vintage finds for a modern world: mr. & mrs. eames.
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i love a eames rocker probably more than any chair ever designed – it’s comfy and a classic. i could have one in an assortment of colors, and display them proudly as a collection, just like this set of rockers above. i went on a hunt for the the mid-century modern treasure designed by husband & wife duo ray and charles eames, and found a variety of  their chairs in yummy rainbow colors. if you love a good eames rar rocker, some good sources for these are modernica (one of my lovely sponsors), modern seed, hive modern, sparkability, and dwr, as well as secondhand finds of the originals on ebay, and even craigslist.


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30 responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: mr. & mrs. eames.”

  1. I really, really want an Eames rocker…I check Craigslist every day looking for one, and a pair of teak lounge chairs. I really have an obsession with chairs from that era!

  2. I can’t tell you how chuffed I am to see the image of my Eames rocker on one of my favourite blogs…today is a good day! Thank you so much Victoria. I’m mortified about the old blue carpet in the pic though, thankfully it’s long gone by now!

  3. oh this post have me postively drawling, how i love a good eames rocker and all these examples above are wonderful eye candy to look at whilst drinking my morning cuppa :)

    paula @ mabel & violet, i didn’t even notice your carpet, so busy was i admiring your rocker :)
    i feel the same about my carpet, just counting the days till it’s out of here!!!

  4. having scrolled up and drawled some more, i have to say that lovely bluey rocker inbetween it’s friends in the top picture truly is a ‘peachy’ looking thing :)

  5. I love eames rockers. and is it just me or in that first photo is the yellow one covered in fabric? it looks like terry cloth, which if it is then I want it all the more!

  6. paula & mabel – ha! i thought it was a concrete floor. tricked us!

    lili – i think it’s covered in vinyl, as some of them are.

    i love these two…i love my white one, but dream of a black one, too!

  7. I am the proud owner of an original mustard yellow Eames RAR. I’m proud because it has been in my family since before I was born. My Mom used to rock me to sleep in it when I was a baby. (I’m 43 now….Gulp) What a great post. I stumbled upon it while googling in an attempt to show my husband that the chair is special. :) I’m afraid his next question is going to be, “how much is it worth?” :/

  8. paisleygirl – you might check ebay because they seem to range in price, but somewhere starting around $400+ I would think. That’s just a guess though!

  9. I love the blue-ish chair in the middle of the first picture! I’ve been looking for that color everywhere. Does anyone know the name of that color? I can’t find it anywhere.

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