nothing like paris in the rain.
by victoria comment


Maybe because it’s raining cats and dogs out there today in San Francisco, I’ve got Paris on the brain. Why is Paris so romantic in the rain, as opposed to say, Fresno? It just is — all snuggled up in a cozy café sipping a warm latte, or sitting fireside on a settee with a warm duvet on your lap, reading a favorite novel. So, let’s take a wee trip to Paris today, shall we?


[ alicia bock’s enchanting paris ]

We can start with a visit to the Paris Hotel Boutique — owner Lynn Goldfinger always has the best finds, including a new line of her Paris Hotel Boutique Collection. Some beautiful decoupage trays which were made exclusively for the Paris Hotel Boutique, like this one (below) using a vintage “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” book cover. Only my favorite book ever. I might need to have that one!

paria[ above & below, beautiful new arrivals from paris hotel boutique. ]



[ vintage-inspired tags, postcards and french flash cards from french henplush effiel tower pillow from ouef; and vintage french medicine tin from tipple and snack. ]


[ Paris apartment style meets industrial chic — 3 tiered shelf reminiscent of le tour d’ eiffel. ]


[ gorgeous vintage letters from timeless treasures. ]


[ Très Bon brand new 2010 calendar celebrating photographer alicia’s bock’s beautiful paris photos. ]


[ pristine vintage linens from euro-linens. ]


[ city of love print from the love shop. ]


[ mignonne décor’s french treasures. ]

19 responses to “nothing like paris in the rain.”

  1. As I was reading your post I just couldn’t help myself from commenting…. Believe me, Paris is NOT so romantic in the rain!! Don’t get me wrong, I loove Paris, I lived there for almost 7 years and consider it a home, but as anywhere else in the world it can get pretty grey and depressing in the rain and it does a lot! I think it may seam romantic to those who haven’t had the pleasure of living there for so long, and well, as they say: the grass is always greener…. and it is!
    Still, always a pleasure to read your blog!

  2. kristy – yep, i would agree. just you, know, trying to make a point. and it was late.;)

    barbara – i guess anyplace really raining gets tiresome, but i’d take paris anyday. rain or no rain.

  3. For years and years, I’ve been obsessed with Italy but suddenly this year, my heart is in France. So this post? I wish I could laminate it and keep it in my pocket. Yep, pretty much.

  4. fun to see this today as a friend and i were just discussing how much we miss paris (even in the rain!). fabulous stuff from paris hotel boutique – that typewriter is a dream!

  5. Victoria,
    Love this post, and thank you so much for including Timeless Treasures.
    I was in Paris a week ago, and there was a huge thunder and lightning storm the last night of our trip. So exciting! And so dramatic! Probably even more so since we so seldom have anything like that in San Francisco.
    And then just this morning I was searching for a live cam of Paris simply to “see” it today. That city has a magical, lingering effect, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for posting this little slice of heaven!

  6. Oh, Victoria, I agree! It’s so magical when it rains. And once the sun comes out everything sparkles!

    And as another Fresnan, I absolutely adore my city and though it’s also pretty when it rains, it’s no Paris!

  7. Rain sounds SO much better with a French accent. Believe me I know!

    Thanks for the delicious visual vacation, V. A nice way to end a difficult day. Le sigh.

    (LOVE Paris Hotel Boutique! Always such drool-worthy treasures!)

  8. Lovely post, Victoria! Also a little ironic – I’ve been living in Paris for a month an a half now. It’s oddly sunny and gorgeous weather this fall (don’t get me wrong, not complaining), and it’s rained maybe all of 4 days.


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