emma had a little lamb.
by victoria comment



meet emma lamb, a textile designer living and working from home in edinburgh, scotland. emma is the brilliant co-creator along with the lovely dottieangel of the flickr photo group granny chic, which dottieangle guest posted about here just a while back.


well, emma also has a beautiful etsy shop, emma lamb, dedicated to all things granny chic, including her gorgeous crochet workemma creates lovely pillows, throws, and pot holders almost too pretty to use, and more like bits of artwork to hang on your chicest granny walls. have a look at emma’s etsy shop for more of her lovely handcrafted work.






10 responses to “emma had a little lamb.”

  1. I love that it’s so Granny Chic yet so awesome at the same time!

    Is it timeless style or back in style?

    Hmmm, I didn’t think it was timeless a few years ago, but I do now!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Emma! Not only does she make beautiful things, but she is so very sweet and a total inspiration, as well. Wonderful post!

  3. hurrah for emma, she truely is a ‘crocheter of the utmost kind’. i am in awe of her ‘granny chic’ crocheting abilities and most delighted to call her ‘my friend’…

    and hurrah for you victoria, thanks again for hightlighting this wonderful trend in the crafting and interior community, i’m half expecting one day to receive a copy of Living Etc with the words ‘granny chic’ on the cover… only time will tell :)

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