Cut & Paste.
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i love old vintage flash cards. you know the ones teachers used way back when to teach us to read. there’s a booth at the alameda flea market that has loads and i love rummaging through them on every visit. and i love old weathered book pages. so with the two combined, i just love this new artwork from paste.


[ clockwise, from left to right: victorian house, cuffed glove, portrait seven, and low heel. ]

but artist denise Fiedler of san francisco-based ‘paste’ has really taken these flash cards to the next level. creating beautifully unique framed art collages, using pages from old vintage books and often including these vintage flashcards. from fashion to furniture, and animals to architecture, these collage pieces are just fantastic. take a look — i think they’ll really ‘speak’ to you. you can find them in her paste shop on union street in san francisco, here on her website, as well as in fine shops like John Derian, Paper Trail, Nest, Workshop and Upstairs at Pierre La Fond.


[ clockwise, from left to right: eiffel tower, wing chair, converse shoe, poodle, 50’s chair. ]

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