get organized with amy butler – giveaway!
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amy butler is at it again – making our lives beautiful, and this time with her desktop tabletop collection. and to get us organized this year (it’s never too late!) she’s giving one sfgirlbybay reader a great set of organizing tools. the giveaway includes four items from the ‘Garden Collection’ of Amy’s Tabletop Collection for Mara Mi: a desktop organizer, three file folders, a padfolio, and an organizer. you can find all of these in Amy’s web store or at retailers throughout the states.


to enter for a chance to win, please comment below, sharing your favorite organizational tip by friday, february 5th, and we’ll select a lucky winner by tuesday next week, february 9th. please remember to include a link, or way to contact you. thanks for entering, and thanks so much to amy butler for the great giveaway!




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  1. Organizational tip: I recently attended a Calligraphy workshop and wanted to hang my creations at home, but my bulletin board was full so I hung my masterpieces on my window-draped fabric with binder clips.

  2. Beautiful! I would love to win :)
    My fave tip is to stay on top of junk mail by tossing it, and then getting your name off of lists. It prevents clutter and it’s better for the environment.

  3. These are beautiful! and heaven knows I’m forever in need of organizational help! My favorite organizational tool ……prettied up photo boxes..they hold anything and everything!

  4. I love amy butler! What a great giveaway!

    I like to collect small containers like Altoid tins.. I use them for push pins, straight pins, buttons… little things that need a home.

  5. I love these new products!

    Here is my organizational tip: If you don’t feel like you have enough shelf space, buy those very affordable hanging fabric shelves from Ikea and hang them in a closet for more space!

  6. My tip is simply a little at a time.

    I usually get so caught up in having to have everything exactly perfect. If I don’t have time it piles up into this disaster until I have time to make it perfect again.

    I’m trying to spend a little time every day, so I can break this cycle.

    Fingers crossed! :)

  7. Wonderful giveaway! My favorite tip: I store my buttons in Mason jars. I organize them according to color and have little key tags attached to the rim to identify the color-not that I need to, but it looks cute:) Have a great day!

  8. I upcycle glass jars, making them pretty with ribbon, washi tapes, etc. and label each with their intended contents {scissors, pencils, crayons, chalk…}.

  9. Yes please! It was so fun to read everyone’s organizing comments so far too. Mine is: hooks on walls. Jewelry, coats, bags, hats…when I get things off the floor of our small home I feel much less crazy.

  10. organizational tip: i hung a white board calendar on my wall and use it every day to write down places to be and things to do. on the side is a note section where i keep my grocery list as things run out so when grocery shopping time comes around again i don’t have to waste hours looking for “what i need.”

  11. I’ve realized that my home office will never be perfect. I use lists and charts to help organize my business and life, but I have come to realize that I like to be a little messy when I’m creating.

  12. “Touch it once!” Once you pick up an item, deal with it immediately. Do not move to another pile to sort later. Works wonders for me.

    I love Amy Butler. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I have found that fun, colorful folders and bright, exciting post-it notes make organization cheerful!! Have these beautiful, fun, eye-candy items on my desk and shelves make me want to keep it all organized and neat so it looks great!!

    Organization Tip: I take books of sample paper that I receive (I’m a designer) and turn them into fun notebooks for notes and doodles. They’re easy to pull apart, trim and stitch together with a simple book binding tip.

    I have a unique tool that is both DIY and recycled!

  14. wow what an amazing giveaway! my organizational tip: keeping random glass jars. i clean them up and use them for anything from lipstick to bobbi pens! helps clear up the clutter and gives my dresser a little extra pretty :)

  15. Oh, this is soooo beautiful!!! I would love to win me some Amy Butler goodness :o)

    One of my Organisation tips; I like simple, not expensive things, like for instance, I collect all kind of cardboard boxes to put things in like shoeboxes ans ather packaging boxes, and to make them look nice, I cover them with woodgrain contact paper, then I can have them anywhere in the house with this and that inside ;)

    Here is a covered shoebox:

  16. Wow, her stuff is absolutely lovely!

    My top organizational to do is, well, to do lists! I can’t live without them otherwise I wouldn’t get a thing done. I prefer them on paper so I can have the satisfaction of crossing out a task once it’s done!

  17. I love Amy Butler!! So cute!!!

    My tip… repurposing old jars to hold my sewing notions. All of my buttons, ribbons and threads look so pretty in the collection of clear jars.


  18. I love this stuff and hope to win. Beautiful!

    My favorite organization tip is to have lots of little bins, boxes, trays, etc. That way you can toss things into them when you don’t have a whole lot of time and the illusion of organization is maintained! Then you can really sit and organize them when you are able.

  19. Love, love, love this! My #1 tip to stay organized is, label, label, label. #2 do it as beautifully as you can so that staying organized is satisfying both aesthetically and practically.

  20. YAY!
    my tip is (this is soooo lame) but i write my name and number on all of games and include a pad of paper and pencils… that way i never have to worry about not having everything i need to play clue! (or whatever game)

  21. loved this the minute i saw it! beautiful!

    i love the little bowls from anthro and keep them stashed in every drawer in my bathroom to keep all my little nick-nacks organized!

  22. I love Amy Butler!

    My favorite tip, especially for somebody that is organization-challenged, is to invest in pretty bins and baskets. Then you can just plop related items in them and not have to worry about how they went in. They can be a quick fix to an unreasonable mess!

  23. I like to organize things in white clean boxes with labels on the front… also around the house I love to organize things such as books in rainbow color order. People really tend to notice when things are organized according to color. And for me it makes things easier to find.

  24. I love basket and jars, just being able to see what you have on hand saves money and time. This way you know right away what you have in your stash of supplies and know whether you really need to take a trip or get right into crafting!

  25. I always have TONS of ideas for creative projects and would love to start them all at once and have the beautiful results NOW!
    As I have my studies and household and my beloved boyfriend and friends and as the day unfortunately only has 24 hours (you get the point), I just can’t do it all.

    So I started to make two creative lists:
    1) my creative to-do-list: It includes all the projects I already somehow started or promised to somebody to start asap.
    2) my creative want-to-do-list: It includes all those wonderful projects I want to do but just can’t find the time to do for now.

    These lists help me to keep an overview on my projects and to finish them :-)

  26. What a great contest! My favorite organizational tip is to use flatware drawer organizers and a picture frame (without the glass) to organize your jewelry. I hung little hooks in the picture frame for earrings and rings and put cabinets knobs in the flatware organizer to hang necklaces and bracelets, then hung the whole business on the wall of my closet. I wear all sorts of different jewelry now because I can see it all!

  27. My fav organizing tip is for filing your paperwork – use colors for specific types of folders – income = green, bills = red, personal = blue, business = yellow

    These Amy Butler file folders would really pretty up those primary color hanging folders! She has such lovely patterns!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    catherine s.

  28. I love Amy Butler’s patterns SO much…that stuff is absolutely gorgeous. I hope I win! :-)

    My favorite organizational tip is to use a big lazy susan in deep corner cabinets. It’s so easy for canned goods to get ALL the way in the back where you can’t reach them if you are maximizing your cabinet space, and the lazy susan allows you to use all that room but still be able to reach things easily. Plus I find it helps me keep things in better order, and it’s just fun to spin!

  29. One of my favorite ways to organize is to arrange my bookshelves by color rather than subject or author- being a visual person, it’s much easier to find a certain color of book spine than remember an author. Plus, it makes my shelves rather gorgeous!


    My organizing tip is that I use a program called YOJIMBO where I can organize everything digitally. I keep all my digital scrapbooking files, and patterns that I have, even receipt of things that I purchased.

    It’s really easy to search with key words or go straight to my folders.

    One of the better digital organizers

  31. Just beautiful. I am obsessed with pretty office supplies.

    My organizational tip would be to color coordinate things and label everything clearly. My files are all color coordinated and marked clearly. One color for work stuff, another for personal stuff, another for wedding stuff… etc. Then if I find a file out of place, I know immediately where it goes by what color it is.

  32. Beautiful stuff, I love Amy Butler!

    I keep little cute bowls around for catch-all of jewelry and coins. And I use ball jars to organize food so I can see what I have and it’s better than plastic (which dries things out, among other things).

  33. These are so gorgeous. Thanks for the opportunity to own them!

    My main organization strategy is to make sure everything has a place. All papers, crafts, etc. have a home (preferably a pretty one). I also try to make sure I go through things like bills and magazines pretty quickly and be ruthless about what gets kept.

  34. oh how I love amy butler and her fabulous patterns!

    my tip for organization is to use file folders. don’t let paper stack up and clutter your life. amy’s folders would be perfect for this!

  35. My favorite organizing trick is the five-minute rule: if it takes less than five minutes, do it right away rather than putting it off. It helps me keep everything neat and organized because I put things away in a timely manner rather than let a big pile accumulate.

  36. My favorite piece of organizational furniture is the cubed shelving from Ikea…it perfectly fits stacks of fabric, books, and magazine holders. This one piece makes my entire studio look organized…which is no small feat!

  37. It may sound silly but I send myself emails as reminders. So even if I think of something that needs to be done when I’m away from my desk a quick email will remind me later. Then I use my inbox as a to do list and only file the email when I’ve finished whatever needs to be done.

  38. I love pretty office supplies! My desk area at work would be a veritable garden! I have beautiful vintage advertisements and scrap book pages on my bulletin boards, and Amy’s accessories are just the thing to get my filing tools to match the rest of my environment!

  39. Ah I love it all!
    My favorite organizing tip is the label maker. Seriously, it is a genius invention. But really just labeling things is enough! I like to store everything in their own shelves, drawers, boxes, etc. Organization is key to a happy and de-stressed life.

  40. who knew organizing could be so pretty!!

    best organizing tip: a purse-size agenda book…something {simple and chic} that gives you plenty of space for all of life’s twists and turns

  41. what a lovely giveaway!
    tip: to keep track of which shoe is in which shoebox, take a picture of each shoe and tack it to the outside of it’s corresponding shoebox. it’s a quick fix for all that fumbling of trying to find a certain shoe!

  42. I use accordion files for everything. No matter how tech-savvy people get, I still have tons of paper to keep on top of. But I do use the calendar on my Blackberry for every little reminder possible.

  43. This is kind of boring but the moment I open my mail, I either place important mail in my “in” basket on my desk or dump it if it’s junk in the recyling bin straight away. I find this way my desk is always organized and not cluttered with papers. Can’t say this for my boyfriend’s desk…yikes!

  44. My favorite tip is doing a little bit at a time. I usually go overboard with trying to organize and then I get sick of the project right in the middle of it.

  45. My favorite organizational tip is LABELS!! Labels, labels, and more labels. It makes finding things and remembering where things go/are and organizing things super easy! (And fun!!)

    Huge fan of Ms. Butler!

  46. I open the mail while standing next to the trash can. Pitch everything possible, and keep only what needs attending or filing. I have 2 small baskets, one for attending and one for filing, and in they go.

  47. Her things are so lovely! Thanking her for the giveaway… my favorite organizational tip: Deal with your mail every day – toss, file, or take other action.

  48. Beautiful, i adore Amy’s work.

    Organizational tip: Instead of recycling your small glass jars from jam, olives, ect., use them to keep your sewing draw in order for holding buttons, zips, clasps, and so forth.

  49. fabulous!
    my organizational tip: fancy clipboards! I have three nails on the wall, with three differently colored clipboards hanging from them. This way I keep my to-do lists for different aspects of my work separate, yet in the same place. I can add to the lists, pull lists off, and clip items to the board at my leisure. For somewhat of a perfectionist, its truly an organizational dream!

  50. I read an article once (can’t remember who wrote it) that said you should only touch an item once. When you pick it up, or after you’re done using it, it has to be put back in its righful place. I’ve been trying to get my husband to follow that rule forever!

  51. hmmm my fav. organisational item I have at home is the basket at the bottom of the stairs for all the shoes that I find laying around the house from my children grrrr !!! Loving Amy.

  52. My favorite organizational tip is to beg someone with proper organizational skills and knowledge to please, for the love of god, to help me ONCE AND FOR ALL make 2010 the year I become an organized person. In my beautiful new apartment.

  53. My tip is to regularly do clean-ups at any chance of a spare time. That way the load of work to be done is smaller and the workdesks are constantly staying tidy.

  54. I keep either my iphone or journal near by to keep organized because I’m a list kind girl. By having a list – it keeps my mind focused instead of running over the mental list over and over again.

  55. My favorite organizational tip is to carry about my favorite gel pen and pretty notebook to log all the ideas I get on how to organize. And that I will eventually get around to – someday! Love Amy Butler…

  56. My two favourite organizational tips are:

    Using those hanging cubbies for shoes as a weekly outfit planner for my son. Each cubbie has a full outfit sorted and as the week goes by, you just go down one cubbie and there’s the next one!

    The second is just a simple fabric bucket in my car. It holds all of my sons books and toys that are “ride friendly”. He’s never without something in case we need to sit in a bank drive through, it’s a long ride, etc.

  57. I love Amy Butler! To help organize my shoe closet I roll up old magazines and put them in my boots so they stand tall and straight. It’s not only a great organizational tool but it’s environmentally friendly too!

  58. Oh my! If I had a tip, I’d share it.
    Since having my child, I have become very disorganised in my office.
    This is why I would love to win!
    Absolutely gorgeous!

  59. Organization tip: to organize the do dads for scrapbooking or card making I put them in baseball card plastic sheet. Then put all the sheets in a binder and your supplies are neat and easily visible.

  60. i have a slight, okay major, addiction to design magazines. and while keeping magazines organized isn’t exactly difficult, finding the space for them in a small city apartment is.

    to solve the problem i have a handful of three-ring binders with clear plastic sheet holders inside. i tear out all the inspiring pages from my magazines and keep them neatly organized in their respective folders. i sometimes even print out things i find online & store them there as well. it’s a great way to keep all your inspiration in one organized place.

  61. I would love to win! Favorite organizational tip: once a month I go through all of my cabinets/closets and donate/recycle anything I don’t need. Sometimes I find things I forget I had, and end up using it!

  62. I’m a newbie to your wonderful blog, and I am in love with what I see. My organizational tip is to become good friends with your label maker! Things are made much simpler when your life is organized with labels. :)

  63. I am also new to your wonderful blog! What beautiful creations Amy has. My tip is shred, shred, shred. Use your shredder to destroy important information you don’t want anyone else getting their hands on, then recycle the bits of paper. Not only are you cleaning out those tax returns from 1975, but you’re doing something good for the environment too :)

  64. I buy those cheap photo storage boxes in white and use them alongside my Stockholm boxes from Container Store (not cheap). They are fantastic for holding small paper goods, fabric scraps, tapes, etc.!

  65. hello !

    I *love* amy butler, and i love being organized.

    my tip : when feeling overwhelmed, set your kitchen timer for 15 minutes and clean/toss old things/organize one drawer for that small amount of time. You’d be amazed how much you can do in 15 minutes !


    I live in France but I have friends in the US who can receive the giveaway for me if sending it to France is a problem. I *so* wanna win!

  66. so, so gorgeous! amy butler’s work is beyond inspiring and lovely. mason jars are my favorite to use for organizing pencils, pens, letter openers, anything around the desk.

  67. How lovely! The main thing that keeps me organized is staying on top of it all by building a couple small steps in to your routine, such as shredding/tossing all junk mail as it comes in and having a clear place to put the things you need to keep.

  68. My favorite organizing tip is to make sure everything (from coats to paper files to the remote controls) has a proper “home,” and then do a daily quick sweep of my desk and of my apartment to make sure everything ends up in its proper place at the end of the day.

  69. Here’s my best organization tip- save the little ziploc bags that extra buttons come in to store your jewelry. You’ll be able to see your jewelry easily and the air-tight seal helps prevent tarnish.

  70. I have become more disciplined about putting things back in their place right after I use it. It helps me find it again next time I need it. This is really helpful for things like tools and tape measures which I do not use that often.

    Great giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  71. Writing everything on the blackboard wall I painted in the kitchen keeps me slightly more organized – rub away the tasks as they are completed! Or just spend time doodling if bored!!!

  72. international w/family in the US

    Zip-Loc bags w/the white label printed on them. You can finally corral outgrown baby clothes by type and size and pack them off for the next child. You can organize all the random leftover Ikea pieces you have. You can group all the appropriate travel sizes you pick up various places…the list is endless! love Zip-Locs!

  73. My organization tip? I love to use small-medium-large fish bowl shaped glass containers (usually old flower vases) in my bathroom for things like cotton balls or small containers of makeup or lotions.

  74. What beautiful giveaway and perfect to welcome in the spring season… :]

    My organizational tip is color coordination. I collect a various amount of things, random objects and I never know how to arrange it or where to put them. Having them grouped into colors or tones, takes away the clutter aspect and they become instant decor items. I also organize my books on my shelves by color because I can’t help myself… :]

    Oh, and just always have small containers, boxes, or jars around. There always plenty at thrift stores. They are perfect to store any small knick knacks, buttons, etc and they look nice on the window sill especially if they are made of glass..

  75. -paperwork/bills- I have an 2 tierd antique tray. I ptouched a lablel, In + Out on each tier and this is how i know what paperwork is “pending”, and Out, ready to file in my personal file cabinet.

    -bought a “Paid” stamp at office supply store and stamp on bills with check #/date paid so I can easily look back on bills to verify payment if it ever comes back questionable.

  76. I feel like organization should be a small part of everyday–it’s as simple as opening your mail, filing it or recycling it as soon as you come home. That way, you don’t find yourself in a huge mess!

  77. I love pretty office/desk things. My tip is to digitize as much as possible. Photos, scans, anything that can be filed digitally with a meaningful name, is easier to find.

  78. Love this! My organizational tool is using vintage toast holders as letter/bill/to do holders on my desk top. This way it is right in front of me, not stacked up, and I can put the important stuff right in the front.

  79. my tip: don’t delay, put away!

    It’s great to have cute containers and folders, but if you don’t put something in its place right away, it probably won’t get there at all! For instance, I always put pictures in the albums when I get them. it’s easier to do it at the time than to have a huge stack to deal with later!

  80. When I get the urge to organize (it does happen every now and then) I instantly want to drive on over to IKEA to stock up on cheap stuff to help me. Then I remind myself… isn’t that the problem?! I have too much stuff already! My organizational binges focus mostly on how to reuse stuff I already own in a better, more efficient way. I use old canning jars in the bathroom to organize my makeup brushes and various medicine cabinet supplies. Coffee canisters do wonders for storing dry goods in the kitchen and also as impromptu vases. Instead of adding to the pile of old t-shirts and sheets, I cut them to size, hem the edges, and voila! New rags for cleaning and dusting. What do you already have that can be put into use in its second, organizational life?!

  81. Cute! What a great giveaway. The only way I keep organized is by having a little hand held planner I carry in my purse. I get made fun of for it – in the age of iPhones and all that, but I love my little planner!

  82. My way of keeping up with chaos at home is to put a Tibetan hand sculpture on top of the pile of “deal with this today” things, a pair of doll eyeballs on the “look at this right away” pile, and the bye-bye pile goes into a little trash can with Chinese girls with parasols on it to indicate “go to the other side of the world with you!”.

  83. I often work on my my organization tool in this area are little ‘hello’ notes which I stick to the edge of the laptop. They are in pretty colours and shapes and have the ideal size :)

  84. oooo…i love amy butler.

    this time of year we eat tons of clementines. from the grocery store,they come in these great stackable wood boxes. i save the boxes and use them in my pantry to store things like spices, cup cake sprinkles, napkins, etc.

  85. i keep my grocery list and target list on my iphone, so that even at random moments when i think of something to put on them, i add it asap!

  86. i’m obsessed with organization, this stuff is fabulous and beautiful. My tip is this: get a planner!! write everything down in it, including TO DO LISTS! then check it compulsively :) my planner contains my life in it, it’s definitely what got me through school and what’s getting me through life.

  87. this is what i learnd latly from a very well orgenized women: wake up in the morning, put the kids at school, come home and befor siting and doing any thing alls, first go through the rooms in the house, just set the beds and put thing in the right place. go to the kitchen do the dishes and then put a few pots on the stove with a good and simple to make meal. and thats it! in 1 hour you are free for the day. the food is ready for kidslaterwhen they come home and now its time to work and craft!

  88. Awesome giveaway! Here’s my organizational tip: use sturdy cardboard to divide drawers (namely sock drawers) into sections – instead of spending moola at The Container Store or elsewhere (where dividers can run you at least $10 per drawer).

  89. Wow, what beautiful things!
    My organizational tip is to use a vertical file stand on your desk to hold files for projects you’re currently working on. Keep files for old projects in a filing cabinet.

  90. I keep separate folders for recipes, one for cookies, desserts, entrees, side dishes. When I’m at a loss of what to bring to a dinner party, I flip through the appropriate folder.

    I love Amy!

  91. What a great giveaway! I love Amy Butler, and could really use some stuff to keep me organized… haha. I don’t really have a tip, I’m SO unorganized… but I’m going to check out all of the comments to find out some new tricks. Thanks!

  92. I use pop up tent like cubes to organize the different yarns I have (knitting).
    I use a basket in the guest room for hair products and accessories.

  93. Lovely things^^ Will definitely visit her website more often:)

    Oi, tip for organizing..I’m such a messy person:P I recently added a programme called *Thoughts* on my laptop, which basically lets you create different *books* with your to do lists, that you then can link to adresses (“people I need to email”) or websites etc:) Comes in handy a lot of times:)

    Furthermore for *actual* organizing, I try to organize my chaos as often as possible:) For things like clothes, I’ve heard the following is a good idea: if you’re really not sure whether you want to throw something away, give it like..half a year time and hang it in a particular way. If it still is in that way after 6 months..throw it away:)

    Lovely blog, it’s in my RSS feed^^

  94. I love organization and these products are beautiful! My latest organization tip is buying food items in the bulk section at Whole Foods to cut down on paper & plastic waste. I then store everything in quart sized vintage ball jars.

  95. Love Amy’s work. I use a lazy susan in my refrigerator to hold condiments and I have a double decker lazy susan in my bathroom cabinet to hold all my lotions and potions. No more digging in the back of the cabinet.

  96. Those are lovely. Pretty organisational tools always help! My best organising tips are to leave a shredder, recycling bin and mail sorter (I have manila folders in a step file) near the front door, and also to “Do It Now” – the longer you procrastinate, the more stuff you’ll have to organise.

  97. Great giveaway! My organizing tips:
    -Lists: I write them in my iphone and in my old-school day planner
    -Stay on top of your mess: Everything has a place. Rather than pile things (like clothes, ehem husband) on the floor or chairs, put it away, it takes 2 minutes :)
    -P Touch Labeler: I label everything (boxes, repurposed jars, etc). That way I know where everything goes.

  98. I spend every New Years Day tackling those once a year cleaning tasks. It’s a tradition for me. I start the slow cooker in the morning so I don’t have to think about dinner. Then I clean out the files in the office. I get rid of old bills, statements etc that I no longer need and file important papers like taxes and such away for safe keeping. Then I purge my closet of stuff I’ve been meaning to get rid of. Then I pull out all my shoes, get rid of the ones I no longer wear, set aside the ones that need to be fixed, and then clean and polish the rest. It’s like spring cleaning in the winter.

  99. My tip: throw anything that looks important in a big, unlabeled box. Never open. JUST KIDDING… or maybe what I’m trying to say is that I really need this. :D Here’s my real tip: sort cards and letters into handsome, exotic-looking cigar boxes.

  100. Hi,
    What a fabulous giveaway. Favorite organizational tip is to not have any spaces where we allow stuff to pile up, unattended. That means periodically cleaning & going through every space in the house, even the basement (actually, especially the basement). I find the process of going through drawers, cupboards, closets to be immensely gratifying and freeing.

  101. I have always liked the advice to only touch something once in order to stay organized and efficient. In other words put things in their place, don’t put them to the side and come back several times when you can’t figure out where its place is. Make it a place if it doesn’t have one..such as a filing cabinet, or the trash!

  102. Ohhhhh!! I LOVE Amy Butler! I try to go through junk mail and recycle what I can. I also tear out/print out recipes that I like and put them in binders to make my own cookbooks.

  103. amy butler is amazingly talented! I am a sucker for all things organization, not because I’m necessarily organized, but because I want to be!
    I love using old jello molds to organize and contain all of my office essentials–paper clips, business cards, flash drives, etc

  104. Love these!! Organizing tip: I bought some cheapy plastic shoe organizers (the type that hang with plastic openings) and stored all of my son’s Legos in it — it easy for him to see the Legos and they aren’t scattered everywhere anymore :). Cheers! RAH

  105. Favorite organizing tip: Become good friends with fellow crafters and make them monthly “goody bags”. My artist friends love getting free supplies, fabric scraps and miscellaneous whatnots and I love looking like a hero! What I see as trash they see as creativity in the making!

  106. Yay, Amy Butler!

    My favorite organizational technique is a “tickle file” – an accordion file with numbered tabs in the front and additional tabs with the months of the year in the back. When you have something that needs following up on, stick it in behind the tab that corresponds with the date you need to work on it (e.g., bills, class assignments). Check it every day, and see only what you need to get to, so that you don’t get overwhelmed! It’s a “tickle file” because it tickles your memory to get to work on whatever you need…

  107. Great giveaway!
    I have a hard time purging my closet so I’ve learned to put anything I’m still attached to but don’t wear anymore in a clear storage bin. I tuck that storage bin away in another room and when I revisit it a couple months later, I have a much easier time getting rid of it. Out of sight, out of mind!

  108. Great giveaway! Here’s my tip…not sure how many have kids..but, my daughter is attached to every single piece of paper she writes on or draws at school..does not want to throw anything I went to walmart & found these white scrapbook paper boxes..I bought 13{prek-12} you never know they may get discontinued & they didn’t break btw- were $5 each. So, now she can stuff as much paper as she wants in it & mommy doesn’t have to be the bad guy! :)

  109. i really wish i was more organized… and i think these would definitely be a step in the right direction!
    tip: lazy susans make great use of space and aren’t just for spices!

  110. for xmas a friend just gave me a fabulous old frame she found and spray painted gold, put chicken wire in the middle and I hang all my earrings up. I love that I can see them all up at once and I actually remember to wear them!

  111. Despite all of the electronic gadgets (and I do love my iPhone to pieces), I still need a paper datebook to keep everything straight. I underline appointments in yellow, stuff involving my kid’s school in orange, etc. It may sound nerdy, but it’s s system that has worked for me for nearly 20 years.

  112. my favorite way to organize my makeup tools (brushes, tweezers, liners, etc) is to put them in pretty votive holders on my counter top in the bathroom. not only are they right there for my use, they look cute as well.

  113. Love Amy Butler’s work!
    My favorite tip to stay organized:
    Keep a Journal for to-do lists! Check them out as you get them done. Make a list everyday (with dates) and keep on top of things! Mark the Higher Priority objects with a star and do them first throughout the day.
    This has worked magic for me and will continue for years to come!

  114. Aside from making lists and lists, my favorite organizational tip is hooks! I have several in my closet for scarves, belts, large beaded necklaces. Helps when you can see what you own!

  115. Wow, such cute stuff!!
    For me, I feel the most organized when I put my stuff back from where I took it. Because then I can always depend on it being there and I won’t have to think about where I lost it. So I always return things back to where they were (even if it’s in a really obscure spot!)
    Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  116. Amy Butler is a constant inspiration! My favorite organizational tip is not to pile things up in front of what you have spent time beautifully organizing. You can’t reach things, you can’t see things, and you end up knocking everything over making a bigger mess. (ok, yeah- I have this issue!) xx

  117. I’m known as the queen of organizing at work… I usually spent the last 15 minutes of my day putting things into several piles in a sorter on my desk. The top is things to look at the next day, the middle is long-term projects, and the bottom is important information to have on hand.
    If everything has a place it is supposed to be, making sure it gets there is a lot easier!

  118. Tip: Try to keep all of your stacks of stuff as neat as possible and in the same place at all times so you know where everything is! This is why I need organization help :o)

  119. For me, it is all about labels and cute storage boxes/baskets/bins/jars. I also love to use old suitcases around the house. They are a great design element, and can hide oh so much!

  120. i write to-do lists on postit notes and place them ontop of things that need completed at work. That way I remember every smaller thing that needs done in one document and it’s right there when i need it!

  121. The best organizational tool I have is to keep all my notes in one place. I have a tendency to collect blank journals which makes it hard for me to remember what purpose each one serves. Rather than separating my work tasks and personal to do lists, I’ve started to compile them in the same notebook. Makes for an easier and organized day!

  122. i keep categorized and designed binders full of the awesome inspirational finds from magazines. when i feel uninspired, i know where to look (after all my daily blogs of course)!

  123. It’s not much of an organizational tip, but I swear my job is run by post-its. Anytime I need to remember something, I write it on a post-it and stick it on my computer.

  124. I am definitely a list person who stores my magazine clipping in cardboard mailing envelopes by room, holiday, seasons, etc. The envelopes are housed in cardboard Ikea boxes that I decoupaged with my black and white doodles.

  125. pick me! my favorite organizational tip is lists, lists, lists. i can’t function without them! also, having a catch-all by the door for mail, keys, paper, etc. is a must.

  126. Organizational tip :: I like to collect vintage looking glass mason jars to house all of my little collections – buttons, ribbon, etc. They look cool and keep things organized.

  127. Who doesn’t love Amy Butler?

    My organizational tip is to live in a space with just enough room for you/your family. With about 1300 sq ft, my husband and I, two small kids, a dog and cat, there’s just not enough room to let things get disorganized. (I’m sure that to city-dwellers this sounds like tons of space…I know, I know).

  128. My tip: Store out-of-season cloths in luggage. My suitcases are already taking up lots of space, and they might as well be storing my swimsuits and sundresses when it’s February in Michigan.

  129. it is important to keep all you computer files organized. Set up the folders in advance so when you save something you have a place to drop it instead just saving thing and figure you will organize it later…you won’t

  130. Love your blog AND Amy Butler!
    My latest organizing project has been old office file boxes. I love them in olive greens and grays then use bright patterned tags (like Amy Butlers prints) to label them.

  131. I adore Amy Butlers’s work. My organizational tip is to create a system that works for you and stay on top of it. An organizational system will never work if you start letting things pile up. That’s when I start to feel overwhelmed and the system goes right out the window!

  132. The thing that keeps me organized is getting rid of junk as fast as it comes in. I don’t keep mail, (and do as many bills and catalog shopping online as possible.) We keep a goodwill pile that goes out monthly. I find when you aren’t storing the unwanted stuff, it’s easier to find the stuff you DO want!

  133. So darling! My organizational savior is my label maker. Yep, I’m that girl. I store all kinds of odds and ends in IKEA boxes and slap uniform labels on them all. Same with file folders (alpha, of course)!

  134. *fingers crossed!*

    My best organizing advice to is always keep two bins/boxes for TO DO and TO FILE.

    Bills, magazines I haven’t gotten time to read yet, letters to respond to, etc. all go in the TO DO. You always know where to look for things when you know they need to get done, or if you want something new to look at..

    Anything I already looked at and want to keep: recipes, magazine tears, bank statements, etc. all go in TO FILE. Sometimes you don’t get to sorting the box for awhile, but at least it’s all in one tidy place in the meantime

    Everything else goes in the trash. :-) Easy!

  135. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, so lovely! My fingers are crossed! I try to repurpose everything from diaper wipes cases, baby food jars and photo boxes to hide and also organize some of the clutter of living in a small space. It’s a fun way to use your creativity and also be kinder to the environment.

  136. I LOVE the file folders! My fav organizational tip is using felt swatches to organize my sewing pin: just cut a small square, stick the needles in, and you’re good to go. No missing needles!

  137. I love Amy Butler, and I love anything that helps me stay organized! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

    My best organizational tip is a bit old school – I have a small notebook that goes everywhere with me and all of my lists, ideas, inspirations, etc are written in it. This way I never forget where I wrote down that phone number, grocery list, brilliant idea, etc. I try to stock up on pretty journals, too, that make me happy to look at and write in!

  138. I have become diligent in putting all my torn inspiration pages from magazines in a binder that is organized by category (i.e. sewing, packaging, entertaining, etc…) so that when I am ready for a project or needing some inspiration I know exactly where to look. And it isn’t an overflowing pile of papers on my desk!

  139. Love love love amy butler goodies! my organizing tip: use a cheap ikea pan lid holder, hang it on the wall and use as a file folder holder!

  140. TIP: As soon as something arrives: DEAL WITH IT! File it, throw it away, enter it into your accounts, whatever, just don’t let it lie around waiting as if it is going to file itself! If I could only get myself to actually do this I would be able to see my desk!!

  141. After I try recipes from magazines and decide they are keepers, I mount them on scrapbooking paper, put them in plastic sleeves in a 3 ring binder!

  142. My absolute best organizing trick is to NEVER put anything on the floor when you walk in. Before you do anything, put everything that is in your hands away in its proper spott and you’ll never feel overwhelmed.

  143. Great giveaway! I heart lists and pretty notebooks. In order to stay organized, I keep all my notes|lists in one notebook to keep track of life + life ideas.

  144. hmmm..organizational tip: keep on top of hot spots (areas that tend to get cluttered up quickly) daily or weekly. Also, make creative use of the space you’ve got. I have extra kitchen cupboards that were empty – but now hold notebooks, photo albums and a box of photos.

  145. adorable! the one organizational tip i can’t live without is sorting my closet by color and within each color group, by type (long sleeve, short sleeve, sweaters, shirts, etc.) is that too anal?! :)

  146. Such an adorable website – I’m so glad I ran across it this evening.

    Organizational Tip: Have a place for everything and label it. If something doesn’t have a place, recycle it or donate it – it’s just cluttering up your closet space!

    Also, I’ve found that the task bar on my google calendar is a miracle worker! Oh how I love checking off boxes to clear things out.

  147. For office kind of work, I always keep an empty, not-too-large box by my desk-currently, it’s a lovely one covered in orange paper, from the container store. When I don’t have time to put everything that has to be stored/filed, etc. away, I put it all in the box and put on the cover. I might do this for 3 days before I can get to putting these items where they belong, but this way I control the clutter and keep things out of site. For my mixed-media artwork, I do the same thing, but with a larger box as I use vintage toy parts, findings, and ephemera in my pieces. No matter who wins, I love Amy Butler style.

  148. Ooh, this is perfect –I love Amy Butler, and just cleaned my desk after 7 months of clutter. I’m not one to hand out tips, but I can say that making my desk nice & tidy has inspired me to try and keep it so. That, and many pretty boxes close at hand.

  149. just this last weekend, i put up a shelf above my sewing desk, and screwed mason jar lids to the underside to hold my jars of buttons, sewing pins etc. it has helped immensely!!

  150. Here’s my tip: I etched numbers into my glassware set (No. 1, No. 2, etc.) so everyone knows which cup is theirs, so we run the dishwasher a lot less often.

  151. I love amy butler! One of my favorite organizing tips – my corkboard. Instead of piling up important lists, notes, bills etc. on my desk, I pin them up to my corkboard so they are always front and center. It makes it way harder to “forget” to do something!

  152. Amy Butler is so great! How can you not whistle while you work when you have such pretty colors and patterns cheering you on?!

    My organizational tip is this: My guy and I have super busy schedules between school, work, and commuting. Since the kitchen is a place where we always spend time, we make lists and notes for each other right on the surface of the white fridge in colorful dry-erase markers. It comes off just like on a normal dry-erase board, is in plain sight, and adds a little color to our kitchen. And, nothing puts a smile on my face like seeing “kiss my lovely wife” in his handwriting on our to-do list :)

  153. Organizational Tip: for fabrics, sort by color and pattern type. For example, RED: replications; Asian; modern; solid; and dress fabrics. This helps me when I’m working on a project and need complimentary fabrics–I know exactly where I need to go!

  154. Organizational Tip: When making a garment or quilt I collect items in labeled plastic bags. As I cut out pattern pieces, I place analogous pieces together in one clearly labeled bag. This way I can see what is inside, and can read what is inside. To that end, when I walk away from a project for a day; week; or month I can figure out where I left off!

  155. In lieu of Amy actually coming over to help organize my office, I’d sure love to win some of these gorgeous goodies! : )

    My favorite tip: I keep a few containers throughout the house filled with pens, pencils, a highliter pen, a nail file, a barrette or ponytail holder, Burt’s Bees lip balm, a few Ricolas, and a pad of Post-Its in each. My favorite handy things are always nearby.

  156. I make a drop at Salvation Army once a month. No matter how often I go, I can always find something to take. Yay for less clutter!

  157. Beautiful! My favorite organising tip is using vintage bottles and vases for the bits and pieces cluttering my desk, like pens and the like. Neat and pretty!

  158. Try and find beauty in all you. Make each area of your life reflect who you are…whether it is your office, desk or home. Once you master this you will find that organisation becomes part of it…to keep your space beautiful!

  159. I love making lists and using different little notebooks for the varying tasks. One for blog post list, one for work, one for personal itineraries, etc. I feel elated every time I crossed some lines when done.

  160. Oh so lovely! but frankly my dear, I must be the worst when it comes to getting organized. It’s a constant and on going struggle being orderly.

    My best organizational tip would be: to paint one wall w/ chalk board paint. When you write your “To Do” -thingies on your wall with BOLD letters you simply can not miss them!

  161. i used blackboard paint to paint the top of our dining room table.

    it can be used creatively in a variety of ways to organize yourself:
    a) to do list written on that I look at as I eat/work at the table
    b) drawing on place settings ect when I host some of my wonderful friends
    c) a big enough page for brainstorming new ideas
    d) keeping the kids busy drawing and doodling while I am busy in the kitchen

    i love amy butler! you inspire me creatively :)

  162. Those things look gorgeous! I could do with some organising help. I have started buying cheap, brightly coloured plastic bowls and tubs from Vietnam in stores in Chinatown here to corral my art supplies. Pretty, cheap and useful!

  163. I keep a simple daily journal. At the end of each day, I sit down and write down what I did that day. It is not only nice to know when you did something when you’ve forgotten, but it is fun to look back on as well. It helps me keep my past organized!

  164. Organizing tip: make sure everything has a place—jar, tin, drawer, bin—it doesn’t always have to be in its place, but it has to have one!!

    p.s. pick me! :)

  165. Just lovely this set. Well Amy Buttler is one of the best in her line of work.

    My tip: Organize your email. Create topic folders ( to store the info you receive the best so you can actually have acess to it quicly) and organize it my order of interest using numbers, so you will have it by your order not the one the computer wants.


    00. Work
    01. sweetheart
    02. family
    03. blog related

    and you can create sub folders like.

    04.important stuff

    hope you enjoy my tip ;)

    And keep it clean, always delete stuff you KNOW you will not use again

  166. Lovely giveaway!!!

    My tip: Make use of hanging files which will make it easier to flip through paper. This will help to prevent building a paper pile in the first place!
    Hope you like it!

  167. I first read that as ‘the butler giveaway’ and was a bit confused. Clearly I don’t deserve to win anything…or maybe I should because my organising usually involves sorting out everything at once. Next step is to become either overwhelmed or bored, and then shove it all in boxes (or corners) only to go through the entire process again 3 weeks down the track.

    Like others I enjoy making lists to feel organised. I just end up spending quite a bit of time carrying over uncompleted tasks onto new lists. Next step is to become either overwhelmed…get the picture?


  168. Oh, I would be so much more organised with such lovely things to organise with!

    I put everything that has no place of its own in a pile and try to go through it every now and then. I usually hate every moment of sorting through it.

    But I when it comes to TO DO lists, I keep everything in my head. I amaze myself with the amount of stuff I can remember. And the stuff I forget isn’t that important. A great way to do less of the stuff I don’t care to do.

  169. Oooh! Love this! My tip is to clean out your purse and wallet a the end of each weekend. Somehow at least one thing from each weeks worth of activity ends up either in my wallet or purse. It’s nice to start Monday with a clean bag!

  170. I like to have a place for everything to go, but not necessarily tons of storage. if I can recycle it I do, if its something i might want to do or need the info, then i’ll scan it and keep it on the computer where its not absorbing precious house space.

  171. Paper Organizing Tip: Hang flat basket-trays on a wall as shelf containers. Wonderful to sort papers (cardstock, copy paper, etc). Better than hard trays becz not sharp cornered, and the basket weave leaves natural opening for hooks.

    LOVE Amy Butler’s collections and am working on a garden design right now that looked SO similar to the one in her notebook!
    Thank you for the generous offering!

  172. How beautiful! What a wonderful way to stay organized!

    My favorite thing to stay organized is lists! There are lists all over my house and all over my desk at work! they really keep me on track!

  173. hooray!
    my tip is to only keep a few real-world inspirational clippings at a time, pinned to a string or on a magnetic board. when you find something new, scan the old photos if you want to save them, and toss them out. no more magazine pages piling up on my desk!

  174. Ok, here is my organization tip from a reasonably disorganized person(maybe I need Amy Butler’s help!): Keep a small, cute notepad in your purse to put your to-do lists on — this way they are all in one place and you can easily look back to see what you missed from last week.

  175. Organizational tip: I keep photos and clippings that inspire me neat and tidy (and in eyesight) by hanging them on the wall along a piece of wire with little magnets. :)

  176. My most successful attempt at organisation is buying a cheap second hand office filing cabinet, spray painted it and popped it in a corner of the kitchen….it holds paperwork, ugly books, office supplies, recipes…well, my whole life is in there really! : )

  177. What I really love about this line is that having it out in public would enhance my efforts to organize. Thank you, Amy and I have my fingers crossed!

    Short of a lobotomy, the only thing that will help me organize is a label maker. I try to label every box and storage drawer, and any other objects that store my treasures. It isn’t done, nor will it ever be, but , at least some of my precious items are easy to find!

  178. My favorite tip is to address and stamp a few little cards and paperclip them into your day planner. That way, when I get a spare five minutes, it is no big deal to send friends cards and notes.

  179. great giveaway!

    One of my favorite tips is to clear your closet out seasonally. I used to think that since I could fit almost all of my clothes (winter-spring-summer-fall) in my closet and dresser that there was no need to do this. What I’ve found though is that it makes it much easier to locate a piece of clothing I want to wear, spur of the moment, and it also makes packing for vacations/trips easier. (Because all seasonal clothes can be found together.)

  180. The best advice i have gotten is to pick one method of organizing your files and stick to it. If you are scanning and using a program then always do that. if you are clipping papers in folders then stick with it. the probems come when you start one method, and finish with another. then you don’t know what you’ve put where.

  181. My organizational tip I read on a fortune cookie once (it’s not really a fortune but it’s great advice! haha!)…

    “Little by little one goes a long way.”

    Organizing a room or a house can be overwhleming but if you take it one step at a time and don’t try to tackle it all at once, then you’ll get a TON more done.

  182. I get our mail from the mailbox and walk directly to our recycling/paper shredding area and sort through it. Depending on the mail, I recycle it or put it through the shredder, leaving the “real” mail to be read or browsed through on the kitchen counter.

  183. So beautiful! I`d love to win!!
    I`m starting a business and it`d be both helpful and pretty :)

    I work with recycled fabric scraps and MY TIP is: sort by color shades, straighten the fabric, fold it nicely and place them in transparent ziplock. Then I put all my ziplocks in a big fabric box :) hope it helps somebody

  184. Other than Amy’s gorgeous desktop collection to inspire one to keep organized, I’d have to say my favorite tip is the one minute rule. If a task takes less than one minute to complete, just do it. It really keeps those little jobs and odds and ends from piling up.

  185. To be functional, I devote a small space for items that will be put in their spaces. In other words, I have a little in-box that I give myself a certain amount of days to let lie before I go through and sort what’s in there.

  186. Ah, if only I had a set of Amy Butler’s organizing tools, then I could design the english garden of my dreams. Or at least dream of an english garden.

    How I (try) to keep organized is by keeping a basket on the stairs. Anything that needs to go up or down goes in the basket and is easy to grab on the next trip! Now can someone tell me how to keep everything from gathering on my kitchen island???

  187. I stay organized with to do lists. I live by those things. I write everything on them even if I know I won’t forget to do it, it just seems more official and solid if it’s written down. If it’s not written down on my list, I either forget it or justify myself not doing it. When I write it down, for some reason I HAVE to do it. I have a day planner and every day I make a list in it. There’s nothing more satisfying then crossing something off the list.

  188. No matter how disorganized our humble abode gets, one thing stays intact and helps us avoid the mad “paper pile tower search.” We use a tickler file-a simple accordion file numbered 1-31 in which we place anything we made need that corresponds with something on our family calendar. We put an * by the “event” on our calendar and everyone knows this means that any invites, travel itinerary, bday cards, etc. that go with that our filed under that date. Works like a charm.

  189. I love Amy Butler! Organizational tip- I have one “basket” where all of my to do things go (Mail, bills, birthday cards, etc). If it is an e-bill, I jot down a note “pay cc e-bill,” and throw it in the basket. Every Sunday, with my soothing tea, I sit down and tackle my to-do list!

  190. I’m becoming more organized as I get older, which is awesome. Now if I could get my husband to do the same… Anyway, I have to treat things as they come through the door. Mail sorted/trashed as soon as it comes in, new items have their home right away, other items are decluttered as I have time (but always in short time increments so I’m not overwhelmed by the task). Even my junk drawer is starting to look a little less intimidating, haha. Great giveaway, and beautiful blog!

  191. My favorite organization tip is when I see something in a magazine that I like or am inspired by, I tear out the page and put it in a binder right away. That way I don’t forget!

  192. i like to take just 10 minutes at the end of the day to pick up…that way it doesn’t get overwhelming. 10 minutes to put the mail away, fold that days laundry, tidy the living, put dishes away, do a quick vacuum- then at the start of the next day, everything is clean and ready for whatever the day may hold.

  193. Those are lovely!

    My organization tip is for the computer. I take and save LOTS of photos. I have a flash drive with folders within folders on it: the ‘plants’ folder is subdivided into ‘roses’, ‘lilacs’, ‘trees’; the ‘crafts’ section is likewise subdivided into ‘paper’, ‘clay’, etc. This keeps the photos easily accessable and the hard drive clean.

    Contact: dark_phoenix at

  194. wow what absolutely gorgeous things, who knew organisation could be so pretty?!

    I would never profess to being highly organised, but one thing that does work for me and looks great, is having my fabric covered invitation board above my desk. I put up images that inspire me, concert tickets (so I don’t forget to take them with me!) post cards of up coming exhibitions and events; its constantly changing but I always strive to make it look pretty and inspiring – works for me :)

  195. Beautiful! I love Amy Butler’s work.
    My organizational tip is to go through your closet at LEAST once a year and get rid of things you haven’t been wearing. Give your old clothes to friends or donate them to charity. You’ll feel good about it, and you’ll have more closet space.

  196. There are so many great organizational tips that I’ve heard from other people that I love to follow (touch it once, do a little bit every day, make sure everything has a place) but the one that I think is most important is to learn to love organizing. Think of it as downtime for yourself, a way to clear your space and mind, a chance to look through old things … it’s fun and it should be a pleasure not a chore! A positive attitude makes organizing easy!

  197. What a pretty way to make a girl feel perfectly organized! For me a clean kitchen is the first step to feeling that everything is in order, even if it’s not! It clears my mind so I can move onto the next thing.

  198. I heart this more than I’ve ever hearted anything!

    I stay organized by sorting books by color and magazines by month. For instance, all of my December Domino magazines are together, as opposed to all of my Domino magazines from 2009. That way, I know exactly where to look for an article about Christmas.

  199. My favorite trick is to backwards plan. Write down your five year goals, the the one year goal that will help you get there. Then the 6 months goal. Then the month. Then the week. Do what you can this week to get to that long term five year goal

  200. what a lovely giveaway, her designs are so beautiful!

    My Fav organizational tip, is to have one little catch all basket, and to empty it weekly. By limiting to one specific place, the ‘to do’ letters and such wont spread all over the place.

  201. The only way I can seem to keep my things in place are boxes. In all sizes and shapes, mostly Ikea but others too. I label them and know exactly where to find the stuff. And the boxes keep the mess inside them. From outside it looks very organized!

  202. My favorite organizational tip: I tear out pages from magazines that I like: art projects, recipes, exercise tips, and interesting articles then I organize them into binders, it really gets rid of all that magazine clutter.

  203. I love Amy Butler! So cute~

    I am a teacher, and one way I like to keep things organized in my room is with paper mache boxes — I decorate the outsides with scrapbook paper that I have cut into squares and then use Mod Podge to adhere the paper. — They are really cute and a good place to stash things in my classroom :o)

  204. I adore all things Amy Butler!

    Being that I’m new to the US, I have needed to get my life’s papers in order because there’s always something the immigration department requires: tax documents, birth certificates, pay slips, previous correspondence etc etc etc. So even if my home is in chaos, I can put my fingers on the important documents in a jiffy. It’s a stressful period, but it is made a whole less stressful when you have at least this part under control.

  205. Pick me, pick me, pick me!

    Organizational Tip: If you don’t use it or it doesn’t make you happy toss it! Also, there needs to be a place for everything so that things don’t pile up with nowhere to go. I make a point to only buy items that I adore and that I can use. This way I don’t feel overwhelmed by a bunch of junk.

  206. The biggest thing for me to stay organized is to put thought into things at the beginning–for instance, when I’m arranging my cabinets, I’ll think about what is most logical for my needs. This might mean rearranging things, alphabetizing, etc., which can be a time-suck upfront but eases retrieving things so much later on!

  207. Love Amy Butler!

    Organizational tip #1: Use towel bars in bathroom closet and basement stairwell to hang spray cleaners on. Makes them easier to access.

    Tip #2: I place heavy duty plain magnets on a magnetic memo board in the office and hang my scissors and jewelry making tools from each magnet. Again, easy access.

  208. I was letting junk mail take over my house, because the post office didn’t have a recycle bin, so I would bring it home, then always forget to take it out…SO, I got a recycle bin from disposal services for our post office (it’s a small rural office, and I know the post master). Now not only can I recycle stuff while I’m there, which keeps the clutter out of MY house, it also helps keep a lot of paper waste out of the landfill. Hitting off what comes INTO the house is a huge tip from me.

    We also bought the kids not 1 hamper, but 2, each, because I found that they make more dirty laundry than I expected, and clothes were still ending up on the floor. Now this is a more natural flow of laundry, and less stuff gets misplaced. Now to get THEM to do their own laundry ;)

  209. I love using over the door hanging pocket organizers for everything–bath products, hats/gloves, toys, cleaning supplies. Nearly all our doors have one on the back.

  210. Organizational tip: Adding contacts into my Blackberry as I get them. That way I am never searching around for a name or number or email address.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I hope you pick me ;-)

  211. I could lie and say that I’m organized, but I’m not. Somehow throughout the week, things pile up on armrests and as stacks on the floor. I love multi-tasking, so whenever I’m going out or just going to another room in the house I scan the room and grab as many misplaced things as possible as put them in their places while heading to my destination. It may take me a few more minutes to get from point A to point B, but it makes me happy knowing that I got more done without too much effort.

    I just adore the Amy Butler items…

  212. my organizational tip is i deal with mail the minute it comes in the door…i open, shred, discard or file in my bills folder. i also have a “home” for most things in the house.

  213. I was once very organised. Now I work part time, have 2 daughters and a a disorganised diy hoarder of a partner. The only thing keeping things running smoothily is a family planner calender.

  214. Everything should have its own place, then you always know where to put everything back after you take it out.
    Amy Butler’s stuff is absolutely beautiful!

  215. I never let papers/mail end up on my desk, either it goes into my purse so I remember to pay the bill, I file it into my file box under the correct category or I toss it because it’s not useful. That’s one of the things I do to keep organized.

  216. My favorite organizational tip is to keep my tall boots standing upright with old wine bottles. This way I can leave them anywhere in my closet, rather than needing to put them up against the wall. Frees up that valuable space!

  217. I try to keep on top of clutter and disorganization by getting rid of something for everything I buy. This way don’t accumulate junk and really weight out if i need something.

  218. Beautiful Amy Butler files! My new favotire tip is: A little everyday goes a long way: open the mail everyday, put away each load of laundry right after it is done…. This has saved me a lot of stress – and made my house seem neater.

  219. Such handy stuff! My favorite tip is to have a place for everything. I mean, a box/basket/shelf that is clearly labeled. This isn’t just for me, but for my husband for those times when he needs to find something for himself :)

  220. My favorite organizational tip? Simple and to the point, a large dry erase board to list last minute thoughts, ideas, drawings, messages AND shopping lists. Be it project related or mundane grocery stuffs, it’s the best $30 I ever spent.

  221. <3 Amy Butler!!

    organizational tip: I buy vintage ice cube trays at thrift stores and use them to house pairs of earrings. These metal ice cube trays cost almost nothing and they come in the most quirky colors.

  222. I love to organzie cards for holidays. I have so many cards for B-days and thank yous that I store in cute Ikea boxes for future use. And I love to organize the kitchen, especially while emptying the dishwasher.. yes I know!

  223. My favorite organizational tip is to keep obsessive-compulsive to-do lists. Then promptly avoid everything on the list.
    I love Amy Butler’s designs!! She’s so very talented.

  224. Beautiful! I’m moving at the end of the month and I think I just found inspiration for my new bedroom look. These organizers would be the perfect complement!

  225. Organization: I’m forever finding beautiful ideas in magazines for house and lifestyle. Instead of keeping stacks and stacks of magazines I clip out the image and glue-stick it into a blank page book. I can reference it quickly and make notes in the space next to the image.

  226. My organizational tip: as a homeschooler with little ones, I have lots of crayons and markers and writing utensils for them. I like to keep them in clear shoeboxes so everything stays consolidated and I can readily see what is located where.

  227. Oh, this is such a bliss way to organize your desk, love the prints!!

    My tip: Clean up & organize 15 things everyday and do it in just 10 minutes. It will help to avoid that huge mess and makes your head & desk clear and clean for other (better!) things! It really helps! :-)

  228. Alright, I’m giving in and entering. I typically don’t enter giveaways that I realllllly want to win because I hate to be disappointed, but here I am.

    My tip: Break big tasks into small, manageable steps to get closer to the end result.

    Sounds obviously, but you’d be surprised how much easier it is to get things down once you strategize a bit.

  229. It’s been great reading all these tips!

    My organization tip is to use the vertical space in your home. Hooks up high on the wall (but still within reach), decorative shelves that fit cute boxes, and cabinets or shelves that go to the ceiling. So much wasted space that you could be using to organize things!

    Oh, and cabinets with doors. To hide all that stuff :)

  230. Pretty Amy Butler goodies!
    Tips: I made a shopping list/menu planner that I fill out once a week and then do my shopping from. It has saved me a lot of time and money (a lot less wasted food). And: find a boyfriend/girlfriend that is good at making shelves. Then put a lot of junk on the shelves. :)

  231. I have a binder that I use to file all of our pay stubs, bills, bank statements, and other financial records. I file things right when we get them (cutting down on the piles of mail that can build up so easily) and empty it into a file cabinet at the end of each year (making things easy for tax season).
    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  232. Thanks for a beautiful giveaway!

    Tip: For small spaces buy furniture with great storage. For example ottomans with storage, bookcases with shelves and drawers, and I like to add baskets for a pop of color and they store throw pillows, magazines, etc!

  233. What an amazing amazing giveaway! First of all, thanks for the opportunity! Second, my favorite organizational tip is to use egg carton compartments as places to put your jewelry!! =)

  234. I love magazines, but they are a mess to try and store. My favorite tip: I cut my old worn out pendaflex folders across the bottom & hang my magazines over them! I can get a ton in a file drawer, & can label them (i.e. decorating magazines, gardening magazines, etc). Works fantastically!

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