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by my illustrious guest blogger comment


hello from the other side of the pacific! ash of one blue wren here, it’s lovely to see you.

so i can’t help but notice there’s a whole lot of talk about winter going on. snow, cuddly blankets, roaring fires, comfort food and of course, a christmas all in white! snow isn’t something i’ve had the pleasure of experiencing, and christmas down under is definitely not white. here in the tropics (brisbane australia) this time of year is when we get the hottest, face melting of days. our holiday time is spent at the beach, in the back yard pool, eating ice cream, and sitting under a fan to escape the heat.

meet my favorite vintage find, a lovely old fan that keeps us cool in summer, ever so quietly, while looking fabulous!


i love the industrial yet elegant feel of these beauties, and they really did make them to last back then. so I’ve had a dig around on etsy, and found some lovely examples. yes, there are many of you that may not be on the look out for a fan while it’s snowing outside, but they do make a beautiful decorative piece, and you’ll thank yourself when summer rolls around.


clockwise from left to right: 1. funretro, 2. stilettogirl, 3. gtVintage, and 4. stilettogirl.

[ keep in mind that safety wasn’t first priority when these were made. homes with children and pets can save little fingers and fluffy tails by using these as decorative pieces only. ]

Hope winter treats you nice!

[ thanks so much to guest blogger ash from one blue wren. to see more of her beautiful photos, visit her flickr stream, too! ]

7 responses to “guest post: one blue wren – fan love!”

  1. I’m in love with retro fan-design. A teacher of mine pointed out that many fans have the same characteristics as the logo’s of the company that produced them (General electrics has round shapes, etc)

  2. I’ve always loved those types of fans… seeing them pop up more on vintage shops online has really been making me want one! I live in an area that stays pretty warm most of the year (New Orleans), so it would be a stylish yet practical purchase should I decide to get one!

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