24 responses to “tuesday’s girl: eleonore bridge.”

  1. It is good to be back on your lovely blog again. It`s been a while now…Love the pictures you show, and you just made me find a new wonderful bog to add on my list. Thank you. Now I really want to go to Paris – and to my luck… I ordered tickets a couple of days ago, to go there in May :-)

    Have a good week.

  2. Tanya’s comment made me chuckle a little bit. I’m also a bit bored with the dreamy-faced-pigeon-toed look too, but these strike me as being quite different than that. There’s something so refreshingly natural about Elenore, and her photos seem genuinely playful and pretty. I can’t wait to check out her blog.

  3. oh dear, sorry tanya! i just think eleonore’s photos are fun and playful, and it is afterall ‘tuesday’s girl’.

    it’s just fun on tuesday’s to share something different than i might normally every day. and she’s not pigeon-toed in every picture – ha! ;)

    enjoy the mini trip to paris!

  4. she’s got such an eye for detail. I somewhat agree with Tanya that I’d love to see female photographers attempt something other than this recurring trend of dreamy colors and feet. I do love the close up of her scarf however.

  5. oh, I had a pink wool coat like the one pictured. I bought it in Milan and ended up giving it to a friend when I moved away from SF in an effort to get rid of the 12+ wool coats I owned. Now I miss it.

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