tuesday’s girl: oh, be mine.
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twiggy, via born confused.

valentine’s day is just around the corner, so whether you say ‘ugh, really?’, or simply embrace the mood for love, how’s about we look at a bit of pink fluff? whether you’re hanging out in your pj’s eating lucky charms, watching chick flicks with your best girlfriends, or canoodling with the love of your life, no matter what your style, here’s some inspiration to get your girliest girl on. oh, please, won’t you be mine? xoxo.


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29 responses to “tuesday’s girl: oh, be mine.”

  1. I’m indifferent to Valentine’s Day (and I suppose most holidays for that matter. am I a party pooper?) yet I have a hard time resisting anything pink! But my favorite photo is the one with the white dress/yellow sandals. How cute and comfy.

  2. A very sweet post with a great collection of different images – and that’s such a sign that you care about your readers — your always feeding us with plenty of loveliness… :)

  3. Valentines day is my fav holiday, I’m a pisces, a romantic, love hearts!!! That photo of twiggy is adorable, there will never be someone like her again. Brings me back to my 17 magazine days.

  4. Love that surrealist braid that Twiggy is sporting! And although I am generally not a fan of pink, I have to admit that pink chiffon dress has seduced me for a moment. I’ll come to my senses soon, I’m sure.

  5. Thanks Victoria! We were playing dress up and I was taking her pictures in the hot autumn afternoon sun, gotta work with the shadows and not against them

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