spoon fed.
by victoria comment



i love this story. a daughter has a very handy dad that makes beautiful wooden spoons. she loves his spoons, and convinces him to share them with the world, with people who appreciate handcrafted, treasured, and very special works of art. thus, a little online shop of all things wood is born: herriott grace. lovely, simple and utterly gorgeous wooden things like spoons, rolling pins, cake pedestals and bowls from a small family business based in canada. that’s herriott grace. sweet, huh?





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  1. I used to have a roommate years ago that had a huge collection of handmade wooden spoons from a SC artist…this post makes me wish I had some of these in my house today! Nothing like that feel of hand carved wood, soft and oiled and well loved. This is a great story, and I’m glad her dad’s work is getting the exposure it deserves!

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