22 responses to “tuesday’s girl: teenangster.”

  1. if not for the name of her blog, i’d never guess she was young. her sense of aesthetics is so rich and mature. she has an exquisite eye for color, spacing, fashion, and details.

  2. oh, she’s a goody!! waves at V and TA! her taste is really very rich, as Linz says. It’s exciting that she is so young and I can’t wait to see where this clever girl goes!

  3. Fabulous photos. I wish the blogging world had been around when I was younger…I wonder what ideas I would have come up with. I still remember when I was in 6th grade, logging on Prodigy at a friend’s house, and doing a very simple version of MadLibs. Amazing how so much has changed.

  4. Not to take away from teenangster, but beautiful photo number three (patchwork pillow and crazy quilt) is by Amy Merrick of An Apple A Day (and Design Sponge “Living In” contributor), who also deserves a following!

    judith b.

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