join the 826 pirate society.
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826 valencia is one of my favorite organizations, founded by author dave eggers, 826 is dedicated to teaching children (aka, pirates!) the art of writing skills and getting excited about the literary arts. and, i also love the 826 pirate supply store — think eye patches and spy glasses! this winter, four pirate brands have chosen 826 Valencia to be the exclusive distributor of some incredibly helpful pirate poster guides, all designed by a wonderfully talented crew of graphic artists at san francisco-based eleven inc.


The pirate posters cover everything from how to use stars to get you from place to place, to finding the perfect size for your peg leg, these posters are all part of our yearlong push to help new 826 pirates learn the tricks of the trade and to help seasoned pirates gain some extra seasoning. Hang them in the break room. Learn from them. Be the pirate society was always afraid you’d become. You can pre-order for your pirate now – orders start to ship Dec. 11th.



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  1. these posters are so great! and this isn’t cheesy, lame pirate stuff, it’s super cool pirate stuff. my son loves pirates. hmmm, i might have to get a couple for him. thanks for sharing!

  2. I cannot believe the timeliness of this discovery! My five year old has just told Santa that he wants all things pirate this Christmas. Serendipity. Thank you! You just made a little boy’s Christmas!

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