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i think we still have a few more weekends with a chill in the air, before spring has finally sprung. so, what better way to curl up and get cozy, but with some crafty projects around the house? i’ve got stacks of plans for crafts and diy projects, and was looking for some inspiration to dig in and get going, so i did a little search through the sfgirlbybay flickr pool, and here and there around the web. i found loads of inspiration and i hope these images and ideas spark something in you, too.


dottie angel.

there are some wonderfully helpful sites and blogs out there with excellent tutorials and diy ideas, like the purl bee, readymade, grace at design*sponge’s diy wednesdays, and ez’s blog, creature comforts, with free, downloadable diy PDF’s. what are you working on? any great DIY ideas you’d like to share with us? share your links!


creature comforts.


quaint handmade.




emma lamb.



magpie’s fancy.






renée anne // artist illustrator.


Demoiselle Libellule.




dottie angel.



32 responses to “get crafty.”

  1. Love that steamer trunk turned into a bar! Fantastic idea. I saw a few trunks at the thrift store last week and they are not expensive. I think it’d be pretty easy to install a few shelves…or maybe ask my carpenter friend to do it.

  2. I’m not too crafty. Probably lack of time. But I have to make some Valentine’s cards this weekend and some of these images just gave me great ideas!! Really love that last one. Sigh…organization…

  3. I’m going to start making little button wreaths in spring colors! I second Molly’s suggestion of One Pretty Thing! It’s completely a crafter’s index to the web.

  4. I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet. My mom taught me once but I guess it didn’t stick! These photos make me feel inspired to try again…if I can find time, that seems to always be my excuse :)

  5. i’m over the moon to see our pencils in this gorgeous set and once i come down i’d love to make some granny squares a la dottie angel. thank you and enjoy your weekend!

  6. my boys and man are up a mountain tonight camping in the snow, thought i’d pop by and see what’s new with you.
    must have been reading my mind. my evening ahead, is a thrift store dash with my eldest, quick bite to eat and then returning back to the shed to watch this week’s project runway with yarn in hand :)
    just looking at these lovely pictures makes me want to break out the yarn now and forget the thrifting and food! me not wishing to thrift!!! blimey you’re so good at inspiring me every time i stop by. happy crafting my dearest Victoria…

  7. i’m so glad you all like this post, and the links. it was fun, and inspiring to work on.

    cindy – i love your beautiful pencils! :)

    tif – too bad we’re not together, sharing some nice tea, and crafting together. thanks for adding such lovely images to the pool. you are a constant source of inspiration!

  8. What an inspiring post! I definitely like everything you mentioned and the photos are beautiful, of course! I have been accumulating craft stuff for a long time now, but I have so many ideas and projects I want to try from other lovely blogs with tutorials that I never know where to begin! The winter is definitely the best time to hibernate in your home and do them though so I should do something before spring calls me outside… :]

    Take care and I always look forward to your posts!

  9. I’ve been working so hard to finish already started projects before I start new ones! This post is not helping one bit. Somehow you always seem to choose the right combo of colors and images to send each reader into a craft-a-coma. :) -Ashley

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