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i’d known about gayla trail and her blog, you grow girl for years, and had admired her from afar. but this year, i was lucky enough to meet her, and share a panel with her at the alt design summit. and, we shared some great sushi, over some wonderful conversation. i found gayla’s enthusiasm for gardening, growing great food highly contagious. and her new book, grow great grub, is a huge inspiration to me to make my small balcony garden flourish with as many organic edibles as i can grow. as gayla points out in her book, “your patio, rooftop or windowsill is potential for a fresh food garden waiting to happen.”


and, to inspire you to grow great grub, i’m giving away a copy of gayla’s book to one lucky gardener! simply share you favorite things to grow in the comment section below (and include a way to contact you), by wednesday, february 17th, and i’ll pick a winner later next week! thank you gayla, for sharing all your wonderful gardening wisdom. for more about gayla, check out you grow girl, and her other great book, by the same name!


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  1. Oh! I’d love to win a copy of this book!
    My favorite things to grow are (inside:) orchids (I only kill about 1 out of every 4! score!) and (outside:) catmint, because you just can’t kill that stuff. At all. ;)
    shopclementine {at} mac {dot} com

  2. I’m only on my second season gardening, and so far, I’ve had the best luck with beans. Over the summer I way overplanted (see pic) — but the only things that really produced were my lima beans and black-eyed peas. Luckily both were delicious.

  3. Yay growing!

    My favorite things to grow are herbs. They look pretty, they smell pretty, AND they taste pretty. Few things are as wonderful to me as being able to go out onto a little patio in the warm summer air to clip some thyme and rosemary, or some chives, or flat parsley, you grew yourself to put into a dish. Super fresh!

  4. thanks for the giveaway. i’ve been getting the gardening bug recently…come on spring!
    i love growing herbs in pots, arugula because it is so easy and so so delicious, and eggplant to see the tiny eggplant fruits get bigger and bigger.

  5. woo! thanks for this giveaway, the book looks amazing!
    i always love growing herbs in pots (basil, rosemary, mint, thyme, etc) but now we are living in a large space, i have some garlic, carrots and lettuche at our garden!

  6. As far as food, I love growing peas and tomatoes, but my favorite plant of all time to grow is the moonflower. They are so unbelievably pretty on hot summer nights–and super, super easy to grow.

  7. I absolutely loved hearing you both speak!

    My absolute favorite things to grow are fresh herbs. I think nothing makes a meal taste better than fresh seasoning.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  8. this looks like a great book. i’m always looking to squeeze another plant into my tiny urban garden. once i’ve harvested the favas, i’m looking forward to growing tomatoes this summer.

  9. I’d love this book! I love growing flowers of course- my yard is full of white hydrangea bushes- but I also love growing my own tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and herbs. Everything really does taste so much better when you grow it yourself. Yay Spring!

    ilovewhiteowl {at} yahoo {dot} com

  10. I would LOVE to win this book! Currently our gardening is limited to a shady patch in front of our retaining wall, and the only thing that grows in the poor soil/bad light are TONS of zucchini! needless to say my husband and I now have a special fondness for fried zucchini in the summer :) Thanks!

  11. For the first time this past summer, we grew cherry tomatoes, salad mix, carrots, and bell pepper. It was so much fun to tend to our garden. The most favorite thing to grow was the salad mix because we would snip the leaves and they would continue to grow new ones to clip at a later time.

  12. This is a great giveaway! I recently moved into my first home and it has a yard that I cannot wait to get my hands on! I don’t think it has any food in it now but I plan on merging flowers, bushes, and food to the best of my ability!

    My favorite thing to pick as a kid was: green beans!

    Kate (

  13. My favorite thing to grow is tomatoes! Eating fresh tomatoes is one of the best parts of summer. However, due to the fact that I live in New York City and have limited gardening space, I have to stick to small container gardens. Last summer I grew two varieties of grape tomatoes. They were a huge success and kept our salads colorful and tasty all summer long! They also made for a very addicting snack bowl on the kitchen counter. :) I’m hoping to get a space in our community garden this year or at least make use of my fire escape for container gardening.

  14. Last year was my first actual garden…normally I grow a tomato plant and some herbs in containers on the deck. I grew many kinds of tomatoes, herbs and beans but I think my favorite was the strawberries. I really liked to just go out and pick them right off the plant and eat them. Yum!

  15. Tomatoes! Nothing is more summery than picking that beefsteak you’ve been watching for weeks and smelling the tomato stalk on my hands. Mmmm mmmm.

    What a beautiful looking book!

  16. Mint! Never enough, even though I grow a kitchen-full (no garden); Mint with chili in morrocan dishes (mmm, couscous), bashed up in curry pastes, brewed up in tea & pummelled into mojitos!

  17. brandywine tomatoes! absolutely the best for fresh tomato sandwiches with a good mayo & kosher salt on my homemade white bread (made with unbleached flour of course and yes, it must be white!) major yum!

  18. Oooh, this is great, I want my windowsill garden to bigger and better than last year (which was kind of a failure). I really want to grow cherry tomatoes and hot peppers, along with an array of herbs.

  19. i can’t get over growing herbs like rosemary, basil and cilantro. they add so much to a quick summer dish and that makes me happy

  20. I am still an amateur, my flowers grow very well, but my veggies still need some work…I mostly blame that on the awfully cool summer we had here in SF last summer, I’ll all ready to try again this year. Tomatoes and peppers here I come!

  21. our little apartment does not get any direct sunlight, so i thought our plants were gone for this year. however, the most amazing thing to watch was the resiliency of our little jade plants which my husband got from his art professor in college. he clipped off branches from his much larger plant for each of his students upon graduation and ever since our little plants keep growing and growing – outgrowing their little pots and winding every which way, spreading out these ENORMOUS leaves as they crane for whatever sun they can get.
    reminds me that if they can make it through this winter, i’ve no excuse :)

  22. That must be rucola! With rucola it always works although I have neither a green hand nor this magical knowledge of my grand father: when to saw, when to water, when to harvest… but they say that the older you get the more interested in gardening you become:))

  23. We’ve been learning, trial-and-error, the art of city-cultivation in the past two summers, growing a full-on garden plot in our tiny front yard in Atlanta, GA. I love growing tomatoes, corn, okra, raspberries, and all types of herbs. I’d love to get this book and hopefully harvest (ha!) some green-thumb wisdom!

  24. wow! we have a whole side yard that needs to be cleaned up and turned into a garden. when the weather gets a little better we are starting. i need all the help i can get and i would love this book.

  25. I love growing herbs, and always try to have (as in, keep alive) rosemary, thyme, basil and mint. So much fragrance and taste from such tiny little plants!

  26. I can’t wait to get my garden all ready and this would be oh so helpful! I haven’t been that adventurous yet, but my tomatoes I grew a few years ago turned out wonderfully! oh and my mint for mojitos :)

  27. I attempt to grow many things, and am generally not very successful (maybe I need this book!). So far, I have had success with succulents and the mature lemon tree in my back yard (it has been there forever, so I don’t know if that counts…). I would love grow more herbs and veegtables.

  28. I read Galya’s blog pretty much daily and find it a great source for growing everything. it was actually the first gardening blog i started reading b/c it applied to my patio gardening lifestyle. i really really really want this book!!

  29. Nothing beats a garden fresh heirloom tomato! Yum. This book would be perfect for me because I am going back to apartment living and will have to grow a patio garden.

  30. This looks like a great book! As of now, i’ve only grown herbs, which I love all kinds. They can be incorporated with any meal!

  31. I plant several veggies, but the one must is tomatoes! Heirloom have the most amazing flavor, which is mirrored by their beauty. Next MUST is herbs. Nothing replaces fresh snipped herbs from your kitchen garden. I would love to learn from Gayla’s book.

  32. WOW!! thanx for the link to this awesome blog!! I have been have a huge success with my zuc’s, cuc’s, squashes and pumpkins lately – so much fresh produce so little time!:)

  33. I am a new gardner (only herbs on the deck), but next year when we buy a house this garden is my first order of business. I can’t wait! I have already started gathering recipes that are utilizing food straight from the garden. I can’t wait to feed my family from my own two hands! I will check this book out–looks like it belongs in my house :)

  34. I will be starting my first garden this year and am so excited! I have grown various herbs indoors and love that. I can’t wait for a whole garden of food and this book would help out a lot!! :)

  35. I would love to try my hand at some berries – plucking berries for cereal or to garnish a dessert seems absolutely lovely :)

  36. tomatoes, absolutely. i love the way they look, the way they smell (i can’t walk by a plant without rubbing the leaves between my fingers and taking some of that smell with me!) and how they remind me of my fathers garden when i was growing up.

    it doesn’t hurt that i could eat them morning, noon and night, in every way, shape and form. delicious!

  37. I love to grow tomatoes! I could eat tomatoes every day for the rest of my life. Last year, I planted 6 tomato plants and thought that i would be giving them away. No such thing! I ate them ALL!! Plus, it’s great that they are so easy to grow. This year, I’d like to try some different heirloom varieties.

  38. OMG. You name it, blueberries, figs, strawberries, tomatoes, edamame, peppers, squash, haricot verts,asian eggplant, peas, herbs, sugar baby watermelon on the fence. I’ll stop now.

  39. tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes. the best thing about gardening are all the juicy fragrant and delectable tomatoes!! i wish it could be the end of summer all year so i could eat fresh mozzarella and fresh heirloom tomatoes with basil, sea salt and olive oil everyday!!

  40. Oh gosh. Where do I begin. Basil, becauuse I can make loads of pesto that lasts all year.

    Tomatoes. Homegrown taste nothing like those nasty storebought ones.

    Leeks, onion, and garlic…because they’re so dang good.

  41. super giveaway! there’s actually a picture of my old garden on page 7. now I can brag!

    favorite things: beets, kale, basil, arugula & potatoes… mostly cause they’re fun to dug up :)

  42. This year will mark the first year that I’m doing a garden… right now I don’t have a favorite thing to grow. BUT – my goal for March is to start a window herb garden and then once spring hits (someday….) then I’m going to plant a regular garden. The house I moved into several months ago has the perfect spot for a garden out back!

  43. ooooooooh! I hope it’s me! My favorite things to grow are themed gardens, like pizza garden (oregano, basil and tomatoes), fairy garden (sunflowers, bluebells, moonflower, snapdragons and chamomile), teatime garden (mint, chamomile, lemon verbena, calendula, lavender, etc.) and then zucchini and string beans.
    love your blog, haven’t been here in a long time. I’ll be back…

  44. sounds like a fabulous book! i love growing tomatoes and basil; literally a garden box full because they are house staples! : ) growing a winter garden is my next big challenge.

  45. All I’ve attempted to grow on my apartment balcony were tomatoes- and it wasn’t too successful! But I grew up with a veggie garden and the memory of the fresh fruit and veggies has never left. There is absolutely nothing like a carrot just pulled from the soil- the taste is so unlike the supermarket version.

    I think a lot of kids would eat more veggies if they could participate in growing them and taste how amazing they are fresh!

  46. Well… at my dad’s I love growing bell peppers, and melons.. being that my husband and I live in a space with no room to have a garden… we will be growing sweet basil because of limited space. I love love basil.. the taste, smell everything about it. I love gardening and next quarter I am taking a class called PICA which is a class on gardening, and each week one student prepares a meal with all the sweet goodness from the garden… ahh thank goodness for UCSC. Love this post and that book looks lovely! xo

  47. We inherited a crazy mess of a yard when we bought our house and over a year later, we’re still discovering things! My favorites are the hydrangeas and the lilies but I can’t wait to get some cucumbers, tomatoes and other veggies planted.

  48. I do so hope to have a large garden where I can grow all kinds of veggies someday. At present I have only but a small little patch of concrete where I have some potted plants. I’m hoping to perhaps grow some herbs in my kitchen window! There’s nothing like fresh herbs!

  49. I LOVE growing zuchini. We started our first raised bed garden last summer as we live in a 100 year-old urban house and there’s lead in our soil. We planted loads of things, including seeds I’d carefully sown in the basement starting in the dark of last winter. Nothing really took off… except the zuchini. And did it ever. We had tons of it, right through the fall… and I was so grateful to it for making the whole experience feel so fruitful. Oh, and I most definitely could use that wonderful book. Thanks!

  50. Love to grow and cook fresh herbs! Last year I grew 6 kinds of basil and I want to extend that this year! I’d love to do more vegetables so gayla’s book would be a wonderful resource!

  51. I was not aware of gayla’s work, though I have always made an effort to grow some herbs and tomatoes where ever I have lived.

    Currently my favorite things to grow are chives, arugula, tomatoes, and eggplant.

  52. new house-new garden-new things to grow! so exciting. this time around i’m most excited to try growing corn, beets, kiwi, and edible flowers.

  53. It’s tough to pick just one thing that’s my favorite to grow as I love gardening (of the vegetable variety) but I’ll pick berries because they are so yummy straight from the plant.

  54. My absolute favorite thing to grow is garlic! It’s so easy and it the results are eons better than any you might buy at the supermarket. Plus you easily have enough for next year’s crop–love it!

  55. Such a difficult question but I think my favorite thing to grow is tomatoes. They are the most rewarding crop and taste so much better from the garden than they do from the super market.

    I loved the first book. It’s approach was so much fun.

  56. Oh I would love this book! I love to grow anything that won’t die on me…..I have not been blessed with a green thumb….but I do try. I love fresh herbs growing in my window!

  57. this book looks great! i just moved from the east coast to the desert. i’m thinking i will grow all my favorite veggies in containers. last summer i grew some beautiful tomatoes, this year i’m going to get more ambitious.thank you!

  58. I live at 9000 ft. in Colorado, and growing anything in the ground is darn near impossible. I would love to learn how to have a ‘non-ground’ garden! Thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway to your readers, too.

  59. Living in the city and not having a backyard, I stick mostly to herbs. I love being able to step out the back door and get what I need to spice up our dinner! I actually have this book on my Amazon shopping list right this very minute, but it would be way awesomer to win it :)

  60. I love You Grow Girl (the site and the book) and already have this on hold for when the library gets in in, I’d love my own copy! My fav thing to grow would be either succulents, herbs or the corn we tried last year!

  61. I love her, and would love her book! In my little community garden in nyc, I grow 8 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, lemon verbena, rhubarb, dozens of greens and beans and chamomile for tea; oh, and zucchini. How could I forget zucchini? So prolific and their flowers give me endless inspiration for elegant + simple suppers.

    Hooray for all 92 of the people who posted before me for growing your own food! ;)

  62. Oooo exciting. I have been so pumped for gardening recently. The summer camp that I work at just put me in charge of a new gardening program. We are going to teach our kids about food at every stage; we will grow it and harvest it (my job) and teach them how to cook it and make a meal. We hope to teach an appreciation for the land and the food we eat.

    I just bought a bunch of organic seeds to get our garden started: tomato, spinach, onion, carrot, summer squash, red pepper, eggplant, lettuce, watermelon and broccoli. Oh and of course some herbs. I’m so excited!

  63. I love growing Grape tomatos…we eat so many of them and they grow so fast! everyday there is more…this year we were lucky enough to have them on up into Nov! :)

  64. i think our fave is amish snap peas. we get a great harvest here, and i love watching the kids climb up the side of the fence and the reach to the tops of our trellises to pick the “higher-ups.” (such a beautiful book!)

  65. Hooray! What a lovely giveaway!
    My favorite things to grow are sweet peas, snap peas, corn, zucchini, carrots, and bulb flowers! yay!

  66. This post and links just made my day. I’m growing pumpkin, capsicum, zucchini, beans, herbs, melons, and some more. and I’m ridiculously excited that I haven’t killed anything yet. I’m normally death to all plants. xo

  67. Herbs! Growing up my mom had the most amazing herb garden: mint, lavender, basil, rosemary, thyme and my job was to cut off a few snips of them to use in almost every dinner. Still love the way the herbs smell on my fingers after taking off a few sprigs. I still love to grow rosemary and I also love chocolate mint!

  68. I grow herbs, plants and grapes…will expand this comming spring with peppers and vennel, not only for their tast but also for their beautiful plants!
    So in order to grow them well I’d love to win this book! Wich, by the way…is such a lovely gesture of you!

  69. Love your blog, I don’t know why I have not found it sooner, really enjoyed the Blog it forward project, I’m slowly working my way through them all, keep up the great work

  70. I have to admit, I’m a gardener wannabe. I’ve tried growing tomatoes and lettuce and carrots in the past but they get eaten up by bugs and/or simply under-preform. I know the fault is mine and I would love a little helpful knowledge!
    By the way, thanks for doing this giveaway…

  71. Heirloom tomatoes, especially green zebra, nasturtiums (great in salads), mixed green leaf salad, beets and carrots, leeks, green onions, every herb I can lay my hands on because I never know what I will need when cooking. Waiting for my rabbit poop to be delivered. I’d love to have a book to teach me more.

  72. Hi Victoria, great post – just about to dig my garden for the first time this spring and would LOVE this book to help me plan and design for this yeat…please please me!

  73. My favorite thing to grow is tomatoes – there are so many beautiful and tasty varieties and the flavor of homegrown tomatoes is out of this world! I eat multiple tomatoes a day when in season – just with salt, pepper, and olive oil – so yummy!!

  74. Hi! I would LOVE to win this book….we’ve just moved to a new (old) house a few months ago & have never gardened but we are finally planning to start this spring & have the entire family participate.I think it’s not only a great way to spend quality time together but there’s a lot of science involved so the kids can learn without knowing it (isn’t that the best way to learn?).I know we would get many uses out of this great book that I have yet to see,but from what you show,it looks amazing.One of my fave childhood memories was seeing my grandfather’s garden filled with strawberries,cucumbers,tomatoes,etc.I just think that gardens are such peaceful places & it’s just amazing to watch something grow from the earth. :)

  75. Thanks for featuring such a beautiful book. I’m just learning how to garden, and apparently starting with the hard stuff– I love growing seedlings! Arugula grows easily from seeds, but Basil is so cute. And Thyme is so tiny. But Amaranth grass is my favorite so far– bushy and soft.

  76. Wow this book looks inspirational! I love the pictures of the grub growing from the cans. Just moved to a new home this winter…the backyard is huge and has the perfect area for a garden. Only problem…I need to start it from scratch. I have grown tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in the past but I need some assistance in moving beyond these easier garden items. Thanks for the giveaway and thanks for your blog!

  77. What a lovely book! I’m currently growing rosemary, sage and lavender on my terrace and would love to expand into veggies like tomatoes, etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. I inherited a beautiful garden when I moved into my 1916 Craftsman Bungalow in Chicago. There is much to love in my new yard from a flowering crab-apple tree to gorgeous peonies and tulips, but my favorite has got to be the rhubarb! I love that it is an “old-fashion” fruit to grow and it is my pleasure to keep it going and share it with my neighbors. Last summer was my first time harvesting it; it makes quite a delicious pie! I even blogged about it here:

  79. I love to garden but am restricted to container gardening for the past five years. When I had more of a garden, as in land and trees plus the plants I put in, I loved lavender. But these days my love is given to bougeanvillas which are so hardy, hardly ever thirsty, do well in concrete and put on such a show-form, structure, and so much color.

  80. This year so far my favorite thing to grow has been French Breakfast Radishes. I like how they are growing, all hidden just the leaves showing. Then all of the sudden, they poke the top of their heads out when they are ready!

  81. I’m in the South Bay and can grow stuff all year around- tomatoes, basil , eggplant in the summer, lettuce, chard and snowpeas in the winter. This year, I’m trying to make beans grown on a “string trellis” all over my kitchen window so I can enjoy the view while I do dishes- and eat it!

  82. My fave thing to grow is peas! I grew up grabbing these off the vine as a snack as a child, and I still feel young when I do it today! Although today I also feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with raising something yourself. You can contact me by email, or on Twitter @hilaryipes.

  83. Oh that’s hard! My favorite thing to grow are often changing! Last year it was definitley cherry tomatoes and Alpine Strawberries! Yum!

    I can be contacted through my email, or at my website

  84. we bought a house this summer with 3 huge raised beds. i’m so excited to start my gardening journey! i’m looking forward to fresh herbs and sweet peas! YUM!

  85. way to grow people! I love that you all are growing things…dig up your front lawns and plant a veggie garden. I have raspberries growing down the side of my driveway and blueberries amongst my perennials, pretty much anywhere there is a spot of dirt I fill it with a new plant. when my husband isn’t looking I am going to get rid of our lawn and plant thyme in its place…(read evil laughter)
    I guess if I had to pick one thing though it would be poppies!

  86. I love growing basil! I’ve had so much basil growing this Summer, it’s lovely. I’m eating it in everything! I also love my tiny little kumquat tree. It’s short & stout, and they’re almost ripe.

  87. Very soon I’ll be planting my first seeds…black edamame beans, purple carrots and butternut squash. When I was ready to buy my first apartment a month ago the first thing I did was buy these seeds. They were there to remind of what I really wanted in a home…a space to grow veg. The moment I walked out onto the huge rooftop deck of a particular building and saw several boxed garden beds filled with herbs and overwintering veg, and the backdrop of the sea, I knew my edamame, carrot and squash seeds, and me, had found a home. The first thing I did when I got the keys to my new apartment yesterday? Commission a carpenter friend to build my box garden bed on the roof.

  88. My favorite things to grow are herbs (if you must ask, for cooking : ) ). Being in an apartment in San Francisco, I have very limited space. I chose to grow herbs because they give any homemade meal an extra boost. Besides the added flavor, there’s added (or saved) cash in my wallet. Fresh herbs can be expensive to buy at the market and go to waste quickly if not used right away. Now I can snip what I need!

  89. I’d be lying if I said “I” love to grow…. so instead I will say I love to eat the basil my boyfriend grows! So easy, so tasty, and probably the best bang for your buck to grow! We just bought a “germination station” and are planning to grow lots and lots of veggies from seed! I kill everything and my bf hasn’t grown anything from seed before so I think we really need this book!!!

  90. what great best in my garden this past season was kale. i love kale but we ate kate from june to november. love my tomato plants! carrots! cabbage! would love to win the book but i’ll but it if i don’t! thanks!

  91. This book looks amazing. My partner and I have recently acquired a bazillion more seeds from recent seed swaps, and we are looking forward to planting our favorites–peas, chard, carrots, and strawberries. Yum!

  92. I love growing herbs. I have very limited space & right now herbs are the easiest for me to grow since I can do it indoors.

  93. I absolutely love my little garden outside. I’d planted a potager garden in Houston and no sooner did I have veggies, herbs and flowers sprouting when we moved to Austin. Here, I have a nice strip down the east side of our back yard.
    I like to grow heirloom varieties of vegetables. I like the idea of growing the “real deal” not some overly crossed variety. Not to mention, they just taste better and there are so many beautiful varieties! I love to save seeds from heirloom tomatoes and melons to grow the following season.
    As I’m in Texas, everything isn’t frozen here! Currently have broccoli and cauliflower, shallots, garlic, chard, radishes, parsnips and greens growing in the garden along with tons of herbs and mixed salad greens.
    In the summer, eggplant…Listada de Gandia and Rosa Bianca are favorites. Also, as many tomatoes as I can fit in! Of course, everything is grown organically.
    I’m fairly new to all of this, but I seem to be doing OK so far. One can never have too many gardening books, though! Sounds like a great addition. I’d love to read it!

  94. I love to grow basil for my fab pesto that my family loves and of course tomatoes. I also love to grow string beans and hot peppers. I am just getting back into gardening after a 5 year absence and could use some help to get my gardening mojo back!

  95. I love to grow chives- chives are great themselves, but it is the flowers in summer that I get really excited about!!

    I have some mini watermelons in now and watching the babies grow is such a joy :)

    katieharvison at

  96. ohhhh! t0matoes! i’m obsessed. i can’t grow enough. want to look into heirlooms. grew one plant last summer and they were amazing. This book looks so inspiring! my kids thinks gardening is the best. thanks for the chance to win. :)

  97. I haven´t been successful in growing much, unfortunately – yes, some houseplants survive, but I´d love to be able to grow things to eat as well. I´m moving in a couple of weeks, and I´ll have a balcony, perfect for a mini garden. So I´d love to win this book!

  98. I love growing geraniums & herbs ~ basil, rosemary, thyme, chives, etc. This amazing book could improve my thumb’s chances of becoming green!

  99. i have heard wonderful things about this book and i’m dying to read it! my favorite things to grow are herbs…easy windowsill items to grow. i’m looking into expanding into greens this year, i really want to grow more of the food that i eat!

  100. I don’t have a porch where I can grow things (if i did I would be much more active as a gardner) but I love growing fresh herbs on my windowsill. They are so useful and then you don’t have to constantly buy them from the store. That looks like a beautiful book. I can’t wait to read it!

  101. Just did an Interview with Gayla titled How to Grow Great Grub? Green Thumb Advice from Gayla Trail, The Wednesday Interview on ‘Serge the Concierge’.

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’
    Twitter: @theconcierge

  102. […] Several bloggers wrote glowing reviews of the book. Thank you so much. I have to tell you that one of the scariest things about making a book is releasing it into the world. I can’t speak for anyone else but I get when I sit down to write the first words; I get REALLY scared the week I am due to hand in the manuscript; and I get INSANELY scared the week it is due on store shelves. Only I know what I went through in the process of making the book. I know what I originally wrote but had to cut for length, what the publisher wanted to change, or how that one picture is not the better one that I really wanted to use but couldn’t. Only I know the book that I set out to make and whether or not this book is THAT book. Those experiences are such a big part of how I feel about it that it is difficult, almost impossible, to separate myself and have an opinion or judgment about the final product as it is. But all that matters once it goes out there is whether you, the reader, can read it, want to read it, and whether or not you find it useful. […]

  103. Last week our missions group made 21 raised beds in a very small urban area to help teach the kids in the hood how to grow and eat better. I need all the information I can to help teach them how to take care of their garden. what ever you can teach us that would be great. do you have a place where I could find out how to show them the different stages of growth from the different veg. I am only a hobby gardener but would love to help teach these children how to grow their own food. this will help them for life. pk

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