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Growing up, we did not have access to fresh figs — I honestly don’t think I had seen one in real life until we moved out to Portland.  Now I find myself drawn to them.  I think they are so beautiful and one of the more photogenic fruits.  The color, shape and texture is rustically beautiful — especially up against white, in a pretty turquoise bowl or placed on a worn wooden surface —






~jen gotch








~jennifer causey










~annie T-D

I became so inspired while putting this post together and it just so happens that I have a neighbor with a beautiful fig tree — my trigger finger is ready.

xo mrs. french

16 responses to “blissful inspiration”

  1. Lately I’ve been seeing so many gorgeous photos of figs on blogs. But for some reason it’s just one of those things I never got around to trying. I finally did the other day, and now I think I may be hooked.

  2. I thought mangos were my favourite fruit, that was until I tried the most amazing, jewel coloured syrup filled figs from a friends grandmother’s tree. Now I have a baby fig tree in my mother’s yard waiting for it to grow. Beautiful images.

  3. figs are so beautiful, almost ridiculously photogenic. i really like a fig starter one of my favourite little restaurants in berlin serves: a fig or two in the middle of the plate, cross-cut and gently prized open, surrounded by prosciutto and slices of mozarella, drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil and some salt and pepper. delicious!

  4. there’s no denying how beautiful figs are, but they are also the most delicious fruit. While it usually pains me to see that figs are grilled or dried, you HAVE to try the chocolate figs from Fran’s Chocolates (of seattle?). My mom sends them to me for special occasions. They are unreal!

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