blog it forward: what inspires me?
by victoria comment



perfect clutter via elle decor south africa.

voila! the time has come. and ‘blog it forward’ begins! it’s not as simple as you might think to share what inspires me in a single post. i gather inspiration from a multitude of mediums, from even the most mundane items, to the sheer brilliance i find everyday in the world. the internet has brought so much talent to our fingertips, it literally almost makes my head explode.


scandinavian interiors, like these from emma’s design blog.

i am a visual person. i love listening to good music, but can’t sing to save my life. i love paintings, but photography is more my creative forte. i think you all know my love of capturing the world through a camera. so without saying too much, i’m just going to share a photographic journey of what i personally find inspiring.


the fascinating world of mr. neville trickett.

maybe you’ll learn something new about me. i like chips & dip, as much as i love the exotic flavors of sushi. i love jeans, as much as any fancy vintage dress. i try to diversify. i like contrasts. i try to keep an open mind. i can never decide on just one style. not even two. hopefully, like you, that’s what makes me unique. i can’t wait to see what inspires you.

and, in the spirit of this project, i am happy to introduce sweet eventide, who will follow me tomorrow in the ‘blog it forward’ mashup. i can’t wait to see what jess has in store for us on her beautiful blog, thursday, february 11. and, here is the complete mashup schedule for the next six weeks, or so.


keeping design journals always inspires me.


vintage-inspired fashion makes my heart sing.


and quirky, unique style, via the sartorialist.


all that flickr talent, via mainemomma.


awe-inspiring films and set design.


nothing inspires me like geek love, via nerd boyfriend.


i love escaping into a great story.


always the playful fun of a photo booth.


the unconditional love of dogs.


stunning interiors, like this, via design*sponge.


genius i discover via twitter, like the unhappy hipsters.


anything camilla engman creates.


and, well, just about anything door sixteen does.


but then, i love the eclectic whimsy of wary meyers.


contributing to amazing uppercase magazine.


affordable & yet great design, the ace hotel chain.


i love a good englishman.


without a doubt, every single thing the selby shoots.


and, all things about living in my city by the bay.

*and, last but not least, viewing the other beautiful blogs sharing their own inspiration in our ‘blog it forward’ mashup today. please check out. and a huge thanks to everyone participating and following the ‘blog it forward’ project!

creature comfortshula seventypaper pony

design for mankindink on my fingerspoppytalk

heart fishoh, hello friendsmile and wave

[*follow the mashup schedule here. ]

86 responses to “blog it forward: what inspires me?”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your design journals! I have this but online, need to start one in “real” life! Great inspiration, and definitely added a few bookmarks via your post!

  2. My favorite is your design journal. I’m always pulling things from magazines and mail – saving for future inspiration in a sketch book. I love seeing how other people collect images and this idea is so fun. Thanks!

  3. What a great kick off to what will be a wonderful source of ongoing inspiration for all of us! I’m so thrilled to be a part of this, and relieved (as a new blogger) that my post isn’t due until March! :o) I used to keep a journal like that for home design, you’ve inspired me to start one for all things design/inspiration.

  4. So so so bummed that I missed out on this!!! But I love the idea! And I realllly hope there is a round two so I can jump in there. : ) Thank you so much for organizing this… and putting so much time into helping other bloggers out. I’m looking forward to all the eye candy and new blog obsessions in days to come.


  5. Thanks for dreaming this project up, Victoria.
    I’m so excited for the Blog it Forward mashup, and all the new blogs/inspiration I’ll discover because of it. Love it!

  6. Love the list, Victoria! Practically the whole gosh darn thing! (New tidbits that I have yet to discover!) And Unhappy Hipsters? Worst (i.e., BEST) distraction yet! I’m addicted!

    (What a list! I don’t know how you even made sense of all the entries?!! Well done!)

  7. So excited that this has kicked off! The posts that are already up make me so inspired that I want to spend the day doing creative crafty stuff instead of working or exercising or anything else. :)

  8. BEAUTIFUL inspiration post!!!!! so lovely to see what inspires you personally.

    thank you victoria for everything you put into this: what a great way to bring the blog community together! i had such a good time finding images and gathering my inspiration!! xo. danni

  9. thanks so much everyone!! this was a collaborative idea a bunch of us came up with on twitter one night!

    if you missed this round, i’m hoping it goes well and we do this again very soon, and you’ll join in.

    i’m *finally* awake, and off to check out the other first posts!! :)

    hi u.b.! it was pretty crazy! but, it all finally came together! :)

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…this BIF idea is already inspiring me so much, I love all the fantastic things that inspire you. Especially the unconditional love of a dog…:) Thank you for sharing all of this with us and for coming up with this genius idea in the first place Victoria!

  11. i’d like to give a HUGE shout out to creature comforts who started these tweet ideas, and also to swoonette, who first said ‘how about a mashup?’ when we were brainstorming on twitter!!

  12. Wow, this post is like an inspiration explosion! So much to look at, thanks for sharing and starting this up. I’m super excited to have all these blogs sharing inspiration :P

  13. this blog it forward is technically closed. but there’s no reason why you can’t share what inspires you on your own blogs for us all to see!

    we’ll do another one! :)

  14. Okay I have to breathe and calm down. Why must today be a minimum day for my son’s school? I am so glad you did 10 blogs per day. Somehow this can be managed. I am hyper with excitement. “I love everything in your post” — I think I am going to be typing that in a lot of comment boxes. Also, that YouTube video made my head explode.

  15. Brilliant! You took a somewhat lackluster day and added a great deal of inspiration. I love a great team project and this is a GREAT project. Hats off to you and the other 299 bloggers. I will add my inspirations to my Twitter and Facebook.

  16. I feel our heads will be swimming with inspiration by the time this is over, hopefully we’ll be able to keep up! I just posted an excellent SF inspiration “skip work and ramble” day – but my blog it forward day is my mom’s birthday! so sweet!

  17. Lovely! Why are you so awesome? Perfect clutter…I love that. Thanks again for putting this together – reading these posts is my new morning ritual :)

  18. YAY! this is (and was!) so much fun. i couldn’t tear myself away from posting all the things that inspire me.

    i should have perhaps put more emphasis on all of YOU guys! when i went to alt, i realized more than ever what a lucky and grand community we have!

    i can’t wait to read more, every morning. it’s going to be my new morning ritual too! xo

  19. I wish I could have your beautiful inspirations bound in a book so that I could just look at them over and over again Victoria! Thank you for sharing what inspires you with us…and of course a big huge “thank you” and a hug for making this whole Blog it Forward movement happen! xo Ez

  20. awwwwww you should know that you inspire me!!! (and millions of people in the world!)

    how awesome is this going so far? (pretty darn awesome!) :)

    i had so much fun posting mine, too, thank you again so much for everything!!! xoxoxo

  21. thank you ez! for getting the twitters going, and for creating our beautiful badges!

    and to wonderful hijiri for helping me design it all!

    and also thanks to ez, jan, raya, hijiri, andrea, erin, danni, rachel and susannah for starting this up with me today! yay! :) xo

  22. What a great way to kick things off! I love so many of your photos and love your design journals…what a great way to keep track of all of your inspirations. Thanks for this creative post!

    We’re snowed in here on the East Coast today, so I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s “What Inspires Me” posts.

  23. great post! love your inspirations. the images you found are GREAT!!!! so incredible. :) i especially love that first image. my life in a nutshell; perfect organized clutter.

  24. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the link to the good, no make that GREAT, music. I have been snowed in here in Ohio for 5 days and listening to WCRW has been such a blessing today! I can’t convey the joy it has added to my day today. Thank you!!!

  25. Wow victoria – I just love what you’ve shared. such great inspiration – love your design journal! I used to keep one years ago but then just start putting tear sheets in files…you just inspired me to start another journal :)! and i agree…nothing better than the love of a dog :)

  26. I love the photo booth pics, and the Englishman…what a great idea for a project, although I admit I’m stressed out just thinking about it! You did amazingly well to organise it all. I’m not organised enough to participate – but maybe by next time I will be!

  27. thanks again you guys! i loved all your posts so much. i think what i love about this project is how the theme is the same – what inspires us – but the stories are all uniquely different.

    we like very similar things, but share them in different ways! so much fun!!

    and thanks for everyone following! i hope you’re having fun and getting inspired, too!

  28. What a visual feast! So lovely! Thanks again for putting this together, I’m really loving it.

    Oh, and ‘perfect clutter’? You are a girl after my own heart!

  29. Beautiful. You have made my day, and I greedily look forward to the next 6 weeks of posts on inspiration to follow. Thank you for opening your heart just that little bit more than usual! P.

  30. Wow! I always get inspiration from reading your site, but all that inspiration packed into one post — it’s inspiration overload! My entry’s going to be ten pages long after looking at your (and everyone else’s) posts!

  31. What a wonderful idea. I could help but crash the party so to speak. I hope that is ok. It was a perfect and passionate topic for a perfectly passionate winter’s day.

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