blog it forward – begins wednesday!
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okay all — it’s time! we’re starting the ‘blog it forward‘ mashup this week, on wednesday, february 10th! and this first theme is “what inspires you personally?” to view the complete schedule at any time going forward, click on the ‘blog it forward’ badge in the left-hand column of my blog.

basically, here’s what will happen:

• if you looked at this list over the weekend, please double-check your post date, as i messed up and left a few bloggers out in error. sorry, kids, this was a lot to take on.

• fyi — this was on first-come-first-serve basis, so there was no criteria for joining except that you write a personal blog and you emailed me to join in. so please, no one feel excluded. i did not choose any blog over another, and i just wanted you all to know that, so no one feels hurt. the spirit of this is to share some new and maybe not as well-known blogs, so i hope everyone finds some new inspiration!

• this was also not an exact science, and i had to keep track of over 300 emails, so in an effort to be consistent, i have made every effort to list the blogs alphabetically, by the name on your banner (as url’s are not always current), so please look for your name alphabetically by the name of your blog.

• ten different starter bloggers will start the posts simultaneously on wednesday 2/10, posting about what inspires them. and then each one of these blog posts will then link to and introduce the next blogs that post on thursday 2/11. see this page for the full blogger links, and schedule, and it should make sense. we are doing this simultaneously because there are just so many of us, and otherwise we’d be at this for an eternity!

• those scheduled for thursday 2/11 will then post about what inspires them personally.

• those blogs will link back to the post before theirs on 2/10 and then introduce the next blogger up after them, on 2/12. that way, we create a chain of posts, or our virtual ‘blog it forward‘ mashup!

• those scheduled for friday 2/12, will then post about what inspires them, and link back & forth as described above.

we are skipping weekends, so the next group of bloggers scheduled for monday 2/15 will post and link back & forth, and so on and so forth.

• if you want to, you can add the ‘blog it forward’ badge to your site – you can download different badge sizes here.  a zip file will automatically start downloading onto your desktop (or wherever you set up your downloads to go) and inside the zip file there are six different badges you can use (if it doesn’t unzip automatically, you should double-click the zip file to open).

• you can link the badge to the ‘blog it forward’ page, so readers can see the full list of bloggers participating and the schedule at any time. this is not required, but the spirit of this thing is to share all our creativity, and get new blogs seen, so it would be wonderful if you could. or, link back to your own post — whatever you choose. feel free to cut and paste the schedule & links to your site as well.

• it’s really important to keep the chain going, and not skip, or miss your date. if you think you are going to miss your date for any reason as we go along, please alert me, and the blog before and after you. i’m not going to be monitoring or reminding you, as i am a bit too busy, and i know we are all responsible bloggers, so please keep the spirit of this alive, as is only fair, so that blogs after you don’t miss the chain. i’m sure you understand how much work went into figuring this out (and my brain hurts really bad!), so please keep a sense of community in mind.

i hope this all makes sense. thanks again so much to everyone involved, and all the readers! if you missed it this time, and if all this works well, we’ll hopefully do this again soon!

xo, victoria

[* thanks to ez of creature comforts for creating our badges, and to hijiri of heart fish for helping me create our ‘blog it forward’ page!]

58 responses to “blog it forward – begins wednesday!”

  1. Cool, thanks Victoria – the organisation must have been mammoth!

    One question – and i’m hoping this isn’t a completely dumb one, but is there a time zone we are working to with this? I’m guessing we’re from all over the place, and being down here on the bottom of the globe, my Wendesday is not the same as you guys up there.

    thanks, jules

  2. jules, we couldn’t take into consider time zones or it would have sent me to the hospital. i don’t think it will matter, as long as you’re linking back and forth, readers will still know the order and who is linking back & forth to one another.

    sorry, we couldn’t accommodate that!

  3. Oh WOW, I am looking forward to this soo much! Thanks Victoria, for all the work and headaches you’ve put into this – it’ll be worth it!

  4. Thanks, V, for all your work on this! You are an awesome blogger/community member and made me feel so welcome when I first started. Just wanted to tell you that. I will get the badge on my site today and make sure I know what I’m to do.
    Lotsa Love, Liane

  5. Victoria (and Ez and Hijiri!) – Thank you so much for organizing this for all of us! As a newish blogger, I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to participate with bloggers both established and just starting out. It’s not an opportunity we often have. I can’t wait to take in all the inspiration!

  6. Holy cow that had to have been a LOT of work! I really love the spirit of this… if I recall, it came out of all the hub-bub of all the “awards” going on recently. I have to say, I like this better. =)

  7. Hi! Thanks SO much for organizing all of this! It sounds like lots of fun. I just have one clarification question, which might be dumb, but is the theme the same for everyone throughout the whole event?


  8. Dear Victoria, thanks for all of this hard work. I bet you’re glad you put a cap at 300! I am looking forward to meeting many new bloggers and reading about inspiration from so many different perspectives. For now… onwards!

  9. Victoria…. thank you for all of the time you put into this!!! It’s going to be fantastic and I can’t wait to participate. Sending you much love!! xo

  10. Victoria, you sweet thing….thank you so much for organizing this. I know this took a lot of time to organize and I, as well as everyone else, I’m sure, truly appreciates it. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds! I’m thrilled to be a part of it.
    xo Carrie

  11. This looks so fun!! I hope to participate next time; I saw this on the twitter radar, but didn’t respond timely…i”ll follow in enjoyment of all the lovely blogs and warm community :)

    Great job, Victoria, Ez and Hijiri!

    smile, jana

  12. I was so excited, I went checking the first blogs! Oops. My problem with dates. This isn’t the 10th. But I’ll get it straight by the time mine comes up. It’s the day after my daughter’s birthday, so that should help.

    And thank you so much for organizing it, Victoria, I know it must have been a huge task. But I’m sure it will be so fun to see it unfold.

  13. That sounds great! I want to be there next time, you need an Argentinean blog there! I´ll send you an e-mail for next blog it foward.
    Great job Victoria!

  14. Yay! Thanks Victoria, for all your hard work! I’m so excited to participate with all these awesome bloggers — I can’t wait to get to know you all better!

  15. Such a fantastic idea. Congratulations on organizing it all. I look forward to reading the posts and I’m also eager to join in next time. Very very cool.

  16. Thanks so much for pulling this all together! I am so excited to be participating! I am proudly displaying the lovely banner and can’t wait till the fun starts on Wednesday! :)

  17. ugh, I’m so sad I’m missing being a part of this! It seems a lot of great, creative work was put into this and hopefully I can be part of the chain next time…! thanks again.

  18. What a brilliant idea! I’m so looking forward to following along. THANK YOU for all the work you put into organizing this. WOW! …Until tomorrow…have a wonderful today.

    (ps-not that you need ONE more thing to think about, but the link to get the individual sizes of the Blog It Forward badges isn’t working).

  19. thanks all for the kind words – i think this will be really fun. and, i hope you will join in next time!

    o-girl – oops. use the download, or zip links. :)

  20. genius idea. i just love it, can’t wait to read all this awesomeness. i’d love to be included in all the fun, if it’s not too late. otherwise i’ll be into it next time around. xo.

  21. […] post is part of the first blog-it-forward mash-up organized by talented Victoria from sfgirlbybay and some of her friends. 300 wonderful bloggers […]

  22. Wow, this is such an ambitious undertaking, but also such a great effort. I’ve seen some great posts and discovered some great blogs. Thank you for organizing and kicking this off. This really is a great thing…spreading inspiration is a beautiful thing. I definitely want to do my part too.

  23. Even though I’m not a part of the official line up, I wanted to be a part of the Blog It Forward movement. I’ve found some great blogs and read some truly inspiring posts because of this. I think that what you’ve done with this is so amazing that you deserve the Inspirational Blog Award, which I mentioned in my post. (Now I honestly don’t know if I have to be awarded myself first in order to give it to someone else, but I would definitely love to extend that to you, or at least nominate you for it, if there are rules that go along with awards.)

  24. bummed I missed the deadline cuz I’ve been too busy to keep up in class but will follow along to see what’s in store cuz I am sure it is awesome! Maybe we can do it again in the future…;)

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