guest post: Printable Decorative Candle Wraps from Creature Comforts.
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Hello everyone, it’s ez again from creature comforts!  I’m excited to have the chance to share this fun little free printable/project with you today.  Thanks to Victoria for inviting me to be a part of her lovely blog again! I designed these with the holidays in mind, but you could use them any time.  They add such a festive feeling to your tabletop/home.  PLEASE NOTE: this project was created for use with battery operated “candles” only.  Please do not use actual candles.

[ Download the printable file here. ]

Supplies Needed:

  • Color Printer (for printing the file…although these look great printed in black & white too)
  • Standard Copy Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape (double-sided will work best, but standard scotch tape is fine as well)
  • Battery Operated Tea Light “Candles” (these can be found in home decor/craft stores or online).



  1. Print the free candle wraps out on standard copy paper and cut out along the faint dotted gray lines.  Gather your supplies.
  2. With decorative side up, begin wrapping paper around your tea light.  A small bit of double-sided tape between your paper and the base of your candle may be useful to you.
  3. Once your paper is wrapped snugly around the entire candle, carefully trim off excess paper.  Be sure to leave a 1/2 inch overlap for sealing.  Secure with tape (double-sided will probably look best, but I used regular in my tutorial image).
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with remaining candles/decorative paper.  You can use any leftover paper for place cards (read below for a few more ideas).
  5. Turn your candles on and celebrate!

Bonus tip: Extra pieces of paper can be used for place-cards, or you can print your sheet onto cardstock and create invites, mini note flats and more. Have fun — xox Ez

[ thanks again to guest blogger Ez from Creature Comforts! ]

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