for the love of wes.
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i completely love writer-director wes anderson. i just saw his latest film fantastic mr. fox which was excellent, and today listened to a podcast on kcrw’s ‘the treatment’, which you can download and listen to, as well. it was highly entertaining! and then i saw these – beautiful prints from some of my favorite films of his, including the royal tenenbaums, an all-time favorite. i found these dvd cover art designs by the criterion collection via grain edit, which is also high on my awesomeness chart. i just had to share my love of all things wes.



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  1. Yesssss. The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favorite movies, and I have big love for anything Wes Anderson. I wish prints of those posters were for sale, I’d buy every one of them! (And mmm, on the Criterion link is Breathless, which would go great in my black and white bathroom.)

  2. All of the illustrations for Wes Anderson’s movies are done by his brother Eric Chase Anderson. Really amazing work and such a talented family!

  3. Wow, what a great reminder! We watched The Darjeeling Limited lately and I just thought how I love everything Wes. Looking forward to watch his new film (not yet in Australia…… we will have to wait probably a bit longer for this treat)

    {Oh, and… Happy New Year Victoria! }

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