle on the sofa with my husband. Our two huge cats usually fill the spaces between us. We watch Letterman until the Top 10 comes on, then we head to bed. Nothing like a good laugh! :o)

  198. My favorite bedtime ritual is after bathtime for my two-year-old, getting cozy on the couch to read some stories. My little boy starts to settle down and get ready for sleep and my husband usually has a hard time keeping his eyes open. Then we have a few minutes of cuddle time, put the boy to bed, and enjoy a glass of wine!

  199. These days our bed time ritual is bath time, then we pile in Mommy and Daddy’s bed to watch YO Gabba Gabba with my two year old, and I’m usually nursing my 3 month old. SOmewhere in between the two kids and the dog, my hubby and I try to hold hands. Ahhhhh the crazy life of a mama. LOVE IT This new bedding would be a nice treat:)

  200. I always have to wash my feet before bed. Clean feet and clean sheets equal sweet dreams! Before the zzzz’a, my mister and I pick up a book and read to each other. He’s a better story teller than me, but we both take turns. It’s super sweet!

  201. My favorite bedtime ritual is to curl up in bed with a good book and my cat. When my eyelids are too heavy to keep on reading I turn off the lights and get comfy and ready to sleep laying on my right side. I have to sleep on my right side because the cat likes to lay next to me on that side and won’t stop meowing if I don’t :)

  202. I read a story to my daughter (well, now she reads to me), I would love this set for her room. hey I was born in valencia, near caracas LOL!

  203. I really don’t have a ritual. I usually so tired from do my sewing at night that I crash. I always have to move the dogs off my pillow – not sure that is considered a ritual.

  204. My favorite ritual is to read a book until I fall asleep with book still in hand. My husband end up putting my book away and turning off the lights.

  205. My bedtime ritual includes trying to warm up my freezing bed in my freezing house (both summer and winter- the rumours are true: Canada is cold). This usually requires a good snuggle with my new husband (well, he’s not new but the title is), and a cat strategically positioned at my feet.

  206. I don’t really have a ritual that I do every night, but my most favorite part of going to bed is allowing our two dogs to join me! Love feeling their warm little bodies curled up by my feet or behind my back.

  207. When I crawl into bed, I immediately pull another heavier blanket just on my side of the bed. For me, the weight of the blankets is so important for comfort…but my husband is a hottie (mmm, as in he is always warm…although very good looking, too), so I only use the heavy blanket on my side. :) It makes me feel cozy and ready to rest.

  208. Right before bed.. I go up to each one of my cats and pet them and give them kisses to let them know I’m turning off the lights to go to bed.. (sounds crazy I know).. but this makes the one in the tiger suit follow me into bed where he coils up and sleeps with his head on my pillow. I also like to turn down the sheets and make it feel like a comfortable fancy hotel bed.

  209. My favorite time to crawl into bed is on a cold, stormy, winter’s day after taking a hot shower to warm myself up, crawl into fresh, clean, soft sheets and fall asleep to the sound of rain…

    And wouldn’t it just be the bee’s knees to fall asleep in this beautiful bedding! Thanks for the giveaway!

  210. I definitely love a bath, a cup of tea and a good read, but my favorite bedtime evenings are when we crawl into the cool, crisp sheets, turn out the lights and whisper stories or ‘secrets’ to each other until the bed gets warm and we fall asleep. Sometimes we giggle and sometimes we don’t, but I always learn something new about him.

  211. My night time ritual is reading stories to my girls before tucking them in. I also love to get in a bit of reading myself if I’m not too tired.
    What a wonderful giveaway!

  212. I always check on the children – they look like little angels when they’re asleep. Can’t help myself stroking their heads or tucking them in. Then off to bed with a hot chocolate with marshmallows!

  213. My nighttime ritual is getting into my nightgown and writing down all the things that I’m grateful for from that day. I call it my grateful game and it helps to put the day in focus and is a good way to cap off the day.

  214. Because I’m pregnant, my current nighttime ritual is taking half a unisom, passing out and praying for no morning sickness the next day!

  215. Every night I enjoy getting into bed with a book or magazine, I am usually joined by my two cats who snuggle up next to me as I read. I go to sleep to the sound of purring.

  216. I like to go to bed and catch up on my reading (online or a book) until my hubby comes to bed. Then we cuddle and talk til we fall asleep.

  217. First I make the rounds, check the doors, turn off lights, give my kids a kiss, climb into bed, read until my eyelids are droopy, get up let the cat in or out, crawl back into bed and promptly start snoring!

  218. my bedtime ritual begins with my little dog jumping on the bed and deciding if she will sleep at my feet or on a pillow. once she has chosen her spot, i climb into bed and read for a little bit while listening to the BBC podcast.

  219. Each night, I make my lunch and lay out my clothes for the next day. Then I get ready for bed, read a bit, snuggle with my husband and our dog for a bit, and then off to sleep for me! I love the routine of it, it helps me mentally wind down for bed time.

  220. to be honest, i usually fall asleep on the couch watching the colbert report until my husband wakes me up and i go upstairs where i snuggle in with my husband and my little kitty. it’s kind of goofy, but since we don’t keep a television in our bedroom, that’s the way it goes. :)

  221. I curl up with my daughter and we talk about big things and small things. She gets a bit of a massage usually and we say a million times, “Okay, it’s really time to go to bed…we have to stop talking.” before we actually do stop. I always tuck her in, even though she always uncovers herself almost immediately. But the very best part is that if I don’t get up right away when she goes to bed…she still says, “Aren’t you going to tuck me in?” I don’t ever take it for granted and it means so much to me…because she’s in 10th grade and she still loves our special time together as much as I do.

  222. My before bed ritual is a covering of sweet scented body lotion and then a little snuggle with the other half. That would be so much sweeter on that gorgeous bed linen!

  223. I love to get warm by taking a shower, put on my favorite lotion, take my vitamins and crawl into bed with a book! Bedtime is my favorite part of the day…I’m not kidding!

  224. Amy Butler bedding?!? I would be sleeping in such sweetness! I usually read a bit from my Bible before bed time…taking a long bath would be nice, but after giving th eboys their baths tucking them in, cleaning the kitchen, finishing laundry, yea I’m too pooped! ha!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  225. I climb into bed with my dachshund and a good book. When I am ready to turn out the light i pull up the covers so that the pup can crawl under and snuggle.

  226. Love this!

    Unfortunately, no little rituals for me right now. I’m a grad student and am uaually working on a paper right up until I go to bed. Perhaps this gorgeous bedding would inspire me to create a cozy little bedtime ritual for myself! :)

  227. My favorite bedtime ritual is getting into bed with the BF to chat about our day, and then kicking him out so I can read design magazines and cuddle with my dog!

  228. My bedtime ritual is letting our Yorkie out, and getting him back in. He races for the bedroom. My husband and I say our prayers, and then it’s lights out! Sometimes I fall asleep listening to XM radio.

  229. Every night, the 3 of us crawl into bed to read together as a family. Dad does the reading because he has such wonderful way with words. Our boy snuggles up to him, Mama snuggles up to the boy snuggling up to his Papa. Most nights the result is that the boy, and usually the Mama as well, drift off to sleep!

  230. wow- that bedding would look gorgeous on my bed. I like to read some poetry before i go to bed- something inspiring. And then i like to review the day and consider my blessings- even the worst day has something to be grateful for.

  231. Oooh… isn’t this bedding so lovely?! My bedtime ritual is to first write a note to my husband in our shared “dreams” journal. We each write a note to each other each night and read it in the morning. Sometimes they are silly, sometimes serious- but it is always a fun surprise! I also make sure to fluff the dogs beds for them and give them each a treat- if possible, I’ll get one or both of them to cuddle a bit in our bed before we go to sleep (they are each 100 pounds so this doesn’t usually last too long). I’m dreaming of bedtime now…

  232. What beautiful bedding! After tucking my boys into bed for the night, my husband and I talk about our dreams and aspirations before hitting the hay. Lights on or off, it’s a nice way to catch up and think ahead.

  233. My fav bedtime ritual (on nights that hubby has to work early) is reading a story with my little guy and baby girl then when all is quiet I shut myself in my crafting room and sew or do something creative until its my bedtime. I LOVE this bedding, I -heart- Amy Butler. :o)

  234. The best for me is when my 9 year old daughter crawls in bed with me and reads to me…somehow no matter what she reads, her voice, her tone…everything she does just relaxes me and I fall asleep within minutes. She loves that she can do that to me.

  235. I make a big mug of chamomile tea every night (even most hot ones) and sip it while finally enjoying some time to myself after a busy day with a 20 month old!

  236. every night i read my son and daughter a story and tuck them in. hours later i make sure to check on them before tucking myself in with some craft books or a David Sedaris book. i dream of new bedding to make our room beautiful.

  237. in winter my favourite bedtime ritual is heating up my wheat bag to wrap around my toes then getting into bed with a steaming hot chocolate and letting my mind wander over my day…ah bliss! I love this linen – of course we can’t get it in Australia – sigh!

  238. i’ve always loved anything amy butler and her new bedding is fabulous! my bedtime ritual….a relaxing shower with my amazing grace shower gel and then after getting all cozy in bed, i do a sudoku puzzle and then finish by reading a couple of chapters of my latest mystery book.

  239. before bed I fold laundry while sipping tea (decaf!) and indulging on a two bite brownie – I savour the brownie – wait for it all day long!!
    then I have a warm shower and snuggle up in bed with my magazines.

  240. I love to take a really hot bath and then just when I can’t stand it anymore, I get out, wrap myself in a big fluffy robe and get under the covers….I read for as long as I can and then drift off to sleep.

  241. After the dishes are done and the counters are clean, I head upstairs, say good night to the dog, and crawl into bed to read. Once in a while my husband will join me, but many nights I’ve fallen asleep with my book still on my pillow by the time he’s ready for bed. I have a really hard time falling asleep without reading first, and sometimes I start panicking as I get closer to the final chapter of a book if I don’t have the next title lined up!

  242. At the end of the day (or end of the night!) there is nothing like crawling into your own bed. Pulling down the covers, sliding into the sheets, trying to find the cool spots with your toes. Fluffing up the pillow and just taking a deep breath, letting it out, and closing your eyes……Nothing else like it.

  243. Every evening, I tuck into bed with my journal and write a few pages…sometimes positive stuff, sometimes BLECH, but necessary as a way to end the day. I then have a contest with myself to see if I can actually read a few pages of my current book before falling asleep!

  244. I usually take a shower with my boyfriend before bed. It’s our way of connecting and sharing stories of our day. A great way to relax before a good night of sleep.

  245. I love my bed. It’s always there for me, pretty and fresh, and as a recently laid off single mamacita of three beauties, it helps me let go no matter how tough, hard, and impossible it all was, and reminds to give thanks for the gift of the day and to be grateful. Rituals matter!

  246. Favorite bedtime ritual…getting everything done on my to-do list so I can stop the monkey mind and sleep well! : )

    Thank you for the opportunity– lovely bedding!

  247. The bed has to be nicely made, the door to the deck is open, I watch the sky, read my favorite blogs, and perhaps sip some ginger tea.

  248. Oh, I LOVE this bedding! After I put my daughter to bed, I have dessert with my husband, catch up on the day with him, take a hot bath, and crawl into bed to read. Delightful!

  249. Favorite Bedtime Ritual….

    Climbing into my 3 year old daughter’s bed for a story. After we read the book, she begins her many attempts at postponing going to bed (my favorite part). She becomes very giddy and wants to give me lots of kisses. She asks over and over…”Would you like a hug…a big hug….a little hug?” She asks for me to sing her lots of songs. Her last ditch attempt is usually asking me what I did during the day. This is pretty funny and cute coming from a 3 year old. I wish I could freeze this time and make it last forever:)

  250. Oh, is this giveaway ever lovely.

    Nighttime: My whole family (all three of us) pile into my toddler’s bed, where we read and read and snuggle until he decides he’d like his “lolo.” He hugs and kisses his Papa, who shuffles off to do the dinner dishes. After my son has his lolo, he rolls over to drift to sleep while I softly talk to him and rub his back.

    Me? I just jump into the shower, then jump into bed. Nowhere near as dreamy. My son is a lucky duck!

  251. My bedtime ritual involves kitties and books. Every night, Jemma kitty follows me around the flat while I turn off lights, put on the chain lock, and then deal with contact lenses, teeth, and face washing. While she follows me she tells me all about her day…and yes, I answer and ask questions. Meanwhile, Scout kitty is settling in on her spot on the bed…no one must disturb this spot for the rest of the night, or they’re in trouble.
    Then, I snuggle in (easing around Scout), put on my rose-scented cuticle oil, and read…aaahhh, the moment when I don’t have meetings, third graders, or chores to think of! I read until my eyes can’t stay open, then smush the pillows into the best possible position and fall right to sleep!

  252. I am a bit of a nerd.

    First, I sing my chi-corgi, Munch, a lullaby. It’s usually My Darling Clementine, but I replace Clementine with Munchie-tine. He sleeps with me at my feet on top of his favorite toy, Jeffrey the giraffe.

    I shut off the lights and play Scrabble vs. the computer on my phone until my eyelids get heavy and I finally feel sleepy enough to get beauty rest.

  253. At the end of a long day, my husband and I crawl into bed where our two dogs are usually waiting. Then for about an hour the four of us just have quiet time. It’s time together, but it’s peaceful and quiet. The humans usually read, sometimes pausing to read a paragraph out loud to the other, and the dogs snuggle and burrow into the covers, happy to have their humans home.

  254. I lie down diagonally on a half empty bed and chat with my husband on the phone for about an hour each week day night. Our careers currently split us between towns during the week, so our conversations make the night’s sleep ahead a little cozier.

  255. I love reading everyone’s rituals! And as someone who rents in the Bay Area in a no-dogs building, sadly, I really really love reading all the posts about your dogs . . . all that comforting pack behavior!

    I put a fresh glass of water on the bedside table, do 20 or so kneeling prostrations (from the Buddhist tradition) as a form of prayer and homage, and a reminder that we are refuge for one another, then I listen to Tara Brach’s most recent podcast on iTunes. Started this ritual as one of my New Year’s resolutions, and it’s become a really settling & grounding way for me to fall asleep.

  256. Most nights end with bath, books and bed with my 3 yr old. Many of those nights also end with me falling asleep on the floor next to his bed. How lovely to magically have him fall asleep on his own, allowing me to crawl into clean, beautiful, matching sheets, followed by a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Oh please, oh please!!

  257. Ooooh…my favorite bedtime ritual is to open the window to feel some fresh night air, and then when it gets a little chilly in the room, snuggle beneath the comforter. The goal is always to get through at least 10 pages of my book, but reality is a paragraph…:)

  258. I get my covers all arranged, and then my dog hops up and spends a few minutes curled up with me, and then she jumps down, and crawls on her belly underneath the bed. She peeks out at my husband who typically is reading in a chair, and then crawls up near where I sleep. This is more here bedtime tradition than mine, but I’d miss it if she failed to follow it.

  259. My fav bedtime ritual is getting the whole family in my bed, (daughter, son ,nursing baby, hubby & myself) and we all fall asleep while hubby reads to us.

  260. my nighttime ritual is to flip through the tivo in my bedroom-though i know i won’t make it through any of the shows, then my favorite part – cozy up to my husband, give him a kiss goodnight and off to dreamland.

  261. i like to listen to music in my bed! eventually i get sleepy :)
    i also *try* to do 8 pushups every night (8 is my fave number).

    thanks for the giveaway!

  262. I lay in bed and snuggle with my pugs. My days are hectic and never stick to a schedule so they don’t normally get to have my undivided attention for long periods of time through out the day. So, It’s a little bit of time at the end of the evening to reconnect with them before I tuck them into their bed at night.

  263. oh i put some vaseline onto my eyelashes to make them grow stronger and longer.. and then settle down into my cosy bed and watch an episode from my series (90210, Gossip Girl, Greys Anatomy).

  264. Having two babies under two-years-old makes for hectic days. But the peace that our bedtime routine brings, is something our whole family cherishes. Rocking my two darling little girls to sleep is by far my favorite bedtime routine and the perfect end to my days.

  265. I love these colors on the bedding!

    My favorite ritual is to read a novel and when I’m about to fall asleep I put it on my night stand and go to bed.

  266. My favorite ritual is a tickle fight with my husband. It releases all of the stress of the day we collapse breathless and fall asleep cuddled up in each others arms.

  267. Oh swoon!! I loveeee her bedding!

    My favorite ritual is to do a few downward dogs and get in my last stretch of the day before getting into bed and reading. This question makes me want to have more rituals for everything!

  268. Hmmm… I’ve gotten in the habit of watching an episode (or two or three) of How I Met Your Mother before I go to bed. It tends to excite more than calm me, but a few cuddles from my boyfriend and I’ll be fast asleep.

  269. Every night I get into bed with our 6 year-old and read to him. While my husband get into bed with our 8 year-old and read WITH her. I have just started reading chapter books to our son and, although it seems trite, there is something wonderful in his eagerness to know “what is going to happen next?”. We sometime talk about what we just read but most often he just wants to go to sleep. We then hold hands under the pillow while he drifts off to slumberland. I often stay and watch him for awhile. There is nothing more relaxing and peaceful than watching your children sleep. I find that’s all I really need to get me ready for my bedtime.

  270. My bedtime ritual is, alas, bittersweet… My husband and I are on opposite schedules; we live in San Francisco, yet he works Asia hours (translation: approximately 4pm-4am PT, Sunday through Thursday). He has a stressful, demanding job and has terrible sleeping problems. So I’ve made it my bedtime ritual to create a comforting bedtime ritual for him, especially since his “bedtime” is when most of the city is waking up!

    I make sure to have a fresh pitcher of iced tea made (decaf of course), some healthy midnight snacks in the fridge, and non-work-related reading material on the kitchen table, accompanied by a little note – anything from a Post-it to a pretty letterpress card (those are actually more of a treat for myself, truth be told!). Every so often, my note houses idle threats about his messy living habits and the impending ramifications, but most of the time they convey encouraging words and a Papermate goodnight kiss.

  271. My most treasured bedtime ritual is crawling into bed at “bedtime” and talking about the remains of the day with my sweet boyfriend. It’s the most relaxed time of the day and it becomes so easy to express myself for some reason when I know I really should be sleeping soundly ;)

  272. i read myself to sleep with a flashlight. reading makes my eyes heavy and the flashlight means i don’t have to keep my husband awake.

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