inspiration comes in many forms.
by victoria comment




i love seeing other creative people’s inspiration boards almost as much as i love creating ones of my own. there’s no better way to capture your vision, whether is be interior design, fashion, photography, or graphics than putting images that resonate with you together as a collection.

i keep design journals, too and love looking back to see my changing tastes over time. even what you stick up on your fridge can spark some ideas inside you. gathering colors, shapes and images that inspire you and keeping them within your eye-line can really help motivate your creativity. here’s a glimpse of some currently inspiring me.


miss vu.


smile and wave.


cori kindred.


Mireia Pérez.


doni’s delis.




aunty cookie.


all over print.






lobster and swan.




dottie angel.

29 responses to “inspiration comes in many forms.”

  1. I just created my own inspiration gallery, so I can appreciate how personal, enlightened and meaningful they really are. Lovely pics, love vee’s simple installation.

  2. It is certainly interesting to see how other creative people organize their inspirations and ideas. I have always kept mine in scrapbooks and constantly add to and edit them as my tastes evolve. Ideally a bulletin board would be nice once I get a studio.

  3. i love these! i have a little inspiration board of my own but never thought to share it with others. perhaps i’ll have to do so. :)
    btw, i am very much adoring your blog, you are wonderful inspiration!

  4. I love looking at other people’s inspiration boards. They’re all so different and beautiful. I have one in my room but I haven’t fully taken advantage of it yet. That will change. Oh, yes it will.

  5. thank you! glad y’all like them – i got so inspired gathering these!!

    can’t wait to see your valentine’s board, rachel!

    and i love that image, vee!

  6. I have a wall of cork which I am always changing. I keep on adding tiles to my wall and am about to start a new wall in my office- I take photos of them but think they are too intimate to share. It actually makes me uncomfortable when others spend any degree of time looking at my wall- as if they will know too much. Of course my husband, children and mother are the exceptions!

  7. These are so very beautiful. I’m inspired to dash home and attach my magazines with a pair of scissors. I have a huge leather-bound journal and a special box that I like to keep my pretty things.

  8. I LOVE inspiration boards. I’ve been creating them since high school (though at that point it was usually on the inside of my locker ;-) My fave mag was domino before they stop publishing and they were great at posting these with stories on featured designers. this is a great post!

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