unexpected guests: Kootut murut.
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today on unexpected guests we’re popping over to Oulu, in beautiful nothern Finland. we’re visiting Jutta of the blog Kootut murut. Jutta is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, but her blog, Kootut murut follows her home renovation project. jutta and her husband (and two very lovely dogs) are renovating and decorating a 1950’s wooden house they purchased just over a year ago, with traditional methods and thrifty finds. their home is warm and colorful (i shared jutta’s home in my turquoise round-up a few weeks ago), eclectic, and very creatively styled. so, let’s get to it, shall we?



What are some of your favorite local shops?
My favorites are mostly thrift stores. I’ve made a lot of great finds at SPR Kontti which is a charity shop for Finnish Red Cross and Real Kirppis. They both have some wonderful pieces of vintage furniture. And one of my favorite shops is Pioni Living. It’s packed with all kinds of beautiful things, flowers and home decor, plus the owner is so friendly it’s always nice to visit.



What’s on your wish list?
Eames Hang it All has been on my wish list for a looong long time, but my husband doesn’t get it. He says we don’t have a place for it (he might be right on that one). And a pink Tapiovaara Mademoiselle chair would be lovely.


What’s your favorite bargain find or product?
One of my favorite finds is the phone table in the entryway. I found it at a thrift store and was going to paint it white. But when we got the turquoise bird wallpapers up it went so perfectly with them that I left it as it was. Other than that my favorite pieces are hand-me-downs from relatives. I love my grandma’s old desk and furniture made by my husband’s great grand uncle. Maybe it’s the sentimental value, and of course they are beautiful :)


What is your biggest interior design nightmare?
If everything in our home was made of MDF and chipboard. I love wood because it’s so natural and ages so beautifully.


Who is your favorite artist? And why?
At the moment I’d say Catalina Estrada. I love how colorful and detailed her work is.



Where do you find inspiration?
Internet, blogs (I read a LOT of them), magazines, books. My dogs, I seem to always draw characters that bear a resemblance to our dogs, even when I’m not drawing dogs. Our house is a great source of inspiration for decorating and renovating ideas. It’s built in 1956 and we are the second owners so everything is pretty well preserved. We’ve peeled off layers of wallpapers and flooring and peeked what’s underneath. It’s so interesting seeing 50 years of history in our own home.



Do you collect anything?
I don’t try to collect anything specifically, but find myself having these little collections like vintage alarm clocks, vintage trays, old educational charts, tins and jars.


What’s your favorite feature in your home?
This is a hard one. Right now maybe the kitchen, even though we’re not finished renovating it. I was so unhappy with it before, because it was all white and beige in a very 1990’s style. We can’t make a proper kitchen remodel just yet, so my husband removed some of the upper cabinet doors to make open shelves and I painted the shelves pink and the cabinet doors pink and turquoise with a little cloud theme. It’s a much happier place now.



Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Chocolate. I eat chocolate every day. And blogs. I spend way too much time surfing the internet and especially blogs.


What is your idea of living hell?
Life without my husband and family, working in a non-creative 9 to 5 job without any creative outlet… Sounds awful!



What are some of your favorites websites/blogs to visit?
There are too many. I think I follow almost a hundred blogs. sfgirlbybay (of course!), Bliss , decor8, Fine Little Day and DosFamily . Just to name a few. There are so many wonderful blogs I read.



Some of my favorite Finnish blogs are Nestled In and Varpunen. Parolan asema has great DIY ideas and they also use traditional methods in their home renovation. Vihreä talo is written only in Finnish, but has the most beautiful photographs so it’s worth checking whether or not you understand a word of it.


20 responses to “unexpected guests: Kootut murut.”

  1. Gorgeous interior shots, and I love the Q&A! I, too, adore wood, especially with lots of chips and scrapes.

    Thanks for always bringing us beautiful people and places. I love coming here. xoxo Gigi

  2. I fought against the Eames hang it all for years but luckily my husband bought one anyway. No more hats, coats, scarves or purses tossed on chairs anymore and that is a huge improvement. Loved the post!

  3. I love your unexpected guests and this one is so beautiful. It’s so cool to get a peak inside their homes and learn more about them. And her home is so lovely and soothing…love the blue color throughout.

    I just had to say I love your blog – it brightens my day :)

  4. Very lovely. I have seen these photos before but I cannot remember where. I just remember the pink cabinets. It was fun to see them and her interview.

  5. such a lovely post. i unofficially collect amber glass objects…. i just love it. right now i am searching for random amber plates for my kitchen wall. if i ever gather enough for a display, i will send you the link.

    oh i just love the images on this post! thanks for sharing.


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