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Screen shot 2009-09-12 at 2.47.12 PM i hate to even point this out, but have y’all noticed fall seems to be in the air already? not that i don’t love a lovely crisp aired autumn, but i hardly felt i had time to enjoy the warmth of summer.  this week i was searching images that introduced me to fall — from warm pups, to trips to magical paris, to simple road trips around the bay area, here’s a look at the first bursts of leaves changing color, and alas, our tans beginning to fade. as always, to see any of these precious images up close and personal, click here, and then click on the individual images to see the original. thanks, as always to my many inspiring flickr friends.

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  1. Lovely crisp-aired autumn on the bay, is there? Feel free to come and visit me in still-hot-and-humid Houston. We have a lovely guest room we’d be happy to share.

    Better still, house-swap? ;)

    (Thanks for the lovely images!)


  2. well last night there was a wicked thunder and lightening storm, which is rare for these parts. but if i need to make a trip to houston, i’ll let you know! :)

  3. hmmm…up here in rainy Vancouver, we’ve had one of the hottest and most beautiful summers in awhile, after a horrific winter that dumped snow on our city for 2 weeks straight and left us all at a standstill. Now, when it’s usually beginning to rain and feel like Halloween is coming, the sun is shining and I was using my A/C in the car. I’m not complaining, I love this endless summer.

  4. The weather in the UK is quickly turning too. I was sat with a cold beer in the garden on Friday evening when a crisp brown leaf floated down and landed in my drink and by Sunday I felt the need for another jumper.

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