through the view finder with nicolle.
by my illustrious guest blogger comment



konichiwa, it’s nicolle again from sacred lotus photography. are you ready to take a little vacation? i often dream about traveling and photographing beautiful exotic places, bringing with me suitcases full of cameras and film. today we will be traveling to the land of tea houses and temples. welcome to japan! let’s look at it through the viewfinder of one of my favorite cameras, a vintage polaroid sx-70.


the beautiful polaroid photos in this post were taken by photographer rob spicer while he was traveling around on holiday. each shot to me captures the essence of japan. it is such a mysterious magical place!


i have to say when i saw rob’s photo of the tall bamboo I felt like he had taken a snapshot of one of my dreams. the soft focus, light and colors are just amazing! i’m also in love with the shot of the people sitting on the benches drenched in sunlight. the dof (depth of field) in the photo just shows you what an amazing camera the polaroid sx-70 is.




well, it’s time for us to return from our trip. i hope you enjoyed the little squares of magic I shared today. you can find me back here on sfgirlbaybay every tuesday with more instant photography goodness. see you then!


[ thanks to tuesday’s regular guest blogger nicolle from sacred lotus. you can visit nicolle’s shop here. ]

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  1. I traveled to Japan this summer with my sister and it was amazing. My favorite sights weren’t the Kyoto the temples though- it was our stay at a traditional Ryokan inn alongside a riverbed filled with natural Onsen hotsprings- magical! I love these photos- they bring me back!

  2. I took a trip to Japan two summers ago and these photos definitely capture the true beauty of the temples – breath taking…thanks for sharing!

    My personal favorite is of the golden temple! The cloud-filled forest surrounding the area really adds to the experience =)

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