blog if forward. it continues.
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travel mementos from ink on my fingers.

i’ve been trying really hard to visit all the ‘blog it forward‘ posts daily, but being out of town last week, i missed a few, so now i’m playing catch-up. it’s awesome though — yesterday in the pouring rain, i got cozy and read through a bunch of them. here’s just a very few of the favorite bits i picked up on in the form of inspiration from some of the participating mashup bloggers. to visit the full schedule, and see who’s posting when, visit here. thanks for all the fabulous posts and inspiration, everyone!


oh i love polaroids, too! via ami ami.


oh yes. badlands the film inspires piewacket.


a touch of the Italian life, via tortagialla.


gorgeous type & lettering, via heart and craft.


brooklyn rehab likes the art of display.


grandmothers, via haley & rose.


vintage photographs tell stories, via rough hewn.


ahhh, the beach, via mochatini.


for alexander salvage, it’s all about risk.


photography is inspirational to darcy rogers.


sycamore street press loves her granny’s quilts.


definitely diane arbus, via dash, pinch, smidgen.


fabulous fashion, via tiny ass apartment.


great design gets under hashai’s skin.


a real ‘mashup’ from the window ledge.

15 responses to “blog if forward. it continues.”

  1. This post made me so happy and inspired. Which, I think, was the point. I’m getting excited for my own post, coming soon!

    And seeing the shot of that bike in Italy – I think I’ll have to revisit the polaroid I took of it last September and maybe finally get around to scanning and posting it…

  2. It’s definitely been great, visiting all the blogs I didn’t know of before and getting so much inspiration. I was happy to share my thoughts and thanks for including my bike photo from Siena Italy… I’m not the only one who’s seen it! :P

  3. I’ve just found your blog through the blog of Poppytalk and wanted to say how much I enjoy viewing your blog… so much inspiration to be viewed here, so much new artist to be found… Thank you!!

  4. you are some kinda wonderful miss Victoria. Thank you for the opportunity and for exposing us to so many juicy blogs. The day of my mash (i think you were traveling at the beginning of this… i wrote and then checked the other blogs and found to my surprise.. almost the exact same post, written in my minds vocabulary. She is My blogging soul mate. thanks for introducing us. :)

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