monday’s mosaic mood: black & white & gray all over.
by victoria comment



one of the things i love about flickr, or photography in general, is that a single image can inspire all kinds of interior decor ideas. when i saw this flickr image from reflect / refract (center), it made me feel all wintery and think of beautiful warm rooms decorated in shades of grays, black and white, so i put together a sort of inspiration or mood board, in the form of a mosaic.

i found many of these images from members of the h ♥ m e and sfgirlbybay pools on flickr, as well as my old domino deco files. as i’ve mentioned before, that’s why i feature a lot of photography on the blog — to hopefully jump start your creativity and promote a new way for you to look at the world. any simple image can inspire a whole new look, or color scheme.


this is another mosaic i created inspired by karina’s beautiful black & white image (center). i found some of these photos from anna at door sixteen, who always has a wonderful source of collected black & white decor images in her flickr photostream, as well as kirsten from SimplyGrove, souvenirs du passé récent and  ivy style33, who also have some lovely images added to the h ♥ m e and sfgirlbybay pools. to make your own inspirational mosaic boards, visit big huge labs.

19 responses to “monday’s mosaic mood: black & white & gray all over.”

  1. i love the black & white in these wonderful images. i did a whole series of our collections ranging from white through pink to black on black and it was so much fun and challenging.

  2. These are gorgeous. I just love how dramatic black and white are together. I’d like to do something like this in a room but I’m not sure how. Thank goodness for domino inspiration (I’m missing that mag fiercely).

  3. Victoria,it is such an honour to have inspired yo, It makes me really happy.I lived in black and white home for the last 18 years, I am ready to move to a new home that will have another scheme colour,but the guest bathroom will be black and white,I hope taking pictures when the works were more advanced.
    Thanks so much for this!

  4. Wow what an amazing site. You are so rigt when you say a picture can inspire a thousand designs. You certainly have a knack for choosing excellent photos. I will be adding my photographs as well soon.

    I look forward to collaborating with you in the new future. Here’s to a happy holiday season and great designing to all.

  5. I really love your new mosaic monday feature. The first mosaic is my fav, but only because I find all white or black too stark for my taste; I need a bit of grey. I’m looking forward to next week …thanks for adding some inspriation to my Monday.

  6. Loving these mosaics!!!!! Black and white are the two staple colours of my wardrobe but to have a house in those colours with grey….ooooh I can only dream and drool over images such as these….love them loads! KA

  7. are you kidding? that combination looks so depressing! what are you trying to connect with? graves? funerals? highways? nighttime? arent you aware of all the life around you?? im sure you are, but why wouldnt you connect with it? you are a flower not a shadow… your aura is full of light and color. an aura with black/gray is diseased my dear or filled with negativity. angels dont come dressed in black.

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