heads up, bloggers!
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just a heads up to everyone who’s joined the 300(!) bloggers sharing their inspiration, and for those of you following, in the very first ‘blog it forward’ mashup!

• we’re beginning wednesday, february 10th, so there’s a few things you should know about the mashup.

• we’ll be starting up on ten blogs simultaneously on the 10th, and from there, for the next month or so (not including weekends – that just wouldn’t be fair!) you’ll be posting (or reading about) what inspires these bloggers the most, on ten different blogs per day.

• the first ten blogs to begin are: creature comforts, design for mankind, heart fish, hula seventy, ink on my fingers, oh, hello friend, paper pony, poppytalk, sfgirlbybay and smile and wave. thanks so much to all these ladies for helping me start this up, or let’s face it, we’d be here for an eternity!

• with the help of my web designer, the amazing hijiri of heart fish, we’ve created a separate page on sfgirlbybay which i will link to here on monday, february 8th. you can review this page, so that you can see the links for every single blog participating, and the date they are scheduled to publish! so, if you are participating, look alphabetically for your blog name.

• you’ll see that we’ve divided the 300 bloggers up alphabetically, into 10 groups of 30 bloggers each.

• each of these 30 bloggers will follow one of the ten starter bloggers, i mentioned above. whew. i hope this all makes sense! when you see the ‘blog it forward’ list page on monday, i think it will all be quite clear.

• so, on wednesday february 10th, the ‘blog it forward’ mashup will commence on the ten blogs listed, and then from there move on down the group list daily, in the order and dates you see on the list.

okay, time for me to take a nap! may this all work out well! and i hope there are many more of these mashups to come. cheers! v.

[*image via vivienne strauss.]

42 responses to “heads up, bloggers!”

  1. Wow Victoria! You are seriously amazing! Thank you so so much for taking your time to make this whole thing happen! Huge hugs from me to you.
    Can’t wait to read about what inspires everyone!
    xo Ez

  2. 300! wow. I’m so excited to see this project take off and also so disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to e-mail in that I wanted to participate. I set a reminder for myself this morning but wasn’t even able to get to a computer till now! Hopefully I’ll be quicker about it next time.

  3. You are truly amazing, Vic!!! I can’t wait to see everyone’s posts and follow it forwarding everyday! and Thank you so much for the shout out ((blush)) <3<3<3

  4. you’re all very welcome – thanks for contributing! it should be fun!

    alisa – just follow my tweets, or the blog and we’ll announce the next time we do it. :)

  5. Wow, Victoria thanks so much for putting this together, you rock! 300 – WOW!! you must be exhausted after putting all this together :) I’m so excited about seeing what everyone does and being apart of this.

  6. I’m still new to the blogging world and trying to find my voice. But I want to be able to participate by helping out somehow.

    I’ll promote where I can.


  7. Thank you Victoria! This is my first week EVER of blogging and how lucky am I that I get to be a part of your very cool mashup. Your site was my very first link, followed by my link to creaturecomforts blog to give her credit for the very first badge I’ve ever posted. Now, if I could only figure out the darn trackback process :o)

  8. Victoria- you’re obviously such a mentor to so many of us bloggers young and old. What a generous spirit you are and so “outstanding in your field”. Get out your overalls!
    thank you, thank you for your support.

  9. Same here, very much looking forward to this as my thoughts and beliefs about inspiration have changed so much over the years. I am also especially looking forward to read everyone else’s feelings about it. All the best everyone, I’ll see you in the mash-up!

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