good reads: dumbo feather.
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dumbo feather is a design mook. now, there’s a sentence i never thought i’d put together. a ‘mook’ is what it sounds like — half magazine, half book. In each quarterly issue of dumbo feather, five remarkable individuals tell you their stories in their own words about what inspires their passions — whether it be poetry, photography, fashion, reading or even baking. it looks quite inspiring to me! Here’s a peek inside the pages of some past issues of dumbo feather, except they tell us their mook looks far more dashing ‘in the flesh’. you can see more about Australian-based dumbo feather and learn about subscribing on their website.










[*discovered via pia jane bijkerk, who appears in the latest issue, no 22.]

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  1. Wow, that mook looks fantastic!! I’d *love* to take a peek…but the link doesn’t work. :( Also…I’m giggling a bit at the word “mook” because it’s a Korean word for a side dish that we have that is made up of acorn. It’s basically an acorn jelly dish!

  2. Oh! I’m pretty sure I saw this last month at my Barnes & Noble. Wasn’t quite sure of just what it was, but it was pretty…hope I can go back and find it again.

  3. We love this mook! We have almost every issue..such an inspiring and interesting read. Great for the person who doesn’t have time to read a book and wants a bit more then a regular magazine… the word “mook”

  4. […] them is their creativity, passion and integrity, and somewhere they found the courage to fly. …good reads: dumbo feather. | sfgirlbybaydumbo feather is a design mook. now, there's a sentence i never thought i'd put together. a mook' is […]

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