not your average domestic goddess.
by victoria comment



i just love these paintings from artist kelly reemsten. i mean, c’mon, you might not really think of chainsaws and fancy dressed-up domestic divas in the same sentence, but these really work. kelly calls her paintings, “a celebration of dress and adornment of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies”. the unexpected quirkiness and combination of every day tools, and retro style fashion just make me smile. for more information on kelly reemtsen’s work, check out her bio here.







28 responses to “not your average domestic goddess.”

  1. totally my italian grandma. gardening in a dress. killing water moccasins with a hoe. {eek.} totaly flies me to a faraway memory.

    excellent. loved this. xoxo.

  2. You scored again! I always look to your blog for the grooviest of the groovy. Thanks for making cyberspace fun and funky!

  3. oh my my my…..LOVE these…….where do I get one????? BTW~ adore your blog, after my first cup o joe in the morning I visit your site. :0)

  4. these paintings are stunning. i imagine a wall and 3 or 4 of them in a row. my favorites are yellow bubbles and gold dress in her gallery. the little ring on the woman’s hand is such a cute detail.

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