living the loft life.
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i am still obsessed with either one), redecorating my existing apartment (oh yes, yet again); or two) – moving. I looked at a loft last week and it was pretty cool with exposed brick and big windows – it just had a couple of deal breakers, one of which was some nasty navy blue carpeting up to the bedroom (ugh), and the other was the location was pretty much exactly beneath the bay bridge. a tad noisy, you know?


but i continue to scour loftlife magazine for tips and treasure loads of inspirational photos of great loft tours. i am at a stand still. i know what i want, i just need to find it and actually rent it. i don’t even need a loft – just a place with charm over near dolores park in noe valley (should anyone have any insider scoop – please do send it my way). in the meantime here’s some inspired loft looks from loftlife magazine.













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  1. Thanks for the inspirational photos! As a loft-dweller I had no idea that I would have such a hard time wrapping my head around this large open space, so I always appreciate photos of well designed lofts.

    I particularly love the second and last photos. I’ve had bookshelves on the mind for a while and have been looking for an economical option. Those industrial shelves in the second photo may just do the trick… now to find one of those fabulous library ladders!

  2. My husband and I are longing for the loft life too…although our search is a little trickier…as we need more space than the usual loft provides to accomodate our family (4 kiddos) along with some art studio space for us as well. So the search continues….the kids are having a blast exploring all of the loft spaces we check out. The exploration alone has been a great bunch of adventures!

  3. I dream of lofts. AND one thing I know from being an Interior Designer as well as being an avid HGTV viewer is sometimes there’s a real treasure under those blue carpets. mmmm Original hard wood floor.

  4. i’m glad you’re all liking these images and finding some inspiration!

    lisa – i know. i asked him about ripping up the carpet, but it was a “no go”. so sad – such potential!

  5. Man, if you want to change things up, get some new furniture! I definitely understand wanting something new but daggum rent prices certainly haven’t gone down if you’ve been in the same place for a couple years.

    But hey, if you set your mind to something amazing, you’ll find it. Best of luck!

  6. These lofts are absolutely gorgeous! I see why you can’t get the loft idea out of your head. I keep getting the itch to move to…… I know I can’t just yet, but that doesn’t stop me from online house hunting and dreaming…….

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