i’d like you to meet lonny magazine.
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so there’s a new design magazine in town! well not exactly in ‘town’  — more like all over the world wide web! meet lonny magazine – a new online publication brought to you by a lot of talented the folks that previously brought us our beloved but sadly demised domino. but lonny magazine is all online – although you can download it, and even print it (but remember the environment). i’ve brought you a sneak peak at a sampling of some of my favorite pages. so far, i think lonny looks stunning (and very much like domino)! i will always miss the tactile feeling of curling up and reading a magazine, but this the next best thing! full of great design, fashion, DIY and gardening tips and ultra fabulous photography.


lonny’s mission statement, they say, “is to reopen the doors of accessible design. By embracing an online platform we provide inspiration at the click of a finger, directly connecting our readers to their favorite products and resources. Our freedom from page limits means that we can share more content in each issue, delivering an intimate look into the way people really live. At Lonny, we value independent thinking and believe not in following trends but rather in making choices that lead to happiness. We believe that good design and affordable design can coexist and that true inspiration can be found in the teeniest of homes or in the grandest of spaces.” i like it! let me know what you all think of Lonny.












{ *all images courtesy of lonny magazine. ]

29 responses to “i’d like you to meet lonny magazine.”

  1. Just checked it out. I love that you can click on pieces of furniture in the articles and it pops up the website for where to buy it. Even Domino (the magazine) couldn’t do that!

  2. Can we not click and enlarge image for better detail? If you can fix that function on your site, that be the cat’s meow! Please. Meow… :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I can`t wait to check it out! I love(interior)magazines, but since I have a problem throwing them awaythis this is starting to create a problem conserning storage… With this web-magazine this will not be a problem (unless I print it out) :-)
    Greetings from the other side of the Ocean.

  4. Yay! I really miss my domino subscription (and Blueprint, too!), glad to hear some of those talented people are putting this together. Thanks for the heads-up.

  5. belinda, sorry – been working on that problem. but you’re really going to want to check out the whole magazine and see them full screen there! but i am working on it – sorry!

  6. Ugh, I agree that lonny is gorgeous, but the whole time I was reading I desperately wanted to dog ear corners and rip out pages. I did print one out, but it just wasn’t the same. What’s a girl to do?

  7. So anyone know what’s with the mag name?
    I don’t dig it, personally. Reminds me of a hairy Italian man in speedos. Yikes!
    So… anyone know the history there?

  8. Does anyone know how you download the magazine? Oooooh how I wish I could purchase this puppy…I love having a hard copy

  9. diandrea – there’s a menu at the top, and one of the choices is download – click there and it should download, but may take awhile. not sure – i haven’t given it a go yet.

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