good reads: judging a book by its cover.
by victoria comment



okay, so i’ve got a mean blog-slash-girl crush on door sixteen. anna dorfman just oozes style, and really, really good taste. i knew she was a graphic designer, but, i did not really realize that she designs beautiful book covers.


i’m a sucker for a great book jacket, and when i saw these, i just had to share. oh anna, not only can you track down the best of the best white floors, you are a girl of a bazillion other talents! for more of anna’s eye candy, visit her blog door sixteen.





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  1. She is talented, aye? I regularly stalk her blog and flickr stream for inspiration. Her attention to detail (and her reno results) really motivate me to be a better DIY homeowner :)

  2. This is amazing! As someone who has been known to choose a book by its cover, I’m so in awe of Anna and her many talents! Can’t wait to check out her blog. Thanks for sharing, Victoria.

  3. Beautiful covers, especially the one for White Blood!

    When I worked at a bookstore, someone told me about a strange phenomenon: books with covers that show a woman’s neck and shoulders from behind seem to sell pretty well, even if it’s an obscure book, and even the story has NOTHING to do with a woman… tricky! Trust me, once you hear that, you’ll notice those covers all the time.

  4. These images alone make me want to rush out and buy all the books. My bookcase is creaking already, and I have only looked up the details of two books so far on Amazon! Beautiful work by Anna.

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