never too much turquoise.
by victoria comment



via vintage printable

i saw this fantastic and inspiring image (above) at vintage printable (which i found via design for mankind – thank you, erin!) and then i couldn’t help but notice all the turquoise that kept popping up in the sfgirlbybay flickr pool. so, i thought it might be a fun color study to seek out some more, and share a little bit of design inspiration in the form of that very ‘poppie’ color turquoise blue! thanks very much everyone, for including these inspiring images in the group!


love this antique chair with these modern-looking lockers from foundnowhome.


office & accessories from …jutta… & a cute vintage clock from junkculture.


hints of turquoise pop in this room from dottie angel.


cute votives from abbytrysagain.


turquoise accessories, clockwise from left: madeline bea, ATLITW, jackie rueda and spot color print from sfgirlbybay.


just a single splash from ATLITW.


i love yellow & turquoise together. clockwise from left: dottie angel, cori kindred, dottie angel’s unexpected use for clogs, and the perfect candles from reflect / refract.


a bold sitting room from jaboopee.

3920458108_5b04614270_b copy

amazing map from ethanollie.


styling with turquoise, clockwise from left: via gathering spriggs, MellieMell, simply hue, and luzia pimpinella ♥ {nic}.


an adorable bedroom & paint-by-numbers from candi mandi (above & below).


32 responses to “never too much turquoise.”

  1. this is just pure turquoise eye candy!! it has cheered my day… i can’t seem to get enough of it at the moment. last week i painted my laundry room out white, save for the sink unit which got a nice bright coat of turquoise. just waiting for the sun to come out so i may capture it’s glory on film :)

    have a good weekend my friend
    Tif x

  2. Oh I never tire of turquoise. Love it, love it. That first photo with the chair and lockers is simply gorgeous. I’m kicking myself for selling that exact same chair in the final days of my shop for $35! Ahk!

  3. I couldn’t pick a single favorite if I tried. It’s that turquoise. Gets me every time. I’d paint my walls and the stairway and the sky that color if I could, not to overdo it or anything.

  4. I absolutely love turquoise! Every house my husband and I have moved into gets a fresh coating of turquoise paint asap. Love your blog by the way. You always find such beautiful pictures!

  5. I never tire of turquoise, I love all shades of blue-green! When I have my own place, there will definitely be lots of turquoise in it! Want to paint my walls that shade of turquoise in the third photo!


  6. I LOVE turquoise!
    My mother thought I was nuts when I painted my kitchen cabinets a deep dark turquoise to show off all my vintage fiestaware! Love it, love it, love it!

  7. […] how to fire and polish polymer clay, but I found a wonderful tutorial on making faux turquoise. …never too much turquoise. | sfgirlbybayand then i couldn't help but notice all the turquoise that kept popping up in the sfgirlbybay flickr […]

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