snow days.
by victoria comment



via harpy.

i saw this glorious polaroid image (above) the other day, and it somehow reminded me it’s still snowing in many of your hometowns. so i thought i’d share a look at the season’s creamy winter whites. i find these images i discovered around flickr so soothing and peaceful. like the hush of fresh fallen snow. not that we have any of that here in san francisco, but you know how i like to put my imagination cap on. here’s a little white on white.


via saka matra; _cassia_; emma lamb; and diem design.


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  1. L O V E white on white objects and furniture. That just makes color seem so much more alive! Hi sfgirlbybay, I’m a new reader, just started this past week! I love your blog and your take on all things that inspire creative ways of thinking ;)
    Have a great weekend!


  2. thanks for thinking about all of us who have to deal with the cold cold snow! i have to admit, it is pretty to look at as are all things in this post, but the cold is unbearable, boo!!

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