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Hello Everyone, Kelly here, from Halcyon Days. I thought I’d share with you our (Y.A. studio) design process for just a small part of a recent project, Eve Lounge‘s light fixtures.


The overall concept of Eve was based on the photographs of Alfred Cheney Johnston and the showgirls of this period. There were many muse’s that we considered but felt these photographs really spoke to us and the client as well. We had put before Leilani and Colin, our clients, quite a few lighting options and began to narrow it down, but with lead times on off the shelf items, pricing, or the cost of hiring a local designer we weren’t able to make it fit within their tight budget. We knew what we wanted it to embody so we began with some research to find all the materials we would need to pull this off ourselves with additional laborious work from Leilani, Colin and friends.



After we gathered the materials, black fabric drums, gold chain and accoutrement, and feathers galore we created a prototype, so that we could instruct others how to put the light fixtures together. Materiality was informed by the feathers, lace, and jewels ACJ used to wrap the beauties in before he photographed them, a rich language to pillage. Uncle Karl gave us some tips and inspiration as well. After a series of orchestrated workshops we had 5 large original fixtures to install. Success!



A huge Thank-you to Victoria for inviting me to share all of this with you! She is such an inspiration, no? Obviously others think so too.

[ photos by kelly waters; top image via Lucas Fladzinski. ]

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  1. Amazing! I love that these were crafted from basics from the hardware/craft shop, but have the look of high-luxe. So so great. A fantastic interpretation of the theme too.

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