An evening in San francisco’s Mission district.
by victoria comment


hoteli’m off and running, playing tourist in san francisco! you can follow my first evening out on the town on the sf convention & visitors bureau website. we started with a relaxing afternoon at the hotel adagio, followed by a fun night out at the mission’s block party. we dropped in on the very festive the curiosity shoppe, then a visit to the 826 valencia pirate supply store’s open house and followed up by a delicious dinner at range. read more about our night out here.


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  1. I am from L.A. and I love San Francisco. It feels like a whole different country to me. Everyone is so nice. I love the weather, the cafes and everything about it.

  2. Looking at these lovely photos I certainly feel like living in SF!! Unfortunately Sao Paulo is not so Aesthetic!! ;) Beauty here is present of course, but a little more subtly, since there’s so much grey, dirt, poverty etc. covering it up. But still like all big cities (huge in this case) it has it’s charm too.

  3. Hi Victoria, great posts from my favorite city San Francisco! I must check out some of your shopping tips. By the way, we stayed at the Hotel Adagio at Christmas 2006 and really enjoyed it. I wish I could be there now, rain, cold…whatever. Have a wonderful holiday!

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