flickr curator: cassia beck.
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i’m quite thrilled to share this current set of curated flickr favorites, as they come from most definitely one of my most admired flickr photographers, cassia beck who hails from a bustling beach town by the sea in Brighton, in the United Kingdom. you can find out more about cassia on her blog, view her own beautiful work on her flickr photostream, and shop for her amazing photographs in either of her two etsy shops — this lovely one here, cassia beck photography, or lola’s room. thanks for sharing cassia!

cassiahere’s what cassia shares about her current set of curated flickr favorites: “My chosen favourites bring me happiness and feelings of nostalgia. I love the simple things such as an empty chair and everyday objects grouped together. I am drawn to those little moments of laughter and fun, they bring a smile to my face and inspire me to do something silly.”

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, please click on each individual link to the original image): 1. elvis robertson – lovely textiles, 2. feaverish, 3. matte stephens, 4. Yvette Inufio, 5. +jeanne, 6. joanac, 7. ilove.color, 8. Charlyn W, 9. *, 10. Guy Batey, 11. girlhula, 12. Gabrielle Kai, 13. Elle Moss, 14. lesretrouvailles, 15. yyellowbird, 16. dragonflyphotog, 17. psychic_heart, 18. the snail and the cyclops, 19. boopsie.daisy, 20. Candy Pop, 21. bella v photography, 22. Maco@Sky Walker, 23. antigraphic, 24. Oℓivia, 25. shannonwilliams84, 26. sandra juto, 27. tapir., 28. Charlyn W, 29. feaverish, 30. sandra juto, 31. Diana Debord, 32. anapanda, 33. fuffer, 34. Oℓivia, 35. François Vassivière §, and 36. Fallen Light.

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