tuesday’s girl: sandra juto.
by victoria comment



sweden-based artist sandra juto has got to be one of my favorite girls, and all-round creative person for sure. i love everything sandra creates, from her illustrations and photographs, to her charming softies (butt crack, included), to those fantastic crocheted blankets and her fun wrist worms, and now these gorgeous new neck worms. sandra just has a knack for putting all the right color combinations together, to create a soothing and yet really stylish palette. let’s hear it for the girl!













* all photos by sandra juto.

21 responses to “tuesday’s girl: sandra juto.”

  1. Hi! These are adorable.
    I got skipped over in the blog it forward the person on the 19th did not go so I got no link and then I emailed you but I have not heard back. I see the person I was supposed to link to went ahead and blogged, I guess I will just do mine and link to her after the fact.
    Have a great day.

  2. hi karen – did you get my email yet? i just found out she has had trouble logging into her blog for days. so that’s what she skipped. just go ahead and post.

    i’m so glad you all love sandra. work as much i do. she is amazingly talented!

  3. What a sweet, colorful post! Thanks, we need a little happy on this dreary, rainy night on the east coast.

    Thanks for stopping by today :) Much appreciated!

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