here we go again. oh yes, yet again.
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as i mentioned in some earlier posts, i have had the itch to either move, or rearrange the furniture — yet again. i’m still on the fence on this one. i rearranged everything (and have the bruises to prove it), but am still not sure this is the end of the conundrum. I like it, but not sure i love it. part of my goal was to create a cozier corner for the sofa, near the fireplace since winter is coming, and to provide a view of the bay from where you’re sitting on the sofa.


it’s mostly the desk area — what to do with all my stuff!? i’m planning a huge purge, but here’s the new look as it stands at present. i think i still may want to move over to the sunnier side of town — noe valley, near dolores park. that’s the dream spot (should anyone see something interesting, please let me know). but to satisfy my restless itch for a new look — here you go!




i also moved the dining area over closer to the kitchen (that’s where my office area was before) and i like the mood the view of the city at night creates for dinner parties, and it’s a nice spot for morning coffee and breakfast.



the real problem area — my office stuff – i really want a place with a separate nook to work in, something tucked away so you don’t have to see piles of paperwork, the computer, printer etc. but here it is for now.


and now for the bedroom. i wasn’t happy with the vintage headboard just floating there, and the long ottoman i found just didn’t really work there (it’s that mid-century modern one you see in the living room now). so i moved the bed under the mantel as sort of a headboard, and i like it. the other side of room is still a work in progress, but here’s the bedroom as it stands now.




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  1. It’s impossible to pick a favorite detail, but the bed under the mantel is way up there. And all your portrait friends in the dining room is like a dinner party all the time!

    I love it!

  2. zoe – thanks! i like the mantel as a headboard, too.

    laura – thanks – it’s an ebay find.

    i’m not sure i’m totally in love with all this, but it’s nice to have a change (until next time, or the move!). :)

  3. It looks wonderful, of course! I adore the collections in the dining room. I think it’s my favorite space you’ve shown.
    Rearranging is like cutting your own bangs… it takes a few tries to get it just so. :)

  4. The dining table looks great with the portraits, very sociable.

    I find myself rearranging furniture and moving pictures around all the time. At the moment my home feels very comfortable, that’s the key. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right.

  5. Rearranging is indeed an elixir for something isn’t it! I love rearranging. Although right now I don’t have much to move around. I will change things for the sake of changing them and then go back and change them if they are not just right. Must have something to do with my mini-blind disoder all slats must be pointing with the front side up, and have to be turned just so to let the right amount of light in. Okay. Enough about me.

    What a fabulous light over your dining table. You’ve done a wonderful job with your office space as it is! A separate nook or alcove is nice, though…

    What a refreshing space overall.

  6. I love the chalkboard above your computer — while I hear what you are saying about a place to hide the paperwork, I think that space looks so neat and organized. Gosh, I love all the rooms, especially the dining room.

  7. I LOVE your living/dining/office!!! You get an amazing amount of light in there. That, combined with all of your fabulous furnishings, makes for a great space. LOVE IT!

  8. i think everything is quite lovely and i’m excited to say that my heart skipped a little beat to see my print “Only Chasing Safety” above your desk! I love your blog and your insight Victoria, and I’m all gushy because you loved my work :) Thank you!

  9. i love it all, bu i absolutely adore your bedroom… everything in it is fabulous and the bed below the mantle is perfect.
    of course i was standing on tippy toes trying to peek in at the first bedroom shot… whatever that delicious piece of vintagey yummy fabric loitering at the foot of your bed is doing, i fear it has lost it’s way and should be actually in my bedroom instead :)

    you have now given me the desire to run madly around my shed ‘shifting’ stuff. i knew that would happen the minute i came over here to see what you had been up to…

    so from where i am sitting the ‘rearranging’ was worth the ‘time’ but do you really think it will do the trick… when we get itchy feet, we get itchy feet. i see a move on the horizon, perhaps not now but in the near future.

    blimey victoria, i sound like i have just consulted my magic ball… ummm, me thinks i must away and dig out my vintage headscarf and hooped earrings, perhaps a change of career is in the wind :)

  10. Goodness sakes your space is serene! So I’ve love for you to dish on your beautiful sofa slipcovers…how does that thing stay so white? How is it that I see not one wrinkle? I too have white custom canvas slipcovers on my sofas and mine don’t look nearly as nice as yours. What are they made of? Any tips on keeping white slipcovers pristine?

  11. tif – i’m so glad you like it all. i love your place, so i feel like i got a great seal of approval. that fabric at the end of my bed is a patchwork quilt from urban outfitters.

    maybe i’ll try and shoot some smaller vignettes – some close-ups for y’all.

    michelle – i love these slip covers (they’re actually due for a washing). the sofa is the metro from room & board. and they told me the trick is to wash them and dry them, but put them slightly damp back on the sofa and then they shrink to fit without wrinkles as they dry.

  12. the rugs are a bit like dogs – they shed a lot! ;)

    i only see mad men on itunes so i’ll watch tonight. it’s really just there as a ‘place holder’ – i’d move it aside before lighting a fire!! that could be really dangerous, too!

  13. The leather bench is really beautiful as is your whole place. I’ve admired it for a long while now.

    I like the study desk area but if you are a neat freak like me (oh how I wish I wasn’t!) then the mess (what mess though??) might get to you. Could you perhaps find one of those desks with a roll down lid so that you can hide it all away? Might be hard to fit your computer screen though. Just a thought. It would be a shame to lose the beautiful desk you have there now though so probably a bad idea xx

  14. The wicker chair brought back memories. Newly married, in 1968 we bought two of them. One was exactly the same as yours, the other was a rocking chair version. They cost about $15 each and were used and abused and moved from place to place for 25 years and never fell apart. Unfortunately, I gave them away and have regretted it ever since.So nice to see an old friend.

  15. What a change! Your place looks lovely as usual! The new bench looks great in the living room, and the art work groupings are fabulous!

    For your office area, maybe housing the printer and all the files on the small table/shelf (right side of the desk) together in a bigger low unit (with wheels, so you can roll it under the desk when not using the space) would be visually less busy? Anyway, I’m still amazed at how little you have in your office! :)

  16. leigh – thanks miss wells!

    rachel – happy to bring back some memories!

    and thanks to all of you for the suggestions about my little office area from hell…always a work in progess. stay tuned!!

  17. So So So So SO DARNED pretty. And don’t look at it as a weakness that you love to change things around. We love it all! Lots of people get bored with the same ol’ same ol’ but don’t have the courage, imagination, chutzpah, to act on the urge to change.

  18. Love your apartment. It’s hard to work in small spaces, believe me I know from experience. I live in Pac Heights as well. I love the wall of paints, ivory leather bench and the chalkboard above your desk! Are all of them vintage? Where did you get your rugs?

  19. I too play musical furniture regularly in my house. Mostly because I love where I live and never want to move, but also like to keep the place fresh. I’m in love with you place as well. If I were to make one suggestion, I’d probably take away the chair in front of the fireplace to make it feel more airy. With that, I have no problem taking it off your hands. Ha

  20. Your home is so lovely! i completely understand the need to move things on a regular basis though. I don’t do it nearly as much in my home as I do my studio. Prior to any large project I invariably rearrange my entire studio…

    Oh! I think you have one of my prints above your desk! ‘We are all connected”! Is that it?

    I love the collection of paintings in your dining room!

    It all just looks so relaxing! SO Lovely!

  21. Like it. Love the idea of the sofa/fire/view, and dining table/view/mood.
    Now, when can you make it over to my place (Melbourne, Vic, Aust) to re-arrange my house? I need help!

  22. I love your home! The mantel, the white bench, the dining area, the pillows on your sofa and bed, and the Eames rocking chair (I want one)… Everything looks great!
    Greetings from the other side of the world (Norway).
    PS: If you want to respond, please leave a comment on my blog (not by e-mail).

  23. love the light and your arrangement. but those portraits… now i am itching to start a collection too. but that’s good. it’s always more fun to go to vintage shops and flea markets with a specific purpose :)

  24. I understand the itch for a new space, but of course, we think you’re crazy ;)

    Just a thought about your office space: I recently came across some advice about not cramming desks up against walls. The vibe changes completely if you set it up to look out rather than at a wall (it’s actually a creativity ‘block’). I’m seeing an L-shaped configuration for you, set up at a perpendicular angle to your sliding door (in other words, short end of L lined up with the short end of your office area rug). This would not only allow you to look out into open space and sunlight, but it “defines” an office space as well. More deliberate, less of an afterthought. As for books and mags, I can’t say enough about those invisible floating bookshelves by Umbra that you (yes, you!) got me hooked on in a previous blog entry. It turns books/mags into structural art. A couple of those by the office area would be pretty cool.

  25. thank you so much for all the lovely comments and suggestions!

    roxana – i might just try that out and see how it works!

    sb – i’ll show the bathroom again sometime – I posted about it a year or so ago, i think. and the kitchen is on the blog, too, but oh do i have the most hideous tile ever!! not sure i want to share! :)

  26. gorgeous! i’m looking to buy a new sofa. do you reco that one from room&board? is it really comfy? not sure i’d be able to keep it that clean! love the fluffy rugs too

  27. kelly – i do recommend Room & Board. i had a great experience with them. this one is super comfy (it was called the Modern, but I think they call it the Metro now). it’s made of down, and i just toss the slip covers in the washer and dryer (you put them back on slightly damp so they “shrink to fit” and don’t wrinkle).

  28. Love your blog! Have you thought about buying an antique/vintage cupboard and converting it into an office? Am doing it for my new house. That way my office always at hand but hidden whenever I have visitors – or just don’t feel like working and it fits in perfectly with your look and feel. Get a joiner to change the inside so you have a desk area and shelves above for printers, papers etc.

  29. oooooh you must stay there now! Its LOVELY – fresh, pretty and cozy all in one. =)
    PS: this is my first ever comment on a blog. Keep up the good work. Your fan from England, KA.

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