dottie angel’s ‘how-to’ holiday garland.
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i guess i’ve got a bit of a girl crush about the many talents of miss dottie angel. i discovered this holiday garland image she created in the sfgirlbybay flickr pool and couldn’t resist following the link to the ‘how-to’ on the dottie angel blog. tif’s got all the step-by-step instructions on how to make one of these beautifully crocheted little ‘gleeful garlands’ for the holiday season. i find myself wondering one) how to crochet?, and two) how can i learn really, really fast so i make one for my mantel for this season? for more beautiful photos and all the how-to info, head over to dottie angel.



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  1. Hi! Googled SFBay and fell upon your site! Will become a reader for sure! LOVE your postings that I’ve read so far…Just returned from your beautiful city…posted some pics on my blog, perhaps you have a moment to check them out?

  2. I’m pregnant and on bed rest (ugh), so I recently attempted knitting to help pass the time and keep me sane. I gave up, though, because it was difficult to learn certain key steps without in-person guidance (I couldn’t find any knitters to do a house-call). THEN… I tried crochet. Wow!!! In no time I was doing single-crochets and double-crochets, and even something called a “granny square” which involves knowing how to read those confusingly abbreviated pattern instructions. If you can get someone to give you a super quick lesson (and I’m sure you can), you’ll be well on your way, and with plenty of time before Christmas. Those squares are small, so I’m positive that you can crank out a lovely garland. Good luck!!!

  3. It’s funny, my last post was about my “girl crush”, a vintage style queen! Came your way when you had Homebug on… now I’m an avid follower, keep up the gorgeous posts :)

  4. thanks elena – i’ll let nicolle know!

    and i bought a little crochet kit at chronicle books today for my craft group this week, so wish me luck!!

    poor dottieangel – i can’t shut up about her!!

  5. well you just added a little bit of glee to my evening, victoria. how lovely to know you liked my bit of crocheted garland ‘goodness’

    i have to tell you that my oldest and bestest friend debbie taught herself to crochet last year by the wonder of YouTube. and now she is a ‘tres fantastic’ crocheter and with far more ability than me and my ‘Mr Hook’.
    so that’s what i recommend for you and i reckon you will have your own little gleeful garland hanging by christmas :)

    Tif x

  6. thanks for allowing me to share tif! i get glee from it too! i can’t wait to start learning! we’ll see if it’s good enough to share! that’s for the you tube tip!

    everyone visit dottie angel for the best inspiration.

  7. DottieAngel sure knows how to make the simple, simply beautiful. I will be making a gleeful garland very, very soon. That’ what is great aboutg her projects — anyone can do them if you know the basics (and that’s about all I know :) Best wishes, Tammy

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